Sobe Drinks Discontinued

Do they still make SoBe drinks? Has SoBe Drinks Discontinued?

SoBe drinks were super popular. PepsiCo owned them, and they were famous for yummy juice and tea drinks with names like “Tsunami” and “Liz Blizz.” The bottles had a lizard design and came in bright colors.

Lots of people loved SoBe, and the company was getting bigger. But now, you can hardly find a SoBe drink anywhere. People are wondering, “Has SoBe Drinks Discontinued?”

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Has SoBe Drinks Discontinued? Yes, SoBe drinks have been discontinued by PepsiCo, the company that bought SoBe in 2001. We don’t know why they stopped, but it might be because not many people were buying them, and PepsiCo wanted to focus on other drinks like Gatorade and Mountain Dew.

SoBe used to be really popular in the 1990s and early 2000s. People loved their fruity drinks with special ingredients and colorful bottles. The most loved drinks were the Elixirs, which were fruity drinks with extra vitamins and minerals. SoBe also made teas, energy drinks, and water.

But, as time went on, fewer people bought SoBe drinks, partly because more people wanted healthier drinks like water and flavored fizzy water. PepsiCo also got criticized for SoBe drinks having too much sugar.

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Who Owns SoBe Drinks And How Did They Start?

SoBe, which stands for South Beach, started in 1996 and brought a lot of excitement with its drinks. It’s a special kind of drink known for its amazing different flavors and healthy stuff inside. Two people named John Bello and Tom Schwalm started SoBe in New York. 

Later, a big company called PepsiCo bought it in 2008 and added more tasty teas, fruit drinks, and enhanced waters.

If you’re wondering, “Who owns SoBe drinks?” Well, it’s PepsiCo! We’ll talk more about that soon. Let’s go to the next part to learn about the story of SoBe drinks, “How Did They Start?”

The story of SoBe drinks: How they began SoBe (South Beach) drinks were created to be different. They wanted to give people a healthier choice compared to regular sodas by using cool things like herbal extracts, vitamins, and unique flavors.

Let’s go through the story of SoBe drinks over the years:

1996: SoBe was started in New York by two people named John Bello and Tom Schwalm. The name SoBe comes from a cool place called South Beach in Miami.

1997: SoBe introduced its first drinks like Black Tea, Green Tea, and Fruit Punch. They used special glass bottles with colorful labels.

1998: SoBe became popular for its unique marketing, like cool bottle caps with messages and quirky ads. Their marketing made them stand out in the drink world.

1999: SoBe kept growing by adding new flavors and making drinks with added vitamins and herbal extracts for health benefits.

2000: PepsiCo bought SoBe, but they still let it run kind of on its own. It was a big deal and gave SoBe more resources.

2002: SoBe had a fun advertising campaign called “Lizard Tales” with animated lizards. People really liked it.

2010-2016: SoBe changed its drinks to match what people wanted. They made drinks with fewer calories and natural sweeteners to keep up with trends.

2017: News came out that SoBe drinks were slowly discontinued in some places, and PepsiCo was focusing on other drinks.

2022-23: SoBe discontinued making most of its drinks, but technically it’s not gone. They just stopped making many flavors.

What Drinks SoBe Has Been Discontinued So Far?

Sadly, you can’t find these SoBe drinks anymore; let’s find out!

  • Qi
  • Oolong tea
  • Lizard Lava
  • Lizard Fuel
  • Lizard Lighting
  • Black and Blue Berry Brew
  • Long John Lizard’s Grape Grog
  • Essential Energy
  • Ice
  • Adrenaline Rush
  • No Fear
  • Elixiris 3C
  • Eros
  • Line
  • Synergy
  • Nirvana
  • Special Recipes
  • Love Bus Brew
  • Zen Blend
  • Wisdom
  • Superman
  • Good
  • Dragon

That’s a lot of drinks, right? Now, why did SoBe stop making them? What happened to SoBe drinks? Why did they discontinue?

Why Did SoBe Drinks Discontinue?

SoBe drinks have been discontinued for a few reasons:

New Bosses: 

PepsiCo, a big company, bought SoBe drinks in 2008. PepsiCo wanted more types of drinks, and SoBe had healthy options. This seemed good for both, but it wasn’t.

Good Parts: 

SoBe has more places to sell and more money for ads.

Bad Parts: 

SoBe lost its way and had problems fitting into PepsiCo’s big company style. Also, there was more competition within PepsiCo.

Not Selling Well: 

SoBe drinks, like everything, had different stages: Start, Grow, Top, and Down. Some drinks weren’t selling enough, so they had to stop making them.

Not Making Money: 

SoBe drinks had money troubles. They had to cut costs, which made the drinks not as good. Even though the drinks were still tasty, SoBe couldn’t make a lot of money. This made it hard for people to find SoBe drinks, so fewer people wanted them.

Too Many Types: 

Companies often stop making things that don’t sell well. SoBe had to stop many drinks because they weren’t making enough money.

Big Competition: 

Other brands, like Modere and Origin, had drinks like SoBe. SoBe couldn’t keep up, and people didn’t buy as much.

