Swarovski Crystals Discontinued

Swarovski Crystals Discontinued – Is they Going out of business in 2023?

Why Swarovski Crystals Discontinued in 2023? Early in 2021, the Austrian company Swarovski made a significant announcement that garnered media attention. It is nothing, but they will stop producing new crystal beads and stones as of September 2021.

The brand blamed the modifications on internal structural reorganization. In the past, the business offered regular products and items for everyone. More attention will be placed on premium brands and distinctive designs that are more valuable. What is notable is that Swarovski will only grant access to the expensive stones and beads to manufacturers and designers who have inked agreements with the company.

Uncertainty exists around whether the crystal powerhouse will demand that current suppliers continue to market crystals with their logos until supplies run out.

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Why did Swarovski stop selling crystals?

Swarovski Crystals Discontinued 2023

With great success, Swarovski has been in business for more than 125 years. In this quickly changing retail and manufacturing environment, they continue to be a viable and relevant firm. The company recently started a significant transformation effort.

Swarovski has recently combined its B2B and B2C operations. It examines every industry globally to ensure it is in line with the new economic reality. They continue to have great admiration for all their artistic creations. They are appreciative of the enthusiasm their consumers have for the crystals. But the corporation has to make challenging choices due to economic realities.

Swarovski has decided to change its B2B business model as a result. Thus, it will concentrate on fewer sectors in the future of luxury, accessories, fashion, and selective markets. In 2021, Swarovski will also streamline its approach to worldwide distribution. It stopped selling parts designed specifically for the DIY and nail retail sectors. As a result, the business will, unfortunately, be unable to provide us with specific Swarovski products in the future.

Rhinestones, trimmings, and Crystalpixie will no longer be offered for sale to the clients (those who purchase items for DIY projects, dance costumes, and nail art) as of November 2021. High-end luxury businesses will continue to use Swarovski components in their production. Older stock will continue to be offered by Swarovski Authorized Resellers.

Senior management of the corporation has only provided scant details on the subject. We know that this company will no longer produce loose parts. By preserving only close connections with leading luxury companies, the radical decision was intended to streamline its global distribution.

The company must take whatever steps are necessary to survive, according to CEO Robert Buchbauer. He said that these steps were long overdue. Close associates have disclosed that the worldwide crystal business has had difficulty keeping up with consumers’ shifting tastes and expectations.

Nothing about the epidemic made things simpler for the Crystal brand. After the global lockdowns, over 3,000 boutiques were all stationed in empty malls, which put the business in trouble. As a result of historic revenue declines, it was unavoidable that the 1895-founded corporation would need to make significant adjustments to survive.

What are Swarovski crystals being discontinued?

The global distributor for Swarovski has released a list of products that will no longer be sold. There were numerous rhinestones, trimmings, and crystal pixies on the list.

The primary motivation behind discontinuing these products is to free the corporation from low-margin bulk market products and refocus on more lucrative ones. Beads are produced in size and sold in large quantities. We might expect, yet they have a very slim profit margin. Getting rid of them in favor of slower-moving but more lucrative products are wise.

The best alternative to Swarovski crystals

Swarovski Crystals Discontinued 2023

Global competitors to Swarovski have existed in the crystal industry for a long time. These days, that rivalry comes from crystal producers in Egypt, the Czech Republic, China, and other countries. What Swarovski alternatives and crystal brands should you look into then? Here are a few different options:

  • To compete with the exorbitant cost of Swarovski components, PotomacBeads started making Potomac Crystals, a premium product at a low price. The dimensions of each Potomac Crystal shape are exactly the same as those required by Swarovski crystal jewelry patterns. Numerous different Potomac Crystal shapes and sizes are available, and hundreds of free jewelry-making tutorials have been made using the best Potomac Crystals.
  • Estella Crystals are top-notch glass-cut crystals. They produce comparable levels of sparkle and brightness to Swarovski’s and have very similar cuts. Estella Crystals are the ideal substitute for Swarovski Crystals, providing an equivalent selection of colors and shapes. Lead-free status is also assigned to Estella Crystals.
  • Preciosa Crystals are comparable to Swarovski Crystals in terms of glitter and brilliance. They have a comparable gloss and depth but are more reasonably priced.

Can you still purchase Swarovski crystals?

Dreamtime Creations works closely with Swarovski to bring the most recent information on their business changes. Dreamtime Creations is one of the few surviving global distributors that supplied Swarovski crystals until September 30, 2021.

The company launched a new program on October 1, 2021. It was for a select group of designers and brand owners who wished to continue purchasing Swarovski crystal factory packs. The customers should, however, sign a brand control agreement. This program is not open to loose crystal resellers, kit makers and resellers, or the nail industry.

The company has created the new Dreamtime Crystal for its valued customers. It will replace the Swarovski crystal components that we are all familiar with. These lovely crystals are released throughout the year, allowing us to have DC items in our preferred shapes and sizes. They also have Dreamtime Creations’ exclusive crystal brands: Alora and Spark.

In addition, as a Preciosa Authorized Reseller, they are constantly expanding their selection of Preciosa Crystals. All Swarovski crystal components are available on a first-come, first-served basis, right down to the last stone.

The company’s product development team is working hard to broaden these lines, so we have every tool we need to shine on and off the stage. They are also working on a stunning new crystal that we believe will be the industry standard for dance, jewelry, and nail art.


As the phrase goes, desperate times necessarily require desperate measures. Swarovski, a global company, was forced to give up some of its customers to enter more profitable markets. This wake-up call was attributed to the pandemic’s effects and an ongoing struggle to meet changing market demands.

As the CEO stated, a Swarovski crystal on a ten-euro T-shirt does nothing but harm to their brand, with almost no profitability. Change is always challenging, but there are always other options.

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