Swanson TV Dinners Discontinued: Do they still make it in 2023?

Is Swanson TV Dinners discontinued? Dear Readers! We know this title may hit you hard, but this is true! Swanson TV Dinners was eventually discontinued. Swanson TV Dinners offers a great meal a few minutes away with Swanson Dinners items. 

Items have a lot of protein, carbs, vegetables, tender meat, and many more, making these dishes the ultimate comfort food. 

Swanson Products can be the perfect meal for a lunch break or dinner that you can have any time in a week.  Dishes are flavorful and serve a piping hot meal directly from the microwave. 

But what to do? We know you have many questions in your mind now, and we will try to answer them all. In this blog, we will walk you through everything you need to know, such as “Are Swanson TV Dinners Discontinued?”, “Why are Swanson TV Dinners Discontinued?” and many more.

Let’s explore it further!

Are Swanson TV Dinners Discontinued?

Ohh! We know it’s bad news, but we can do nothing! Yes, the title of this blog says everything, and you are still scrolling your screens to know what happened to Swanson TV Dinners. The TV Dinners branding was finally going out of business/ discontinued. 

Those were the days when you could easily get frozen TV Dinners, and it might be a lifesaver for most people, or we can say, for everyone! On those days, one can’t imagine turning on the microwave or a cooking stove, but frozen dinners can be one of the best options you can opt for! We know it is not the healthiest alternative, but when your tongue craves something special, there is nothing better than that.

But no more now, as they are nowhere to be found. Unlike the grocery stores that are out of stock or marked “currently unavailable,” here we have mentioned some of the discontinued TV Dinners, and you will miss them in the future. 

  • Libby and Dinners
  • Swanson International TV Dinners
  • Kid Cuisine Fish Sticks
  • Swanson Chopped Sirloin Beef
  • Morton Chicken-N Dumplings

You still have a question, “Why are Swanson TV Dinners discontinued?” so let’s tell you that we only anticipate the possible reason for their discontinuation as we don’t have a clear-cut answer. 

The company concentrated entirely on a poultry-based canned and frozen product line. It was the major possible reason for discontinuing its successful butter and margarine business from the company that was one of the most picked items.

It was also believed that the company sold 5,000 of its frozen meal units when the Swanson TV Dinners was launched in 1953, and after a year, the company sold over 10,000,000 TV Dinners.

What Were the First TV Dinners In 1953 & Frozen TV Dinners in 1954?

It was believed that Gerry Thomas was the man behind Swanson who caught the company’s frozen dinners in 1953 when Gerry found that the company had left with 260 tons of frozen turkey after Thanksgiving. He was sitting in 10 refrigerated railroad cars.

In 1954, the TV Dinners sold for 89 cents and consisted of cornbread, whipped sweet potatoes, turkey, gravy, and peas. Later, Orlando Sentinel sold for 79 cents and included Swanson TV Dinners (turkey or chicken).

Later, in the same year, 1954, the company was created and marketed by Gilbert C. and W. Clarke Swanson, two brothers who named the company under the name and offered packaged turkey, peas, cornbread stuffing, and sweet potatoes initially.

Who Is Currently Owning Swanson TV Dinners & Do They Still Manufacture Them?

Conagra Brands owns the Swanson TV Dinners, and the Campbell Soup Company owns the broth business. 

People love to have TV Dinners that include Swanson Classics TV Dinners and pot pies currently sold by the Conagra brands, and the broth business that provides for chicken broth and beef broth currently sold by Campbell Soup Company. So, the answer to this question, “Do they still manufacture Swanson TV Dinners?” is Yes, they do!

What Products did Swanson TV Dinners have?

Swanson TV Dinners serve the best quality meal that makes one’s day. Let’s have a look at its products that they have:


  • Swanson Chicken Parmigiana Dinner
  • Swanson Stuffing Baked Turkey Dinner
  • Swanson Meat Loaf Dinner
  • Swanson Turkey Dinner
  • Swanson Chicken Strips Dinners
  • Swanson Fried Chicken Dinner
  • Swanson Riv Style Boneless Prok Dinner
  • Swanson Salisbury Steak Dinner


  • Garlic Chicken Skillet Meal 
  • Three Cheese Chicken Skillet Meal
  • Alfredo Chicken Skillet Meal
  • Garlic Shrimp Skillet Meal
  • Chicken Fried Rice Skillet Meal
  • Chicken Stir Fry Skillet Meal
  • Cheesy Chicken Skillet Meal
  • Sweet & Sour Chicken Skillet Meal


  • Sauced Cheesy Broccoli
  • Steakhouse Seasoned Green Beans
  • Sauced Cheesy, Broccoli, Cauliflower & Carrots
  • Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper Seasoned Brussels Sprouts


  • Seasoned Carrots, Sweet Potatoes & Red Potatoes Oven Roaster
  • Seasoned Broccoli & Cauliflower Oven Roasters
  • Brussels Sprouts & Carrots Oven Roasters
  • Seasoned Red Potato Wedges & Onion Oven Roasters


  • Beef Pot Pie
  • Turkey Pot Pie
  • Chicken Pot Pie

Where To Buy Swanson TV Dinners?

Yes! You’ve got it right, and you don’t need to worry anymore because you can make the most of the quality and the best meal anytime. You can buy Swanson TV Dinners from the retailers that have been mentioned below:

  • Loblaws
  • Sobeys
  • Save On Foods
  • Amazon
  • Longos
  • Metro 
  • Walmart
  • Grocery Gateway

What Are TV Dinners Known As?

TV Dinners, also known as Frozen Meal, are mostly preferred in Canada and the US. It is a prepackaged, ready-to-eat meal that one can serve straight up to the dining table from the microwave and oven. It is a packed frozen meal and sufficient for an individual. 

These TV Dinners come up with a perfect combination of sauced and seasoned vegetable side dishes.  

The name TV Dinners/ Frozen Dinner came when 90s kids didn’t love kid Cuisine, and later it started this meal under the C. A Swanson Company that serves a frozen meal on a tray.

Conclusion And Opinion

Swanson Dinners have something for everyone! It is a delicious taste of home that everyone needs to have in their meal, including vegetables, dessert, a lot of protein, and carbs.

Swanson Dinners serve a quality meal that one can have directly from their oven to the dining table. It can be a perfect lunch, dinner, or snack once or twice a week.

The company has already eliminated its fan-favorite items from the list. Still, it doesn’t mean Swanson does not exist, and the company is doing its best to make them palatable.