Sriracha Shortage

Sriracha Shortage 2023 – Latest Update on Hot Chili Sauce shortage

Nowadays, few of us feel that life seems less spicy due to the Sriracha shortage. Sriracha is the most loving hot sauce. A pinch of sriracha is all you need to spice up your food and life. The spice has been lost for a few months. Huy Fong Foods, sriracha sauce maker, announced in an April Letter that there would be a sriracha shortage for a while.

On a website dedicated to food distribution for wholesale buyers, a message from Huy Fong Foods dated April 19 stated, “Currently, due to weather conditions affecting the quality of chili peppers, we now face a more severe shortage of chili.”

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Why is Chili pepper out of stock?

Sriracha Shortage 2022

The company has been facing the chili pepper shortage since July 2020. Huy Fong Foods gets all its chili pepper from Mexico and California. These places and other states of the U.S. have been experiencing drought recently. The weather conditions are not supportive of pepper crops leading to the shortage of chili pepper.

“Unfortunately, this is out of our control, and without this essential ingredient, we are unable to produce any of our products,” the company said. The shortage of chili pepper is not only affecting sriracha production, but the production of Chili Garlic and Sambal Oelek sauces has also been affected. All new orders are on hold until the chili pepper comes in stock again.

People are warned about Sriracha Summer Shortage

People are missing spice this summer. Due to Sriracha sauce shortage lately, people cannot get one from stores and online websites. Sriracha is a part of everyone’s daily life routine. People ask if they can replace or switch the sauce for a while.

Michael Chau, co-owner of the restaurant Pho Viet in Washington D.C., said that the prices got higher as the shortage hit the grocery shelves. He decided to shift to a different brand but did not carry on with the thought. “But people, they are used to the taste right now. So when they taste it, they’ll know right away,” he said.

People are advised to make the sauce at home till the real sriracha comes in stock. People can also try other products like spicy mayo for a change.

Will Sriracha be in stock soon?

Sriracha Shortage 2022

Huy Fong Foods has been experiencing a chili pepper shortage since July 2020. This shortage leads to the suspension of the summer sale of Sriracha sauce. People are not able to buy sriracha this summer. The company assured us that the shortage would end by September.

All the new orders are on hold. The units will be in stock after labor day in September, i.e., September 5, 2022. “We are still endeavoring to resolve this issue that has been caused by several spiraling events, including unexpected crop failure from the spring chili harvest,” Huy Fong Foods said in a statement to NBC News, adding: “We hope for a fruitful fall season and thank our customers for their patience and continued support during this difficult time.”

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