Starbucks weekly update 2023 – What are the recent changes?

What is the Starbucks weekly update? Starbucks Rewards has gained a small but dedicated fan base since its 2008 launch. The benefits offered now are very different from those provided when the reward system began more than ten years ago. Also, there will soon be even more updates to the plan.

Most reward items will eventually need more stars (the firm’s equivalent of points). This is according to a Terms of Service revision from the business. Consumers will need help earning benefits like complimentary beverages and baked goods. On February 13, 2023, these updates to the award redemption process will take effect.

Starbucks Corporation is an American international chain of coffee shops and roasting facilities. Its corporate headquarters are in Seattle, Washington. It is the most extensive network of coffee shops in the world. The business launched its Starbucks Reserve program in 2010. As part of the program, Starbucks runs six coffee roasteries, including tasting rooms and 43 coffee bars. The world’s most significant Starbucks outlet debuted on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile in November 2019. The company has been involved in many disputes. But its franchise has attracted much customer devotion, market share, and corporate value.

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What is the Starbucks weekly update?

We can purchase one coffee or tea item at no cost every week at company-owned Starbucks locations. It can be obtained Monday through Sunday. Your partner’s “mark out” is what the company is calling this. The following items are acceptable for the weekly partner mark out:

  • One pound of whole-bean coffee
  • One box of 12 VIA Ready Brew Packets
  • One box of six flavorful VIA Ready Brew packets
  • One box of five Iced VIA ready-brew packets
  • One box of five or six VIA Refreshers brew packets

Starbucks partners may earn a 30% discount on the sale price of beverages. This includes espresso and prepared drinks, food items, and merchandise, including discounted items purchased at Starbucks retail outlets.

We should provide our current partner card or partner number along with a valid ID. This is used to verify our name at the point of sale (POS) register. This was done to receive the weekly partner markdown and in-store item discount in any involved company-operated store. The partner number will be verified for the offer.

A Partner Card may be provided in any of the following formats:

  • temporary paper Starbucks Partner Card with photo identification,
  • plastic Starbucks Partner Card
  • Starbucks Partner Card image on the Starbucks App

Rewards program

Most clients continue to ignore the program, despite what the staff would happily tell us. According to the coffee marketer and enthusiast Mathew Rincon, many believe Starbucks is costly. But it truly isn’t if we order two cups each day and sign up for the Starbucks Rewards program. This will offer free refills. Moreover, Rincon notes that we may be able to get a refill even if we purchased the initial cup at a different place. The Starbucks website states that this is not an official Starbucks strategy.

Refills are merely the start of the rewards program when we sign up. Becoming a member makes us eligible for a birthday reward. This can be used up to two days before and one day after one’s birthday. Also, it applies to basically any item on the menu. Just ensure we bought something at a Starbucks location in the previous 12 months.

Also, Starbucks will officially send us emails promoting opportunities. This is to earn free points towards free food and drinks. It can be obtained by purchasing a specific beverage, participating in a particular game, or doing other activities. The benefits can be doubled, and we can get our free goods twice as fast if we level up to a “gold” membership.

2023’s Starbucks Rewards Update

As mentioned earlier, there will be more updates to the rewards plan by Starbucks. For Items like brewed coffee, hot tea, and bakery goods—rewards that can now be obtained for 50 stars each will need 100 leads. The price of handcrafted beverages, hot breakfast foods, and parfaits will also rise by 50 stars, from 150 to 200. Salads, sandwiches, and protein boxes priced at 200 stars will now require customers to spend an extra 100 stars to redeem them.

Yet there is some good news as well. Certain rewards will become more affordable to redeem as their value drops. Iced coffees will drop from 150 stars to 100 stars. The packaged coffee will drop from 400 stars to 300 stars. A few items with 200 stars will also become 100 stars.

The changes made in February will only impact other areas of the rewards program. This doesn’t affect how users earn points. Customers will still receive two stars per dollar spent at Starbucks. There is a lot more to discover in the vast world of coffee, regardless of whether you’re a regular Starbucks Rewards user or only an occasional fan.

Starbucks issues 2022

Starbucks temporarily shut down the Memphis location in February 2022. Also, the business dismissed seven employees heading the unionization drive.

The National Labour Relations Board charged the business with illegal discrimination against workers. They charged them with denying pay and benefit increases and demanded restitution in August 2022. Also, a notification about this alleged criminal action was requested to be read by the board representative or the CEO at the time, Howard Schultz.

Almost 100 shops saw workers go on strike on November 17, 2022. This was Red Cup Day at Starbucks and one of the busiest times for staff. More staffing numbers, better pay, and more reliable routines were what the employees desired.

Thus, in 2022, Starbucks faced severe labor problems. This is due to management’s opposition to rising employee unionization initiatives. More than 250 retailers joined the union after the initial store did so in late 2021.

According to a July 2022 report, the business was considering selling its outlets in the United Kingdom through the investment bank Houlihan Lokey. After being suspended for several months owing to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Starbucks sold all its locations in that country to the Russian rapper Timati in August 2022. The shops were renamed “Stars Coffee.” But they still bear a striking resemblance to the prior shops. As for the new owner, Starbucks stated that it had nothing to say.


In Gwangyang-si, South Korea, Starbucks opened its 5,000th location. It marks a crucial turning point in the company’s ongoing expansion in the Asia-Pacific region. Since entering this region, it has seen net new store growth of 8% over the previous 12 months. The new drive-thru store is on a main road linking residences with commercial areas. It reflects diversification and ongoing expansion across the Asia-Pacific region.

In 2023, Starbucks will launch more than 400 locations around Asia-Pacific. This will be the most significant regional expansion in the past five years. The coffee chain intends to grow outside major cities by opening new locations. This will be in India, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, and the Philippines. According to a statement, it will operate in one location in Laos. It is a country in Southeast Asia that the brand has only recently entered.

According to Michael Conway, Starbucks’ head of international and channel growth, the move benefits Asia’s reopening because it is still recovering from the COVID-19 crisis.