Shaper hairspray discontinued

Is Shaper Hairspray Discontinued in 2024?

Is Shaper Hairspray discontinued? You’re not alone! This widely loved product has sparked quite a conversation. In this blog, we’ll delve into the question on everyone’s mind: Is Shaper Hairspray discontinued? We’ll explore the story behind this iconic hair product, shedding light on what led to its potential discontinuation and uncovering who’s behind its creation. So, stick around if you’re a fan of fabulous hair days and seeking answers! 

Now, Let’s dive in and discover the fate of Shaper Hairspray together!

Sebastian’s Shaper Hairspray is a brushable, flash-drying hairspray that changes shape with a light, flexible hold. The company behind the product has discontinued making Shaper Mega Hold Hair Spray. We could see the reviews customers left for this product 11 years prior. As its name implies, this mega hold lived up to expectations. Nevertheless, the firm removed this fantastic product from the market, and the replacement sprays are incomparable!

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What’s The Story Behind Shaper Hairspray?

Shaper hairspray was developed in the 1980s to allow hair to flow more and be less stiff. A considerable amount of hairspray was revealed on stage at an event in L.A., as the initial hairspray can be applied upside down, moving and lifting the hair. Shaper has come to represent the modern era. It defies fashion, trends, and era. It may be seen in the salon, behind the scenes on television and film sets, at home, and in our handbags.

Sebastian revived a formula that stylists adored in 2013. Several large white cans had many devoted followers. The Shaper hairspray from Sebastian Professional stood out from the competition, not just because it came in a tall white can.

Since its debut in 1985, the product has quickly gained popularity among stylists. It is supported by a formula that has kept its word. The can continued to spray even when it was upside down. Thus, it became a proper “working aerosol” that allowed hairdressers to spray and experiment while styling.

A few years later, Sebastian introduced Shaper Plus Hairspray, which improved humidity tolerance and holding power. The brand grew with the introduction of other SKUs. They are Shaper Zero G Hairspray in 1998 and Re-Shaper, Shaper Zero Gravity, and Shaper Fierce in 2008 and 2009.

In 2011, a year after the Shaper line celebrated its 25th anniversary, the business discontinued using the famous white cans. Sebastian brought Shaper and Shaper Plus back to the market in 2013, rereleasing them in their famous white cans and with their tried-and-true formulas.

Shaper Hairspray Shortage

In 2000, the grocery retailer Albertson’s came under fire for illegally obtaining and selling replica Sebastian Shaper hairspray cans. This resulted from various ongoing disputes between Albertsons and Sebastian International, a salon products producer in Woodland Hills, Calif.

The primary food retailer was very cautious, even though it denied selling fake items on purpose. All items with batch codes, which Sebastian claimed to be “fake” cans of Shaper hairspray, were subject to a nationwide recall. According to Mike Read, an Albertsons spokesman, the recall allowed Albertsons to carry out more research and product testing. They also removed any chance that products with incorrect labels might be sold in the stores.

According to the manufacturer, another 370,000 fake cans of Sebastian Shaper hairspray were reportedly present in the U.S. This was in addition to the 384,000 fake cans seized by Italian authorities in Milan in 1999. They were priced at $4.3 million at retail.

Sebastian was a worried business working to save its reputation and trading routes. “Everyone participating in the fake operation will be held accountable by us,” Riedel stated. Sebastian had created a holographic label that applied to the back of open cans. The label, which was introduced, was a tracking system component. The company claimed that replica Sebastian items lacked the holographic tracking label.

Who Makes Shaper Hairspray?

An L.A. stylist team composed of Geri Cusenza and John Sebastian began in the 1970s to push boundaries. They transformed flower power into bold fashion. This boldness was the foundation around which Sebastian was built. Since the beginning, they have been driven by a desire to innovate. Nothing has changed today. 

Sebastian was the first to capture authentic hair design in a resin-charged pump spray 1999. The generation’s preferred hairstyles include punk, spikey, and gravity-defying. These were made possible by this innovative styling tool.

Since 1984, Shaper has served as a symbol of evolution. It has been available for 39 years. It has received countless awards from reputable beauty editors and trade organizations.

Shaper Plus outperformed the top three most popular professional hair sprays in stylists’ tests regarding hold and brush ability. The range and utility of shaper hairsprays are well known. They allow us to style and shape our hair while maintaining excellent hold.

Why Do Companies Discontinue Popular Products?

Companies stop selling popular products for different reasons, including:

  • Market Trends and Demand: If only a few people want a product anymore, or if people like different things, companies might stop making it to focus on better products.
  • Costs and Making Money: Making, advertising, and selling a product can cost a lot. If a product doesn’t make enough money, it makes sense for the company to stop selling it.
  • Product Life Cycle: Products have different stages, like when they’re new, growing, getting old, and not wanted much. When a product is not wanted much anymore, companies might stop making it.
  • Making Things Better: Companies want to be the best. They might stop selling an old thing to make something better or new.
  • Problems Getting Things: If it’s hard to find parts or materials, or if making or sending a product has problems, a company might stop selling it.
  • Keeping a Good Name: Companies want people to like them. If a product is not good or safe or people say bad things about it, the company might stop selling it.
  • Innovative Plans: Companies plan for the future. They might stop selling things that don’t fit with their big plans.

