Sprite Lymonade Discontinued: Will Sprite Lymonade come back in 2023?

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Before getting into this post, let’s have a short product description & ingredients:

Product Description:

  • Brand: Sprite
  • Product Name: Soda Lymonade
  • Product Type: Regular Soda
  • FSA Eligible: No
  • Quantity: 20.0 fl oz

Ingredients: Natural Flavors, Carbonated Water, Clarified Lemon Juice from Concentrate, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Citrate, Citric Acid, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Modified Food Starch, Yellow 5, Glycerol Ester Of Rosin.

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Did The Company Discontinue Sprite Lymonade?

Yes! You’ve heard it right: one of your favorite drinks has been discontinued, and you will not find this product anymore as the grocery store shelves have been cleared with this item. 

We know it is bad news for Sprite fans, as this was the one beverage for all. Nothing is compulsory, no matter how big or small the occasion or event is, but opening a cab of Sprite lymonade is mandatory. 

But this news breaks everyone’s heart, and people are up in arms and asking several questions. So, the next section of this blog will explain the reason for its discontinuation.

What Can Be The Possible Reason For The Discontinuation Of Sprite Lymonade?

We are not saying it is a lemon beverage, but you can expect some citrus flavoring. This latest version of Sprite Lymonade boasts a lemon flavor that may refresh you with every single sip in the warmer months. But this Lymonade offered by Sprite has been discontinued, and you will no longer be able to find it in the nearest grocery stores. And the possible reasons for its discontinuation include:

One of the major reasons Sprite Lymonade was discontinued was its poor sales and the product needed to meet the company’s target.

Another possible reason is that the company declared, “Sprite packaging graphics will retain their recognizable green hue, while a pared-back look for Sprite featured a bold, black font and logo design.”

This step was taken in favor of the first-ever global campaign, “Recycle Me” Under this campaign, the company decided to discontinue older products and may replace them with newer ones.

Along with it, the Sprite lymonade would be a perfect match when adding something else. 

Will Sprite Lymonade Be Able To Come Back Again?

Yes! We know we have covered a bad piece of news for Sprite lovers in this blog so far. But we are revealing something fresh, so hold your horses’ guys.

Okay! Let’s not wait, so listen up! This is not a definitive end of Sprite Lymonade. Nope, you have read it correctly! You read it right! 

This summer, the company will come back with its new and refreshing cans of lymonade. This lemon-flavored beverage got something for everyone; its comeback has proven it. So are you ready to quench your thirst with this new Sprite lymonade which can help satisfy your cravings for both lemon flavor and a carbonation drink in a single drink?

What Makes Sprite Lymonade A Special Drink?

Umm! If we talk about other flavored drinks, you must know that some contain artificial flavors or tastes while some taste not good. But you can expect a good taste or an essence of a flavor in a single drink, i.e., Sprite Lymonade, as it is fully packed with an actual splash of lemon inside, with no artificial flavor or a bad taste. If you look at its ingredients, they are also different and superior to other drinks.

Initially, Sprite Lymonade was released in plastic bottles. After that, it was replaced with other packaging, such as cans.

If you love to have lymonade or you are the one who loves to eat at midnight hours with a refreshing glass of lymonade, then you must stock up. 

Does Sprite Lymonade Have The Same Quality & Taste?

The company reintroduced this product, but people have not determined whether it has the same quality and taste. Let’s find it out:

Yes, this latest Sprite lymonade is a variant of Sprite, and its flavor is the same as before, or it may have a better taste than ever. Coming to its quality, no quality issue is there. Its flavor is as same as regular Sprite.

Sprite Lymonade is a lemon-flavored soda launched on February 25, 2019, and dominated the market as all the store shelves filled up with Sprite Lymonade stock, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Orange Vanilla, and Coca-Cola Orange Vanilla.

How Suprised Customers Reacted & Posted?

One user said, “Before you ask, no, I didn’t buy it. If you are wondering why I said it wasn’t discontinued yet. Well, a couple of months ago, Coca-Cola announced they would remove 200 products by the end of 2020, and Sprite Lymonade is one of them. I’m surprised this drink continues to be in production and is not even expired until April 19, 2021. Soft drinks in plastic bottles usually expire after 90 days of their distribution. So this drink is made no earlier than January 19, 2021.”

Another said, “They’re probably just using up whatever amount of materials (bottles, syrups, etc.) they still have until there’s none left. Lymonade’s been long gone over here (Connecticut) for some time now since the pandemic started.”

Also, “It could be possible they are using stuff left for Lymonade. The last time I saw Lymonade was in early 2020. When the pandemic came, they hadn’t appeared for months until just last month.”

Wrapping Up

After having these reviews, we have concluded that according to some, the product has yet to be discontinued, while some say the store’s shelves cleared up its stock. But we are anticipating, after gathering all the information, that the company has discontinued its product “Sprite Lymonade” but they have not permanently removed it from the list. 

After some time, they launched the latest version of this brand’s drink with the same taste and quality, even better than before!