Is Stride Gum discontinued in 2023? – What happened to it?

Is Stride Gum discontinued? Stride gum was a brand of chewing gum famous for its distinct, intense flavors and long-lasting chew. It might have been discontinued for a while, which many gum fans are curious about. One could wonder why gum was discontinued since there are so many other options. Is it a result of a drop in popularity or a shift in consumer preferences? Keep reading the article to learn more about Stride Gum’s current situation and position in the market.

About Stride Gum

Cadbury Adams, a Cadbury subsidiary, launched the Stride chewing gum brand in the early 2000s. Due to its various flavors and eye-catching packaging, it quickly gained popularity among consumers in the US. The gum is advertised as having a distinctive blend of rich flavor and texture that lasts a long time.

The gum is renowned for its distinctive texture, a blend of soft and hard. It extends the gum’s shelf life and provides a more potent taste sensation. Another claim made by Stride Gum was that it was “the unchanging gum.” Stride gum gives a constant, enduring flavor sensation, unlike other gums, whose flavor changes as we chew.

Over time, the company has also added new flavors and varieties. Stride gum is still manufactured and may be found in select supermarkets and convenience stores.

Unique flavors of Stride Gum

Stride was known for its vast selection of distinctive tastes, which aimed at the younger population to sustain and boost sales. Forever Fruit, Sweet Berry, Winterblue, Spearmint, Sweet Peppermint, Always Mandarin, Eternal Melon, Mintacular, Sour Patch, Tropical Trance, Whitemint, Fearless Fruit, and Stride IQ are just a few of the flavors available.

The business was also among the first to market chewing gum that changed flavors. They had berry-mint and citrus-mint tastes.

The 2.0 series was released as an improvement on the present flavors. These included Winterblue 2.0, Nonstop Mint 2.0, Forever Fruit 2.0, Spearmint 2.0, Sweet Berry 2.0, Sweet Cinnamon 2.0, and Sweet Peppermint 2.0. Twitter users’ top flavors included sweet peppermint, spearmint, and Shaun White Stride.

Strides made in efforts to improve sales

Stride upgraded and improved its standard flavors before launching its 2.0 series. This was done to increase sales and win over new customers. To be of interest to the health-conscious public, it also manufactured Stride Spark. It was marketed as containing supplements, including vitamins B6 and B12.

The business resorted to other nations hoping to increase sales after realizing there was less need for gum in the United States. This strategy was effective for a while, particularly as Stride entered China in 2012, where smoking was more common than in the US. In actuality, Asia is the continent with the largest percentage of smokers.

Their attempts to boost and maintain sales were unsuccessful. Also, the gum line has since halted manufacturing. Stride responded to a Twitter user asking where he might buy the sour gum in 2019. He tweeted by confirming that they were still producing several varieties of their gum.

In 2019, Stride responded to a different Twitter follower to say that the gum was still offered everywhere. The brand advised the Twitter user to approach the manager of their local shop and get them to buy and stock Stride.

Stride’s reaction could have been understood as placing the responsibility for the shortage of products at certain outlets rather than on any production issues that might have existed at the time. 

Stride Gum’s official Facebook page didn’t confirm in a statement that the gum is currently unavailable and has been discontinued until 2021.

The popularity of Gum

The fact that gum has become less trendy in recent years may be the key factor influencing falling sales. If you were born before 1990, it was typical for the popular high school students in films to chew gum frequently, loudly, and obnoxiously. This has become less frequent in films and television shows in recent years.

Smoking has become less prevalent, another factor contributing to the reduction of gum chewers. Women used smoking as a hunger suppressant in the past and thought it was trendy. After smoking, smokers often chew gum to refresh their breath.

There are fewer smokers and fewer people buying gum, as smoking is more widely understood to be unhealthy.

The coronavirus pandemic is another potential cause of the fall in gum consumption. Online grocery shopping for delivery or pick-up has become more popular as people remain home more frequently. Gum is typically a last-minute buy made at the grocery store checkout. As fewer people visit grocery shops in person, fewer impulsive purchases occur.


The popularity of some items ebbs and flows with the shifting market and trends, as many well-known snack companies can attest. Some businesses may decide that the production expenditures are not justified by the modest sales revenue generated by the product. This happens when its popularity declines. Stride is one of the many brands that claim to have vanished from store shelves overnight.

Stride gum was one of the product lines of Mondelez International, formerly known as Kraft Foods. It confirmed that Stride gum was one of their discontinued product lines. But the company has not given customers any information about the reasons for this choice.

Some retailers sell this product, although it might only be found in particular places. Their availability can be checked at nearby stores. Alternatively, you may also see if the item is in stock by visiting the online retailers.