Taco Bell Quesarito Discontinued

Taco Bell Quesarito Discontinued 2023 – Did they bring it back?

Is Taco Bell Quesarito discontinued? The Quesarito from Taco Bell, which blends melted cheese with a burrito wrapped in a quesadilla, was well-liked by customers. Despite the Quesarito’s popularity, Taco Bell dropped it off their menu in 2020 to streamline it. Many fans were disappointed by this choice, and some even initiated social media petitions and campaigns to change it.

In this blog, we’ll talk about Quesarito’s past, why it was discontinued, and the emotions of admirers. Specific specially created Quesarito recipes will also be helpful for those who are genuinely ravenous for the remarkable blend of tastes and textures in Quesarito. Many Taco Bell consumers were upset when the Quesarito was discontinued. It is essential to understand the reasons behind the choice and the problems the sector is facing.

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Why Was the Quesarito Discontinued?

Taco Bell Quesarito Discontinued

Taco Bell said in July 2020 that it would streamline its menu to create ways for new items. The Quesarito was among the dishes that were eliminated due to this procedure from the menu. To “simplify processes and offer a more efficient restaurant experience for customers and team members alike,” Taco Bell said, the decision to stop selling the Quesarito was made.

Many fans were upset when it was announced that the Quesarito would be discontinued. Some even started petitions and social media campaigns to get it back. So far, Taco Bell has not taken action to add the meal to its menu.

The History of Quesarito

In 2014, Taco Bell added the Quesarito to its menu. Because of its enormous popularity, it was added to the permanent menu in 2015. It was before a limited-time offering. The Quesarito gained a lot of acclaim from fans who praised its distinctive fusion of flavors. One Buzzfeed reviewer praised it as “the finest fast food dish ever.”

The Quesarito was a melted cheese-filled quesadilla wrapped around a beef, chicken, or steak burrito. In addition to seasoned meat or chicken, the burrito also included seasoned rice, sour cream, and chipotle sauce. Cheddar, pepper jack, and mozzarella cheeses were combined and melted to provide a gooey, mouthwatering filling for the quesadilla. A grilled wheat tortilla was then used to cover the whole thing.

Fan Reactions to the Discontinuation of the Quesarito

Fans were disappointed to hear that the Quesarito was being discontinued. They had grown to adore the distinctive blend of flavors and textures it delivered. Several fans expressed their ire at the choice on social media and demanded that it be reinstated on the menu.

To attempt and reintroduce the Quesarito to the menu, some fans even initiated online petitions and social media campaigns. Despite these attempts, Taco Bell has not said if it intends to bring the dish back.

Homemade Quesarito Recipes

Several recipes are online for making a homemade version of the Quesarito for fans who still yearn for its flavor. Several recipes include seasoned meat or chicken, seasoned rice, sour cream, and a three-cheese mixture, just like the original dish.

Creating your own Quesarito at home may be a creative and enjoyable way to indulge in the dish’s tastes while adding your unique touch. According to some recipes, a customized version of the Quesarito may even be made by adding other ingredients like guacamole or jalapenos.

The Future of Taco Bell’s Menu

Taco Ringer has stated that changing its menu was not a one-time event but rather a part of an ongoing endeavor to increase effectiveness and meet shifting customer requirements. Because of this, the company may probably continue to update its menu.

One trend Taco Bell has looked at is the increase in plant-based offerings. A vegetarian power bowl and a black bean crunch wrap supreme were among the dishes on the new vegetarian menu that the restaurant announced it would be testing in 2019. The company also worked with Beyond Meat to create a plant-based meat substitute for its menu items.

Besides offering plant-based choices, Taco Bell has been experimenting with new flavor combinations and menu items. The business released the Grilled Cheese Burrito in 2020. It comes with chipotle sauce, chipotle-seasoned meat, rice, crispy red strips, a mixture of three kinds of cheese, and a grilled flour tortilla.

Taco Bell has also been experimenting with different methods of presenting its meals. The first “Taco Bell Cantina” opened in Las Vegas in 2019 with an expanded menu, an open kitchen, and alcoholic beverages. The business has also looked at new eateries concepts, such as the “Go Mobile” notion, which promotes drive-thru and pickup orders.

Taco Bell has vowed to embrace innovation and adapt to shifting consumer preferences. Even if the Quesarito might not be on the menu anymore, fans can expect many more exciting and new meals in the coming years.


When the Quesarito was eliminated from the menu, many Taco Bell consumers expressed displeasure. That was part of a more considerable firm initiative to simplify its menu and boost output. Although being a well-liked product, the Quesarito wasn’t always lucrative. By eliminating it from the menu, Taco Bell was able to streamline its operations and cut down on waste. In the end, this may translate into more earnings and cheaper costs.

Taco Bell has also been experimenting with new food preparation techniques, menu additions, and taste combinations. Plant-based choices and innovative restaurant layouts that prioritize drive-thru and pickup orders are increasing.

Shortly, Taco Bell’s menu will be innovative and adaptable to changing consumer tastes. There’s a chance that some cherished products could be phased out, but fascinating new things will take their place. It’s also crucial to remember that several of Taco Bell’s best-selling menu items have existed for a while and are likely to continue to do so.

Although the Quesarito is no longer offered, Taco Bell is committed to giving its customers delicious food that is also priced. Whether you’ve been a longtime fan or have never eaten Taco Bell’s food, it has something to offer everyone.