Is Stoned Wheat Thins discontinued in 2023 – What happened with this?

Is Stoned Wheat Thins discontinued? Stoned Wheat Thins’ mysterious demise is a huge loss for the Cracker Internet. Stoned wheat thins have been a pantry mainstay for as long as we can remember. It serves best as a vehicle for cheese. In almost every way, stoned wheat thins differ from regular wheat thins. They are the salty-sweet, toasted square snack consumed in handfuls. They are the perfect alternative to standard appetizer platters. This is due to their relative awfulness, which makes them suitable for toppings.

These imported thin crackers are made from cracked wheat. They have a crispy texture for delightful eating. They have a rich, traditional wheat flavor. These cracker snacks are prepared without cholesterol or saturated fat for a healthy snack alternative. Let us view it in detail in this article.

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Who manufactures Stoned wheat thins?

If you were born and raised in Canada, you kept a box of stoned wheat thins in your pantry. Also, some could choose the famous, oblong box at the grocery store. The bright red oval label tempted you to the scenic wheat fields in the background.

The crackers were created in Canada from Canadian wheat, and the cracked wheat is stone milled, hence the name. Even though the American company Nabisco produced them, they were acquired by the multinational Mondelez. Thus, they are sold in the United States under Red Oval Farms.

Stoned wheat thins are a willing and helpful partner for the ascetic or indulgent. It has a flavor that is nutty, subtle, and relatively neutral. It pairs perfectly with savory or sweet side dishes or toppings. It receives high scores for nutrition. Two crackers provide 60 calories and 4% of your RDA for iron, with no added sugar, trans fats, or saturated fats.


What happened to Stoned wheat thins?

Fans have been speculating about the Stoned Wheat Thins’ extinction for a long time. Before Nabisco and grocery store distributors officially confirmed it via the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, fans were aware of the cracker’s growing shortage.

It is uncertain when the stoppage began. In the customer reviews section of a Stoned Wheat Thins Amazon page, user comments show the rising shortage of crackers. The product is now labeled “unavailable.” Customers began complaining that they couldn’t get the crackers in their local stores as early as April 2022. As the months went on, more and more comments began to highlight a shortage of Stoned Wheat Thins.

On August 24 last year, a user reported the first rumor about discontinuation. Then, many customers started complaining that Stoned Wheat Thins were hard to locate. They claimed they could only be purchased at a premium from third-party dealers when Customers remarked that “these are by far and the finest snack crackers,” there is no comparison for this product.

Are Stoned wheat thins discontinued?

Only devoted followers who bothered to ask received confirmation of the Stoned Wheat Thins’ discontinuation. On November 11, a Twitter user questioned the Nabisco Twitter account about what had happened to the crackers. Nabisco’s response was: “They were recently taken off the list. The team will be informed that you inquired about them, and we regret any disappointment.” Several Cracker fans became overcome with sorrow. Stoned Wheat Thins, fans cried and sighed in despair.

The reasons for the discontinuation are unknown. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution offered various explanations to people grieving the loss of their favorite salty foods. When the epidemic was at its worst, businesses focused on their best-selling core products and stopped making new ones. Quite a few of these are slowly returning to retailers.

Many early mourners theorized that the item’s withdrawal was connected to a 2021 class-action lawsuit. In that case, a plaintiff accused Mondelez of deceptive and false marketing. The plaintiff’s claim rested on how simple it is to believe the product is prepared with “stone-ground flour.”

It is unfair to state that our favorite Stoned Wheat Thins were pushed out of sight as the alleged class action was dropped on March 30, 2022.


Due to a chemical called BHT, which serves as a flavor enhancer, cereals like Frosted Flakes and Wheat Thins are restricted in the United Kingdom, Japan, and several regions of Europe. Every day, research labs like the one 13 News observed on the Purdue campus test the foods people consume.

Anyone can phone their neighborhood grocery shop about Stoned Wheat Thins and ask about the most recent shipment, as the Journal-Constitution advised. They might have more in storage or additional information. We also hope for the next appearance of the salty heads of Stoned Wheat Thins.