sour skittles discontinued

Sour Skittles discontinued: are you still buying it in 2023?

Is sour Skittles discontinued? On social media, there have been persistent allegations for some time. It is about whether the well-adored Sour Skittles candy has been withdrawn. These reactions snowball, with many people picking up on the fear and spreading it without understanding the whole context.

There is no proof that Skittles has formally stopped production, despite rumors that the candy has been discontinued. But there’s no denying that shoppers find the candy harder.

Sour Skittles are currently unavailable in several regions for many different reasons. The biggest ones are production difficulties and supply chain shortages. Many businesses across the nation face these. Delays brought on by these issues make it difficult for stores to stock the candy.

Furthermore, because of the great demand, it’s typical that when a shop does receive a shipment, it sells out very quickly. Besides, customers often buy many boxes to stock up. Let us discuss it further in this article.

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Overview of the brand

sour skittles discontinued

Skittles are candy that comes in various colors and has a fruity flavor. The Wrigley Company, a company of Mars, Inc., produces and sells it. The majority of the varieties in this candy are found in certain parts of the world. In 1974, Original Fruit Skittles were introduced in Europe. After being sold nationwide for three years, Skittles also started to be produced in the U.S.

Fruit flavors dominated earlier Skittles products. The flavors of more recent goods have expanded to include chocolate, bubble gum, popcorn, mint, and sour.

The phrase “Taste the Rainbow” was first used in 1994. It turned into one of the most persistent marketing campaigns in history. A New York advertising firm named D’Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles developed the theme for the Skittles business.

Over 65 nations around the world currently adore Skittles. The second-most famous candy in the U.S. is Skittles. In North America, they enjoy the greatest level of popularity with kids.

Skittles started using social media in 2009. They did it as a plan to reach more customers by utilizing the internet and online communities. Along with its own website, Skittles also has a Facebook page with almost 25 million likes. Also, it has a well-liked Twitter account and a large YouTube channel subscriber base.

Are Sour Skittles still available?

Since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, it has gotten harder for customers to determine whether a hard-to-find product is discontinued. It’s due to many reasons. It includes having distribution issues or being unavailable for other reasons the company hasn’t disclosed. This pattern of spreading rumors is added to this sour Skittles discontinuation.

So, customers were wondering whether Sour Skittles is yet another fan favorite that has been put on its way out as early as 2019.

The rumors originated on the internet in 2019. Fans asked if other people were experiencing the same problems locating the candy on Reddit.

There were several opinions expressed. Some claim they have also had trouble finding Sour Skittles. Others mentioned that it had been easy for them to pick them up at the gas station or grocery store near where they lived. A Twitter search reveals that the rumors on the website started in 2019. It was when consumers voiced their frustrations with being unable to find the product.

Some people advised stocking up by buying as many Sour Skittles as possible while they could find them because they had no idea when they might be able to locate them once more. Throughout 2020 and 2021, these tweets persisted. However, they have been reduced in 2022.

The official Skittles Twitter account hinted about new Halloween flavors for their Sours brand in October 2022.

Who makes sour Skittles?

sour skittles discontinued

Mars Wrigley, which also owns the M&M’s, Orbit, Snickers, and Extra brands, is the only owner of the Skittles brand. In more than 180 nations worldwide, Mars distributes its range of products.

More than 34,000 employees work for the business. They support the company’s efforts to fulfill its promise to “focus on positively impacting the planet and the population.” These employees put a lot of effort into ensuring Mars honors its responsibilities. It includes:

  • Putting $1 billion towards establishing a new supply chain for cocoa with smallholder farmers,
  • Utilizing plant science to produce more sustainable mint,
  • M&M’s carbon impact can be decreased by using renewable energy,
  • Following through on their loyalty to advance science, innovation, and marketing through Nourishing Wellbeing

The Production Challenges Mars Faces

Skittles faces production issues, like several businesses throughout the world. It restricts their ability to distribute their goods to shops and mass-produce them.

Nearly every stage of the production process has difficulties for Mars, the company that owns Skittles. Ingredient sourcing, manufacturing in the proper setting, and distribution to retailers are all included in this.

Global supply chain problems have made accessing some materials more challenging for businesses. Furthermore, the prices of the goods they can buy tend to be higher. A barrier is also created by the costs associated with running a manufacturing facility successfully. Also, with rising electricity and gas prices, the company faces challenges.

After completing the production line, problems are faced during the shipping phase. The number of trucks available to deliver goods to retailers has decreased. This situation has prevailed since the coronavirus outbreak started.

According to the American Trucking Association, there are 80,000 fewer truckers on the road now than before the pandemic. This results in many people retiring or leaving the industry for alternatives with higher pay or in unrelated fields.

Packaging issues

On the other hand, consumers take those products’ packaging issues for granted. Frequently used packaging materials are plastic and aluminum. Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, there has been a shortage of these. Due to an increase in single-serve product purchases during quarantine, this shortage occurred.

Also, there is a shortage of plastic and aluminum because manufacturers could not meet the sudden rise in demand. Besides the lack of packing, Mars knows that packaging waste harms the environment.

Hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent by the business. This was to revamp its packaging in a more environmentally friendly manner. As a result, it relies less on scarce materials like plastic and aluminum.

Mars employs efficient, flexible packaging that uses the least amount of material. It also maintains the freshness of its products. Mars offered specially created trick-or-treating bags throughout October 2022. It is done as part of its commitment to reuse packaging for upcoming products. Customers can return the empty candy packaging to be recycled using the pre-paid postal stamp on these bags.

Where can we buy Sour Skittles?

The Skittles website has the best search feature on the “Where To Buy” page for finding candy. According to their Where To Buy website, Target, Walmart, CVS Pharmacy, and Sam’s Club are the main stores that carry Sour Skittles. Online stores also sell Sour Skittles.

If the specific Skittles product is sold on Amazon, it will be noted on the “Where To Buy page” along with a direct link. Fans may locate more online candy vendors. But it’s essential to check the packages’ expiration dates because it’s usual for third parties to try to sell expired goods.

According to Skittles, its goods have a 52-week shelf life. Still, this may change depending on where the candy is kept. For instance, Skittles stored in a warm environment may melt and lose their freshness more quickly than in a temperate or cooler setting.


If Sour Skittles aren’t available at your neighborhood grocery or convenience store, you could be searching for a different candy to sate your sweet and sour needs.

The Skittles collection also offers a variety of chewy and gummy varieties. Original, wild berries, sours, and other seasonal flavors are among the many available flavors. However, other alternatives are available if you’re looking for that sour kick to get your heart pumping.

Additionally, various alternatives are healthier on the market. They contain less sugar and carbohydrates. Despite the widespread belief that healthier foods have little flavor, they can taste wonderful.