Sweet Tarts Discontinued

Sweet Tarts Discontinued: why is there Sweetarts shortage?

Is Sweet Tarts discontinued? Everywhere in the world, candy is an excellent treat for both children and adults. There is something for everyone, from the little M&Ms to the Hershey’s chocolate bar, from the fluffy, lovely cotton candy to the long, twisted strands of licorice. But nothing comes close to SweeT tarts’ flavors.

A SweeTart is a unique type of candy that is tiny but flavorful. It makes your entire tongue happy. The candy has a mildly sweet beginning before turning very sour. This candy was not discontinued but relaunched. If you enjoy SweeTarts or are just interested in learning more, this article will provide you with all the necessary and fascinating details.

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History of SweeTARTS

SweeTARTS is a brand of sour and sweet candies. They were created in 1962 under the guidance of Sunline Inc. CEO Menlo F. Smith. The concept for Lik-m-aid began with a Sun Mark corporate employee. His kids were allegedly eating powdered sour drink mixes as candy. A sugar paddle that is dipped into a sugar packet creates a Fun Dip. Staff members from Sun Mark didn’t stop there, though. They expanded that one idea into a variety of different forms.

Lik-m-aid became harder to swallow without making a mess. So, Pixy Stix became the following trend. The business worked hard to optimize its resources to produce something special, as every other candy maker would. Pixy Stix was taken by Sun Mark and made into a tablet. The SweeTARTS originated in this manner.

The next step involves heating SweeTARTS in a process called “pans.” It creates a sugar shell on the outside. The Spree candy was produced in this manner. Thus, Fun Dip (Lik-m-aid), Pixy Stix, SweeTARTS, and Sprees all originated in St. Louis.

To increase the market for the tart flavor, SweeTART was made available. In the same flavors as the popular Pixy Stix, cherry, grape, lemon, lime, and orange, SweeTARTS was initially made available in 1963. In 1966, a candy-coated version under the brand name Spree was introduced.

When SweeTARTS was created, another company was already utilizing the term “SweeTARTS.” The SweeTart company in Dundee, Oregon, provided fruit that had been candied or glazed. The company attempted to sue Sunline Company in 1964 for using the term SweeTARTS on their product. But it was unsuccessful despite early successes. Due to lack of use, the original invention was no longer valid, and the Sunline Company won the legal battle!

Who is the current manufacturer?

SweeTarts are sour and sweet candies that were developed in 1962 by the CEO of Sunline, Inc. In 1952, the creative confectionery company Sunline was founded. The business was rebranded from Sunline Inc. to Sun Mark, Inc. Then, in 1975, it acquired Breaker Connections. It is a company that made the Oompas, Scrunch Bars, and Wonka Bars. It was rebranded after being acquired by Willy Wonka Brands in 1980.

As a result, along with other subsidiaries, the Sun Mark Companies also became the parent company for some businesses. It includes Sunfield Foods, David & Sons, and Sunline Brands. Nerds Candy was initially released by Sun Mark in 1983. In 1986, the UK’s Rowntree Mackintosh Confectionery acquired it. Nestle eventually purchased the group of companies owned by Sun Mark of St. Louis.

Sunmark and The Quaker Company formed a collaborative venture to create the Willy Wonka candy line. After acquiring the Willy Wonka rights, Sunmark created a subsidiary with that name that created the Willy Wonka brands. The majority of Sunmark brands were eventually given the Wonka logo. Since then, Nestle has transferred its confectionery operations to Ferrero SpA.

SweeTarts was sponsored by the TikTok Film Festival in 2022. This was done in an attempt to reach out to Generation Z members due to its decreasing popularity.

Which Sweet Tarts flavors are discontinued?

Due to the presence of citric acid in the sweets, they have a sour taste. If you keep eating sour candies, your tongue and inside cheek will hurt. But the candies resemble pills and are small enough to be eaten without discomfort.

Nestle switched the original lime for a green apple in 2002. In 2009, the business stopped making lemonade. But in 2013, it was brought back into the flavor selection.

The varieties of SweeTARTS rolls are

  • Grape (purple), 
  • Blue Punch (blue),
  • Lemon (yellow), 
  • Cherry (red), and
  • Green Apple (green)

The flavors that are no longer available include lime and orange.

SweeTARTS’ Variations

The majority of the variations can be grouped into three categories: original, chewy, or ropes. To be more precise, they also manufacture giant tablets, ropes, chewy candy, lollipops, sour candies, and gummies.

