Spree Candy Discontinued – can you buy it in 2023?

Is Spree Candy discontinued? Hey there, candy enthusiasts! Have you munching on Spree candy and wondering, “Wait, where did that awesome Mixed Berry flavor go?” According to the search results, we’ve got a bit of a mystery. Remember that Chewy Spree Mixed Berry sensation? Yeah, it disappeared into thin air back in 2015. But here’s the twist – are there other flavors that went into candy retirement too?

Cruising through candy websites like Candy Warehouse and Sweeties Candy, you might stumble upon a section dedicated to discontinued candies. And yup, you guessed it, Spree’s on that list! But hold up, is this all about that missing Mixed Berry kick, or did some other flavors vanish too?

Now, picture this: a Reddit post from 2012 talking about the elusive berry flavor. Could that be the same one that bit the dust in 2015? Things are starting to get hazy. So, here’s the deal – some Spree candy versions went poof, but the whole scoop on which ones and how many remains a head-scratcher. It’s like trying to find your missing sock in the laundry – you know something’s gone, but you’re not sure exactly what or where. Stay tuned as we unravel this candy conundrum! 

Are there any stores that still sell Spree candy?

Are you looking to satisfy that Spree candy craving? Good news – there are still spots where you can snag these sweet and tangy delights! If you’re into the whole in-person shopping gig, head to Walmart. Yep, they have a Spree candy stash waiting for you in the food section. Swing by your nearest Walmart store or hop online to their website, and you’ll be in candy heaven.

Candy Warehouse is your go-to if you’re all about those bulk buys and want to stock up like a candy lover. They’re staying strong with the Spree candy options. From classics to twists, they have a lineup that will make your taste buds dance.

But wait, there’s more! Big Lots is also in on the action. Score some Spree Original Candy in a nifty 5 oz—size at their stores or on their website. And remember, the candy gods might play favorites with locations, so a quick check with your local joints or some online scouting might save the day.

So, whether you’re an in-store explorer or an online shopping champ, Spree Candy is still in the game. Just keep those eyes peeled, and that sweet tooth is ready for action! 

Why was the Chewy Spree Mixed Berry flavor discontinued?

The Chewy Spree, Mixed Berry flavor took its final bow in 2015. But here’s the twist, the reason for this flavor farewell remains a bit of a candy mystery. We’re in suspense as the search results keep tight-lipped about why this berrylicious delight got the boot.

Could this Mixed Berry sensation not quite match up to its Spree candy siblings in the popularity race? Or it didn’t rack up the sales numbers it needed to stay in the game. Without more clues to chew on, we’re left with a candy conundrum that’s sweeter than a riddle.

In the confectionery world, some secrets remain locked away in candy cabinets. Until we unearth more juicy details, the true reason behind this flavor’s exit remains hidden in a candy-coated enigma. 

Were there any other flavors of Chewy Spree that were discontinued?

We looked up info about Chewy Spree candy flavors that might have been discontinued, and it’s a bit confusing. We found that the only flavor specifically mentioned as being gone is the Mixed Berry one. Bummer, right? 

But then, we stumbled upon this Candy Warehouse website, which has this section for discontinued candies. And guess what? Spree is there! Here’s the twist: it could be clearer if it’s only because of the Mixed Berry flavor or if other flavors are also on the chopping block. 

We mean, seriously, it’s like a candy mystery we’re dealing with! It’s like those detective stories where you still determine what will happen next. Like, did they discontinue other flavors of Chewy Spree or not? We wish we had a candy crystal ball to know for sure! 

So yeah, without more solid info, it’s hard to say if they’ve axed any other tasty Chewy Spree flavors. Maybe they want to keep us on the edge of our candy-craving seats; who knows? Let’s hope they haven’t gotten rid of too many because those Chewy Sprees are like little bursts of joy, right? 

Is there any chance that the Chewy Spree Mixed Berry flavor will be brought back?

So, about that Chewy Spree Mixed Berry flavor. Whether it will ever make a comeback is a bit of a mystery. It was discontinued in 2015 (such a sad year for candy lovers, right?). And the tricky part is that there needs to be clear information about whether it will be resurrected. 

But here’s a glimmer of hope: candy companies sometimes surprise us by bringing back flavors they’ve kicked to the curb. It’s like a candy miracle. If enough of us candy enthusiasts make a fuss and show how much we miss those tangy Mixed Berry Chewy Sprees, they might listen.

Do you know what they say? The squeaky wheel gets the candy or something like that! So, if you’re really into those Mixed Berry Sprees (who wouldn’t be, right?), you could shout out to the Ferrara Candy Company. They’re the folks behind Willy Wonka Candy Company, responsible for Spree candy magic. Send them a message saying how much you miss those berries bursting in your mouth.

And hey, keep your candy radar on high alert! Sometimes they surprise us with limited-edition comebacks. Imagine the excitement if, one day, you’re browsing the candy aisle, and there they are – the Mixed Berry Chewy Sprees, making a triumphant return! 

Are there any similar candies to Spree that are still available?

If you’re looking for some candy vibes similar to Spree, many options are still hanging around. Check these out:

Sweetarts: These bad boys are like Spree’s sweet and tangy cousins. They’ve got a bunch of fruity flavors to tickle your taste buds. Hit Walmart, and you might find these colorful delights waiting for you!

Runts: Picture this – little fruit-shaped candies with flavors like banana, orange, strawberry, grape, and green apple. It’s like a mini fruit party in your mouth! You can snag these from places like OldTimeCandy.com. Yum!

Nerds: They’re like Spree’s crunchy cousins, with various tiny, flavorful bits. If you’re into fruity explosions in your mouth, Nerds have got your back. Swing by Candy Warehouse or other stores, you might find these crunchy candies.

Skittles: These gems are like the chewy version of Spree. They’re fruity and tough and come in all sorts of flavors. Walmart is a place you can count on to score a bag of these rainbow-colored goodies.

So, fear not, candy connoisseur! Even though our beloved Chewy Spree Mixed Berry might be playing hide and seek, many other candies are ready to satisfy those sweet and tangy cravings. Candy adventures, here we come!


Mysteries unfold around discontinued flavors like the Chewy Spree Mixed Berry in the candy world. Though the reasons behind its departure remain a secret, hope lingers for its sweet return. 

Similar candies like Sweetarts, Runts, Nerds, and Skittles offer alternatives, available at stores like Walmart and Candy Warehouse. As candy enthusiasts, let’s keep the flavors alive in our taste buds and stay alert for any surprises on the horizon. The candy journey continues, full of tangy twists and delightful discoveries.