taco bell mexican pizza discontinued

Taco Bell Mexican pizza discontinued – did they stop making it?

Is Taco Bell Mexican pizza discontinued? If you follow Taco Bell menu news, you know that new menu items frequently replace older ones that have outlived their welcome. But occasionally, a classic is changed, shocking devoted customers. The same thing occurred with the Taco Bell Mexican Pizza.

In 2020, this cult-favorite dish was removed from menus. Since then, there has been a social media uproar—and even a Change.org petition—to bring the special meal back.

On September 15, 2022, Mexican Pizza was added as a permanent menu item. Taco Bell is preparing a remix of Mexican Pizza. It is one of its most famous menu items returning to mark the greatest football weekend of 2023.

The original was brought back by fans in 2022. Now Taco Bell is giving it an upgrade that no one anticipated but that everyone will want to eat. Let us learn more about this food item in this article.

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History of Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza

taco bell mexican pizza discontinued

Taco Bell’s regular menu once again includes Mexican Pizza. Here is its arduous path from 1985 of everyone’s favorite pizza:

1985 saw the emergence of Mexican Pizza, a new wave, and the emergence of Tom Waits. A tortilla shell encasing pizza sauce and beans or ground meat makes up a Mexican pizza. Another tortilla shell is on top, covered in extra sauce, cheese, and tomato chunks. Taco Bell first offered the meal in 1985 under the name “Pzazz Pizza.”

According to some reports, Mexican Pizza may have been used in test markets. But the firm felt that the name implied a level of spice that wasn’t present in the food. Pzazz Pizza was the meal of choice for the time being.

Besides the charming advertisement, 1988 was significant. It was the year that Pzazz Pizza’s name was given the same fate as Weekend at Bernie’s main character. It was given the new name Mexican Pizza. (Pzazz Pizza in Ohio did challenge Taco Bell’s usage of the name, yet, this was not stated as a cause for the change.) The commercial portrays the menu item with green onions and black olives. The recipe no longer calls for either of those items.

Earlier in the 1990s, Taco Bell took the olives out of the Mexican Pizza, a Taco Bell official told Thrillist. The precise year was not given. This was the first of two prominent ingredients eliminated from the original Mexican pizza recipe.

In 2006, a spokesman claimed green onions were taken off Mexican pizza. Although a precise date wasn’t given, 2006 would be a plausible assumption. In reaction to an E. coli 

At the time, it was said that green onions were being eliminated from every item on the Taco Bell menu.

In September 2020, Mexican Pizza said goodbye to the world. The chain said that Mexican Pizza was eliminated when the menu was streamlined in September. Taco Bell no longer offers Mexican Pizza, a staple since 1985.

In its 2020 statement, the business said:

“One benefit of saying goodbye to Mexican Pizza that might help you rest easier is that doing so helps us move closer to fulfilling our aim to leave a smaller footprint.”

Over 7 million pounds of paperboard are currently used in Mexican pizza wrapping annually in the US.

In November 2020, when the pandemic was at its worst, Taco Bell cut many beloved menu items as part of a larger menu cleanup. Taco Bell was able to cut expenses and complexity as a result. After 35 years on the menu, Mexican Pizza was discontinued in 2020, prompting outrage, distrust, and petitions.

What happened to Mexican Pizza:?

Taco Bell previously stated that it discontinued its Mexican Pizza in November 2020.

It was not easy to accept this news. Customers were heartbroken to learn that the menu mainstay, known as Pzazz Pizza when it was presented in 1985, was no longer available. As a result, customers vented their frustrations on social media. Finally, a petition was created on Change.org to keep Mexican Pizza on Taco Bell’s menu.

Over 170,000 people signed the petition, but we had to say goodbye to Mexican Pizza despite the passionate fan base’s efforts. But Taco Bell listened to its devoted following in 2022 and reinstated it on May 19.

Only a little more than two weeks after returning to menus, Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza is getting harder and harder to locate.

Many of its stores had sold out because the popular item’s demand was seven times higher than when it was last on the menu two years ago. For instance, the business said that one fan ordered 180 Mexican pizzas simultaneously.

According to a statement on Taco Bell’s website, “We have started selling out across the country due to the incredible love for Mexican Pizza.” “Our service teams prepared for weeks for what 

We knew it would be a big return. We didn’t expect how big it would be, and replenishing the special menu item is taking longer than we’d like.”

Thus, Taco Bell realized that their fans were serious about Mexican Pizza. In a statement, Taco Bell stated that it is “working with our restaurants and providers” to get more ingredients for the pizza. Also, the business anticipates having it back on the menu permanently “by the fall.”

Specialty menus are one way fast-food companies attempt to stand apart from the competition in the ongoing battle for customers’ wallets and attention. Taco Bell changes its menu frequently. It will do it by including limited-time deals that spark customers’ enthusiasm.

The brand performs well for Yum! Brands, its parent firm. Its most recent financial report showed same-store sales growth of 5%, exceeding forecasts.


Mexican pizza was expected to return as a regular menu item in September 2022. Dolly Parton’s musical rendition of a Mexican pizza is the “Live Mas” chain’s TikTok welcome video.

Adding more recycled content to packaging allows the firm to experiment with new choices throughout its entire packaging line. Thus creating demand for recycled materials that might otherwise go unused. “Yet, to be fair, the packaging for fast food, in general, is a significant source of trash. That concludes the first 37 years of the Taco Bell Mexican Pizza narrative.