Remember, even though it’s sad for people who like the product, companies have good reasons for stopping it. It’s a tricky business world!

Can You Still Buy Shaper Hairspray?

Shaper Plus hairspray was famous for its stronghold and ability to handle humidity. It was great for making different styles with flexible or firm hair. Sebastian’s Shaper Mega Hold Hair Spray is no longer available. If you like or want to buy it, you can visit websites like Target, Ulta, JCPenney, and more. These are a few websites that sell discontinued products. Or you might need to check out other hairsprays. There are many good options to help you get the hairstyle you want!

Why Did Everyone Love Shaper Hairspray So Much? 

Well, it was like a superhero for your hair, and here’s why:

  • Did Everything: Whether you wanted to control flyaways, make fancy hairstyles, or keep your everyday look intact, Shaper Hairspray could do it all.
  • Flexible Hold: Unlike some sprays that make your hair feel like a rock, Shaper found the perfect balance. It held your hair in place while still allowing it to move naturally.
  • Easy to Brush: You could spray it on, style your hair, and then brush through it without any weird flakes or clumps.
  • 24-Hour Control: Shaper promises to keep your hair looking good for 24 hours, long days, and special occasions. 
  • Salon-Grade: Even hairstylists backstage at fancy fashion shows or in your local salon loved using it. It was like their secret weapon for creating unique looks.
  • Smelled Awesome: And let’s remember the amazing smell! The scent of Shaper Hairspray was so good that it became part of what made it special.

Shaper Hairspray wasn’t just a hair product – it was like a trusty friend helping everyone, from professional stylists to people styling their hair at home, achieve awesome-looking hair!

Options Similar To Shaper Hairspray

Looking for options similar to Sebastian’s Shaper Hairspray? Check out these alternatives:

Verb Ghost Hairspray:

  • Similarity to Shaper Hairspray: 75%
  • Provides flexible hold for different hair types.
  • Starts at $15.00.

Bumble and Bumble. Spray de Mode Flexible Hold Hairspray:

  • Similarity to Shaper Hairspray: 50%
  • Flexible hold without stiffness.
  • More affordable, starting at $36.00.

Not Your Mother’s She’s A Tease Volumizing Hairspray:

  • Community favorite.
  • Adds volume and texture.
  • Price varies.

Hair Wax, Gel, and Styling Clay:

  • Natural alternatives without harsh chemicals.
  • Achieve hold and texture.

Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, and Flaxseed Gel:

  • Nourishes scalp and strengthens hair follicles while styling.

Curl Mousse:

  • Adds volume and hold.

Barber-Grade Paste:

  • Provides texture and control.

Hair Clay:

  • Matte finish and strong hold.

Gel Pomade:

  • Combines gel and pomade properties.

The best choice depends on your hair type, preferred hold, and personal taste. Try these options to find your perfect styling match!

Choosing the Perfect Hairspray: What Factors to Consider?

Picking the right hairspray is essential, and here are some things to think about:

Hold Strength:

  • Light Hold: Good for everyday looks.
  • Medium Hold: Works for most hairstyles.
  • Strong or Extra Hold: Best for fancy styles that need to last.

Hair Type and Texture:

  • Curly Hair: Use sprays that make curls better without making them heavy.
  • Straight Hair: Pick light sprays so your hair doesn’t get flat.
  • Fine Hair: Choose sprays that add volume without feeling heavy.
  • Thick Hair: Try more potent sprays to control wild hair.

Finish and Texture:

  • Matte Finish: Good for a natural look.
  • Shiny Finish: Adds gloss and polish.

Climate and Humidity:

  • If it’s humid where you live, get a hairspray that fights frizz and keeps your style in damp conditions.


  • Check for things that might cause allergies.
  • Look for sprays with natural oils or pro-vitamin B5 for extra care.


  • Think about how the spray comes out. Some are like a light mist, and others are stronger. Choose what works best for how you style your hair.


  • Hairsprays can smell different. Pick one you like because the smell will stay in your hair.

Shaper Hairspray Discontinued: What’s Next?

The future of Shaper Hairspray remains to be determined. The beauty world is always changing, and new products are constantly being released.

Some old favorites stay popular, while others might face challenges because of trends, what people like, or how the market works.

Whether Shaper Hairspray will return or become something new depends on what people want, new ideas, and the brand’s decisions.

Your Say Matters:

If people want Shaper Hairspray back, the brand might bring it back.

What people say on social media and what influencers recommend can make a big difference.

In short, the original Shaper Hairspray had its time, but now we have Re-Shaper and more from Sebastian Professional. Watch for any excellent news – it might surprise us with a big comeback!

The Wrap

In the end, Shaper Hairspray had a fantastic journey. It was like a famous friend in hairstyling, but things changed. The original Shaper took a break, and now we have Re-Shaper, keeping its spirit alive. Thinking about it brings back good memories – how it could do many things, was easy to brush, and kept hair in place for a whole day. We don’t know what’s next, which makes it interesting. Maybe Shaper will make a comeback, or something new will happen. Either way, Shaper Hairspray’s story stays special, leaving a mark on people who loved its magic.