People Like Different Things: 

What people want changes. Suppose a product doesn’t match what people like now, companies stop making it. SoBe drinks also faced this problem.

So, SoBe drinks had a tough time because of new owners, money problems, not selling well, too many types, big competition, and people’s tastes changing.

How Does SoBe’s Disappearance Affect The Drink Industry?

SoBe drinks disappearing can affect people and the drink industry in different ways. Let’s see how:

Remembering the Good Times:

If you remember SoBe from the past, you might feel a bit sad that it’s not around anymore. You might miss the cool flavors and colorful bottles.

Feeling Let Down:

If you liked SoBe and find out it’s not easy to get any more, it might make you feel a bit disappointed, especially if you loved specific flavors.

Trying Something New:

If you really liked SoBe, try other drinks to find something similar. You could discover new favorites or find other brands with similar drinks.

Changing Tastes:

Since SoBe is not around, you might start liking different drinks. Some people might go for healthier options like natural fruit juices, herbal teas, or sparkling water.

Looking at What’s Popular:

If SoBe is not doing well, it might show that more people want healthier drinks. Brands with good and healthy ingredients might become more popular.

Being Loyal or Trying Something Else:

If you loved SoBe, you might feel a bit sad, but you can try other drinks too. Find ones with similar flavors or ones that bring back good memories.

Changes in the Drink World:

SoBe not doing well might mean big changes in how people like their drinks. Companies need to make new and better drinks that people want.

SoBe disappearing can make people remember the good times, feel a bit let down, try new drinks, change their tastes, look for healthier options, be loyal or try something else, and might change how companies make drinks.

How Do People Feel About SoBe Drinks Being Discontinued?

People have different feelings about SoBe drinks being stopped. Some who really liked SoBe are sad that they can’t buy their favorite drinks anymore, like citrus energy drinks and green tea.

Some people hope SoBe drinks will come back or are trying to find ways to get them still. But others are starting to like different drink brands instead.

This change with SoBe drinks has made people talk on social media about how they feel and how much they like SoBe drinks.

Future Outlook For SoBe Or Similar Products

SoBe drinks have an uncertain future! Some stores still have them, but they stopped making a bunch of drinks because not many people were buying them. Right now, PepsiCo owns SoBe, and they sell teas, fruit juice blends, and fancy water drinks.

There’s some news that SoBe might bring out a new energy drink in Connecticut. This could mean they’re trying something different. We’ll have to wait and see if SoBe becomes popular again in the drink world.

Is It Still Possible to Find SoBe Drinks?

The SoBe website is still up, but it’s not good news for SoBe drink fans. On the Product Locator tab, it shows a few SoBe drinks are still around as of September 2023, like Liz Blizz, Citrus Energy, and Green Tea flavors. Also, there’s the Strawberry Dragonfruit flavor and Black and Blueberry of SoBeWater.

But here’s the sad part. Even though the website says these drinks exist, it says they have “regional availability.” That means they’re only in some gas stations and grocery stores in the country. And even if you find a store, there’s no guarantee they have the drinks in stock.

For example, in Los Angeles, when looking for SoBe, only Safeway is listed as having SoBe products still in stock, and that’s not a lot.

So, you might still find a SoBe drink, but it’s much harder than it used to be.

Can You Find Buy SoBe Drinks?

If you want to find SoBe drinks even though they stopped making them, try looking in local stores or special places that might still have some left. Another option is to check online shops where they sell drinks.

Drinks Similar To SoBe Drinks

Want some tasty drinks like SoBe? Here are seven cool options:


This is water that tastes great and has extra vitamins. Try tropical citrus or berry flavors!


If you’re active, Gatorade is a good pick. It helps replace what your body loses during exercise. Lemon-lime and orange are popular choices.

Honest Tea: 

These are teas made with good stuff, like organic ingredients. Peach tea, green tea, and raspberry tea are some yummy flavors.


This drink is filled with good things like antioxidants. It’s made from coffee, fruit, and natural stuff. Coconut, mango, and pomegranate are some tasty flavors.

IZZE Sparkling Juice: 

This is a mix of fruit juice and fizzy water. Blackberry, grapefruit, and clementine are some delicious options.

Hint Water: 

Need to hydrate without calories? Hint: Water is perfect. It has subtle fruit flavors like watermelon, blackberry, and pineapple.

Zico Coconut Water: 

If you like coconuts, this one’s for you. It’s full of good stuff and comes in flavors like original and pineapple.

Remember, pick the one that matches what you like and keeps you refreshed!

The Bottom Line

Yes, SoBe drinks have been discontinued. They are no longer available, leaving many fans disappointed. While some hope for their return, others explore alternative beverages. The discontinuation sparks conversations online about favorite flavors and memories associated with SoBe. If you’re still craving SoBe, check local stores or online retailers for remaining stock. This change reflects shifts in consumer preferences towards healthier options, impacting the beverage industry. Whether SoBe will make a comeback remains uncertain, but for now, it’s time to explore new drink options and cherish the memories of SoBe’s vibrant flavors.