Is Suave Hair Gel discontinued - What company makes it?

Is Suave Hair Gel discontinued – What company makes it?

Is Suave Hair Gel discontinued? Suave Men Styling Paste is so well-liked by consumers that stores run out of stock. After being discontinued in 2015, the product was reintroduced in 2017 with a “new design.” After withdrawing the Suave-style paste in 2015, Suave’s parent company, Unilever, launched a more expensive and modified Dove equivalent. Suave customers complained about a weaker grip and a stronger smell. The good news is that it has consistently been available for the past few years.

Suave 24-Hour Protection Aerosol Antiperspirant Fresh and Suave 24-Hour Protection Aerosol Antiperspirant Powder with an expiry date of September 2023 are also being recalled by Unilever.

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What happened to the Suave Hair Gel?

Is Suave Hair Gel discontinued - What company makes it?

Suave has a wide variety of shampoos, conditioners, styling aids, body washes, body lotions, and antiperspirant deodorants. They have products for both men and women and some for kids. In October 2021, the Suave 24-Hour Protection Aerosol Antiperspirant product line was withdrawn for commercial reasons. Limited quantities of the affected products were sold in retail and online in the United States. Retailers have demanded the removal of recalled goods from the shelf.

The Suave brand’s owner, Unilever United States, recalled two different Suave deodorants in March 2022. According to a recall announcement from the FDA, it’s because of elevated amounts of benzene.

The company reported an internal investigation found mildly higher amounts of benzene in some products. High benzene exposure can cause leukemia, bone marrow cancer, and fatal blood problems. It is a cause of cancer.

According to the company, the analysis revealed that surprising levels of benzene came from the propellant that sprayed the item out of the can. But benzene is not an ingredient found in any of the recalled goods.

The everyday exposure to the amounts of benzene found in the recalled products at the time of testing would not be likely to have any negative effects on health. The manufacturer claims it. Even so, Unilever has chosen to recall the goods. The recalled products do not have hair gel on their list.

Where to buy Suave Hair Gel?

Customer reviews for the Suave hair products are excellent. It’s because the products are inexpensive and don’t leave our hair feeling like it has a lot of products. The review claims that the lack of shine is the only drawback. It’s easy to find Suave Hair Gel online and in nearby shops.

Which company makes Suave Hair Gel?

Unilever owns the personal care business Suave. On February 14, 2023, Unilever announced that Yellow Wood Partners LLC would buy the North American rights to the Suave brand. Products for skin care, deodorant, and hair care are all available under the Suave brand of cosmetics and personal care.

This is another step towards refocusing their portfolio on strategic growth areas. The President and CEO of Unilever Personal Care North America, Unilever USA, says this. Suave has been an admired brand since the 1930s. The CEO is convinced that under its new leadership in North America, it will flourish and keep satisfying consumers.

“Suave is known for its long history of offering American consumers cheaper, high-quality beauty goods.” Dana Schmaltz, a partner at Yellow Wood Partners, says this. They are eager to include it in their investment portfolio. As they proceed to finish this carving, they wish to thank Unilever for its collaboration.

Unilever will still own and run Suave outside the United States and Canada. Depending on governmental approvals and other closing requirements, the transaction will likely close in the second quarter of 2023.

Suave Hair Gel shortage

Two alerts about Suave brand hair care products circulated on social media in February 2018. The first one stated that thioglycolic acid, which is very toxic, is present in Suave shampoo. Also, it is to blame for the user’s hair falling out in clumps.

The author of that message agreed that the radiotherapy pills she was taking to treat an unidentified blood ailment may have contributed to her hair loss. But she insisted that using thioglycolic acid-containing shampoo had “burned her hair out for months.”

The almond and shea butter components are listed on the shampoo and conditioner labels for the Suave products. Hence, those that were displayed in the Facebook post are not present.

A hair salon’s Facebook page featured a second posting. It is no longer accessible. The post advised people to avoid the same hair care product brand. They may contain formaldehyde, “Laureth-9,” and dioxane.

Like the first claim, no product’s ingredient list contained any of the claimed chemicals. In the second post, a different “hair smoothing” package discontinued in 2012 was confused with Suave brand shampoos and conditioners still offered for sale.

Two women filed a planned class-action lawsuit against Unilever in the Northern District of California in 2013. It says the company is accused of misleading the public about the benefits of its keratin treatment. Also, it failed to give enough notice of any negative side effects and recalled the product.

The 2013 lawsuit was settled in 2014. This happened after the treatment product in dispute had been discontinued. The ingredient stated in the law is a very common antibacterial agent and preservative. They work to produce formaldehyde in minute amounts, but it is not “formaldehyde.” Also, it is not connected to hair loss or breaking. These issues might result in a need for more products.


According to Suave, the styling gel’s goal is to hold our hair in place without making it too hard or sticky. A medium hold allows for a natural aspect while offering a flexible hold. Most hair types will enjoy this. One should be aware that thick hair requires a lot of products to get the desired style.