Is Subaru Starlink discontinued

Is Subaru Starlink discontinued – what happened and how long does it last?

Is Subaru Starlink discontinued? Wireless data network operators will gradually phase out existing 3G cellular networks to make room for newer technologies. Because of the operators’ decisions, 3G wireless network-dependent gadgets will only function once upgraded. There are several Subaru automobiles equipped with STARLINK technology.

The linked services offered by STARLINK Safety and Security require a wireless connection. In some Subaru vehicles from earlier model years, these services utilize a 3G network. This 3G network will no longer be supported by the existing cellular operator starting in February 2022. This will impact services like automated collision notification, SOS emergency help, and remote functions in those affected vehicles.

Any impacted vehicles with a current STARLINK Safety and Security subscription are eligible for a free update from Subaru outlets. These crucial STARLINK security and privacy services will continue to be available with the help of this update. The subscription will be terminated if an affected car is not upgraded before the date of termination for the 3G network.

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What happened to Subaru Starlink?

Is Subaru Starlink discontinued

Millions of automobiles are losing the capacity to notify first responders immediately. It happened following a crash, as wireless carriers have been deactivating their 3G networks in recent months. Others, such as those made by Chrysler, Dodge, Hyundai, Jeep, Lexus, Nissan, Ram, and Toyota, permanently abandon their links, while some only require a software or hardware update.

The discontinuation of the 3G wireless network will occur in February 2022. Subaru of America, Inc. has been informed.

Subaru of New England, the company’s biggest private retailer, no longer offers Starlink in-vehicle technology. The state of Massachusetts and the Alliance for Automotive Innovation are at odds over a right-to-repair law that applies to all 2022 Subaru vehicles. This includes the Massachusetts-delivered SUVs Forester, Outback, and Ascent.

Dominick Infante, Subaru of America’s director of communications, reportedly verified that the company executed the decision to disable its Starlink service in Massachusett. Also, this decision was taken before the new vehicles started to arrive. This is according to an article from Automotive News. Ernie Boch Jr., CEO of Boch Industries, owns Subaru of New England, which serves as the exclusive distributor for all 21 Subaru stores in Massachusetts.

In a written statement, Infante stated, “This was not done to adhere to the law.” This is because adhering to the law at this moment is difficult, but it is better to avoid breaking it.

Infante continued, “We feel this is our only alternative until such a moment as we can establish a platform.” He also claimed that Subaru could adapt its telematics hardware and software to meet the current law’s standards.

How long does the Subaru Starlink last?

The Massachusetts right-to-repair law is the subject of a legal dispute. Voters approved it in 2021. It increased access to information about car upkeep and repair.

The rule mandates that new 2022 vehicles that use telematics systems, which capture and wirelessly send mechanical data to a remote server, have a standard, open-access data platform. This was according to the Automotive News report.

If the new right-to-repair rule is approved in court, Subaru and other automakers might be subject to fines of up to $10,000 per vehicle for breaking it. Subaru of New England can sell any 2022 Forester, Outback, Crosstrek, or other new cars equipped with Starlink at that time.

The free hardware upgrade was only available to Subaru owners with a current Starlink Safety and Security membership. Also, it had to be installed by a licensed Subaru dealer by February 2022.

Starlink Safety Plus is free for new Subaru owners during the first year of purchase. The $149 per year option includes automatic collision notification, diagnostic alerts, improved roadside assistance, and an SOS emergency aid feature.

When we buy a new Subaru from the Colorado Springs Subaru dealer, we receive three years of Starlink Safety and Security. With this Subaru package, we’ll benefit from the following benefits: Roadside Assistance with Autonomous Collision Alert. 

Is Subaru Starlink shutting down in 2023?

According to Alex Knizek, an automotive engineer at CR, “closing down the 3G network to promote newer technology is helpful in the long term.” But, regrettably, some automakers still need to provide a fix for 3G-connected vehicle customers. This prevents them from benefiting from tried-and-true safety features and other useful connectivity capabilities.

Our services (Automatic Collision Notification, SOS Emergency Assistance, Stolen Vehicle Recovery, and Remote Features like locking and unlocking our Subaru vehicles) will automatically be revoked. This was done if we were active Starlink service subscribers and needed to upgrade our software before February 2022. We will receive a partial refund for the subscription time we didn’t use. The functioning of our Subaru vehicle will only be impacted if we currently have Starlink service.

Customers who own a Subaru Forester, Outback, Crosstrek, Impreza, Legacy, WRX, or WRX STI and have an active Starlink subscription can begin making service appointments for the free update. A certified Subaru retailer must complete the car update. These are all stated by the company.


William Wallace, the safety policy manager at CR, exclaims, “What a disaster! even if it means denying consumers access to a device that could save their lives.” The wireless providers, federal authorities, and certain automakers appear prepared to leave people out to dry. Every carmaker should provide the services promised to customers without charging them more. Also, lawmakers should act quickly to prevent this from happening again.

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