Everyone has adored the SweeTARTS brand since it first debuted. Because of this, the manufacturing firms did not think about producing modifications and new models. SweeTARTS come in a variety of flavors. It includes

  • SweeTARTS Jelly Beans, which are normally sold during the Easter season,
  • Tiny sweetTarts, which are sold during the Halloween season, and
  • SweeTart “Hearts,” which are sold during Valentine’s Day.

The company also produces gum and licorice candies, in addition to special occasion candies. Giant Chewy SweeTARTS is one of the most well-liked and cherished variants. They are larger and chewier than the original SweeTARTS.

There are four distinct candies in each packet. They resemble a silver dollar and are 14 inches thick. Only this variation and the Mini Chewy SweeTARTS have retained the dropped orange flavor.

One of the most popular SweeTARTS variants is Soft and Chewy Ropes. In 2015, SweeTart Ropes Bites was released. They first went by the name Kazoozles and were available in cherry punch flavor.

Sunline sold the original 12-count, individually foil-wrapped packets of SweeTARTS for about 5 cents apiece. They were heavily advertised, which led to quick sales. SweeTARTS sold for more than $8 million in 1964.

Ferrara is relaunching the Chewy SweeTARTS range

In May 2021, Ferrara Candy Co. relaunched the Chewy product line under the SweeTARTS name. Chewy SweeTARTS are currently on sale in three vibrant, multi-sensory types around the country:

  • SweeTARTS Mini Chewy: It gives the traditional SweeTARTS flavor that is now sweeter and tangier despite its diminutive size. It is tiny in size yet bursting with flavor. It offers the original SweeTARTS flavor, which is now equally sweeter and tangier.
  • SweeTARTS Chewy Extreme Sours: SweeTARTS Chewy Sours amps up the tartness with candies that start intensely sour and end with a hint of sweetness.
  • SweeTARTS Giant Chewy: Giant Chewy SweeTARTS have a chewier, more candy-like texture than the original SweeTARTS, which elevates the flavor.

Ashley Incarnato is the brand’s marketing director at Ferrara. He said, “At SweeTARTS, we adore designing candies that are as vivid and bold as our customers who enjoy eating them.” “Our chewy candies, which embrace the sweetness and tartness of our product, are fan favorites. We jumped at the chance to be both timeless and modern with this Chewy SweeTARTS relaunch. It happened when we recognized an opportunity to provide an even bolder, fruitier candy to the market.”

SweetTARTS asked its followers to make their TikToks with the help of TikTok creator Flossybaby. This is to celebrate their passion for the chewy SweeTARTS sweets.

Fans had until June 7, 2021, to apply for a chance to win the following:

  • year’s worth of the new and improved Chewy SweeTARTS candies,
  • an honorary title of “CEO of Chewy SweeTARTS,” and
  • a sneak peek at an upcoming Chewy SweeTARTS invention.

To enter the contest to become the honorary CEO of Chewy SweeTARTS, fans used the hashtags #CEOofChewySweeTARTS and #Sweepstakes. Favorite entries were reported to the SweeTARTS TikTok page after being randomly selected. In the middle of June 2021, the winner was declared.

Chewy SweeTARTS can be purchased online through e-commerce partners. It is also available at major supermarkets, drugstores, and convenience stores around the country.

Before launching new products, the company asks customers and followers for their opinions. For instance, they held a contest in 2018 to select the upcoming flavor of their SweeTARTS gummy candy. Out of the more than 3,000 entries they received, they decided on the smartphone as the next gummy shape. Also, the business gave the fan who made the suggestion a year’s supply of SweeTARTS gummies.


Candy has a peculiar power to take you back to when you were a kid instantly. When you bite into a candy bar you adored as a child, you instantly turn eight again. Sadly, some of the beloved candies you remember from back in the day are no longer readily available. Some tasty delicacies are now only obsolete because of poor sales, poor recipe modifications, or, er, choking concerns.

Luckily, the SweeTARTS are not discontinued and are available even now! Since its creation in 1952, the original SweeTARTS candy has maintained its popularity and love among all people. It stood as a delectable treat that makes excellent stocking stuffers for Christmas and Easter.

There are about 14 different SweeTARTS flavors available. But none of them can match the original, which was created many years ago. It continues to be one of the most popular candies on the market.