Sprite Discontinued 2023 – why is there a shortage of Sprite?

Is Sprite discontinued? The Coca-Cola Company created Sprite; it is available in various flavors such as grape, vanilla, cherry, cranberry, tropical, Ice, peach, ginger, and Berryclear remix, and still, its other flavors will going to be available very soon in the market for more alternatives to choose by the soft drink lovers. Initially, Sprite’s texture is made up of lemon and lime-flavored soft drinks compared to 7 Up.

Sprite is the most popular soft drink, but for Sprite lovers, it may be sad news that Sprite will discontinue its most popular soft drink. Some are saying that this is nothing else and just a rumor! 

But the truth is that Sprite is not going anywhere and is here to stay; besides, it comes with new tastes and is healthier than ever before.

Before you lose your patience, let’s go through the article. In this article, we will walk you through everything that you might know about Sprite’s discontinuation, its ingredients, why Sprite is no longer to be sold in the markets now, is Sprite eliminating its iconic green bottles, and whether true Sprite is going to be discontinued here or to stay!.

Is Sprite Discontinued?

Yes, Sprite was made to compete with the original 7-Up. Initially, and now it is clear that this lemon-flavored beverage dominates all over, becoming one of the most chosen drinks in every house. Sprite’s firm, crisp, and refreshing taste makes it a more popular soft drink brand than others. 

Some say that the beverage will be discontinued, while others say it is a rumor “Sprite will stay here, and the company will serve you the best than before.”

Don’t worry, Sprite lovers; your bottle of refreshment is not going anywhere! Just calm down! These are just rumors that “Sprite is being discontinued”- Just A Rumor! I hope you get a sigh of relief after receiving this news.

Let’s read on further to gather more information about it.

What Makes Sprite A Unique And Flavorful Beverage?

A unique and flavorful, Sprite comprises various ingredients that make Sprite tastier and healthier. What it contains, let’s find out.

Sprite contains sodium and a small amount of sugar than other soft drinks and beverages. It had a chockful of natural lemon and lime flavors. Its excellent lemon flavor makes it most popular, and it is considered a great drink to eliminate the intense heating of summer days.

Also, Sprite is the best option for quenching the thirst you can opt for on hot summer days. Along with its taste, it also has a lot of nutritional value, including fewer calories and sugar, i.e., 1.3 calories per 100 ml, making it the lowest sugar beverage available in the market nowadays. 

If you are one of those people who love to choose food items along with nutritional values and taste, then you must go for it!

Sprite contains sugar-free and caffeine-free ingredients. It is widely famous for its natural and unique taste; it is also available with lots of nutritional value. It may be a good choice for those who want to stay healthy and, at the same, have cravings for tasty food items. It helps to lose weight, although. 

Whether you are looking for a tasty and refreshing drink or a beverage with nutritional value, then this bottle of Sprite will be the best option, and you must go for it!

Why are people thinking So?

As we have mentioned above that Sprite is not going anywhere. You can still have it and enjoy its flavorful taste, but why do people think it is being cut down from the markets? Here is Why: The company that produces the popular soft drink Sprite is now trying to make Sprite tastier and healthier than before. 

To do so, Sprite is making various changes in its ingredients, such as the company now adding natural lemon and lime flavors instead of artificial flavors in the new bottles of Sprite, and raw sugar is replacing high fructose corn syrup. It contains low calories and a small number of synthetic preservatives. 

Everyone can make the most of this popular soft drink because earlier health-conscious people thought twice before having a bottle of Sprite. It might be fantastic news for those! This is one of the primary reasons for the Sprite discontinuation, or the older one is now replaced with its newer and healthier version.

So, If you are obsessed with the green bottle of Sprite and were once a big fan of it! Then there is no room for worrying as Sprite is here to stay, and you can enjoy it anytime and anywhere!

Is Sprite Eliminating Its Iconic Green Bottles?

Yeah! It is a rumor about its discontinuation. Still, now, we have to believe other things. Sprite is now eliminating its iconic green bottles, which will replace with clear plastic bottles starting from AUGUST 1st. 

The Coca-Cola Company declared we are clearing up the stock of Sprite’s green bottles and replacing them. Now it will be available with a clear appearance and eco-friendly bottles.

We all know that clear plastic can more easily be recycled than colorful plastic, so the world wide most popular Coca-Cola Company is eliminating green bottles to make the environment less polluted because of the plastic. 

In a nutshell, Sprite is now planning to switch the original bottles to a more eco-friendly alternative by retiring its iconic green plastic bottles to clear appearance plastic bottles.

Wrapping Up

Don’t believe the rumors; your refreshing drink is here to stay with you all! You will be able to enjoy the same Sprite taste, even in a healthier and tastier way.

Representatives of the company said, “We are in the habit of making our product tastier and healthier to give the best and provide more of what people want, and we only give them the recipes we feel will bring more followers to our brands.” 

They also added, “We believe every previous Sprite lover and the existing lift drinkers will love our newest range of products.”

“Sprite Lemon + with added caffeine and the zesty lemon flavor is our new addition to the most famous Sprite brand. We hope you will love the fresh taste of our Sprite brand!

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