serengeti sunglasses discontinued

Serengeti Sunglasses Discontinued – Where to find it?

Is Serengeti Sunglasses Discontinued? We can not say anything about it. But yeah, a couple of years ago, the company moved all of its manufacturing to Italy. This iconic US brand shifted some of its collections to Italy in 2021. Later, the company planned to move all of its eyewear collection there in 2022.

Yeah! We know you are all considering why the company has taken this step. It is because Italy has been well known for its iconic eyewear and fashion brand for more than a century. Italy is the natural fit for the most advanced lens technology, which is now available in Rx also. 

The Creative Director of the Serengeti, Arnauld Falce, stated, “This move of ours is really exciting because we are going to shift to Italy. It is a place where inspiration comes from. It is an international fashion capital. Italy made a record in history in terms of fashion and lifestyle.”

Also added, “Whatever you would like to see in Italy. Serengeti has designed everything exactly. We hope you will get what you’d expect from us. These eyewear are superior in quality, comfort, and design. Moreover, Serengeti sunglasses’ latest designs are sleek and strong….”

The company introduced newer items in its Creator Collection that were overpriced and luxury items. Those SKU’s sunglasses were higher priced that started at 400 US dollars. Additionally, the company promised higher quality and more sustainable materials. 

To manufacture its latest eyewear collection, we use 100% authentic material. The brand used Bio-Acetate material to produce its Mainline collection to gain popularity. Altogether, this move is going forward.

Let’s explore further to discover more about Serengeti sunglasses!

Why Are Serengeti Sunglasses So Expensive?

serengeti sunglasses discontinued

Serengeti Sunglasses are expensive because the company uses advanced technologies—high-quality and sustainable materials- to manufacture these glasses. Serengeti Sunglasses have longer durability and good performance; these glasses are extremely lightweight.

Moreover, the company manufactures exclusive and limited glasses. It does not produce mass glasses, which makes it in more demand. These glasses are costlier than other brands.

How Serengeti Eyewear Came Out – Rise Or Fall?

In 1984, this sunglasses brand, Serengeti, was developed by Corning. But, the company was struggling financially due to poor performance. It led Corning to close the company, but this did not happen. 

Zaki Mustafa, an entrepreneur, requested the board member not to close the brand as he could put effort into saving this. He thought that the root cause of the poor sales was. 

  • Poor marketing
  • Inefficient asset management
  • Low customer service
  • Product-centric focus 

In 1985, the sales were only 5 million US dollars with only fifty-two employees. Later, Zaki Mustafa raised sales from 5 million US dollars to 62 million US dollars in 1992.

In September 2000, this Serengeti brand was obtained by Bushnell. Vista Outdoor’s acquisition of Bushnell is a subsidiary of Serengeti. In 2013, Bolle, Serengeti, and Cebe were also a part of the acquisition. In 2018, Vista Outdoors signed an agreement with a private equity firm which was a European firm. Later, Its fund was sold out to Bolle, Cebe, and Serengeti eyewear brands.

Why Are Serengeti Sunglasses So Special?

  • They are made with advanced photochromic technology. 
  • They are super lightweight and provide the required amount of light. 
  • These glasses are pioneers in photochromic technology. It provides an appropriate amount of light to the eyes in all weather conditions.
  • Moreover, the lens protects the eyes from harmful Ultraviolet radiation in the atmosphere. Because it reacts to the amount of UV rays, it is designed in a way that can transition from dark to light and light to dark accordingly. 
  • Its Ultra High Definition and spectral control technology provides amazing quality and vision. 
  • It helps in changing colours and contrasts gradually with depth perception. 
  • It locks around 97 per cent of harmful blue light; it offers your eyes better care and protection. 
  • It blocks harmful blue light by 97 per cent and keeps your sight perfect.
  • It gives you complete protection from damage.
  • It provides ultimate glare protection; the company promises these glasses are pioneers in polarization technology.
  • That allows a user to provide supervision with absolute clarity. Besides, it offers equitable care to your eyes because it relieves eye fatigue.
  • Its polarization technology removes the reflections and damaging glare that usually comes from surfaces when a person travels. 

Along with these superior qualities, Serengeti offers you a two years guarantee from the buying date. Suppose there are any manufacturing defects. This warranty does not cover the issues of scratches, breakage, or any other destruction from the buyer’s side.

Serengeti is the only alternative option for consumers to Luxottica. Several other brands compete with Serengeti, including:

  • Oakley
  • Tory Burch
  • Miu Miu
  • Ray-Ban
  • Burberry
  • Versace
  • Prada
  • Chanel
  • Giorgio Armani
  • Persol
  • Dolce & Gabbana

Who Owns Serengeti Sunglasses?

Serengeti Eyewear is a sunglasses company that mainly focuses on eye protection. Bolle Brands own the company. It researches and develops technology, including:

  • Photochromic lenses
  • Spectral control
  • Polarised lenses.

The sunglasses were designed in aviator style by Tucker Viemeister in sepia tones in 1980 for the brand.

The Bottom Line

Serengeti is not discontinuing its eyewear collection. It only shifted all of its eyewear collection to Italy in 2021. Serengeti has been serving for several decades and is considered the best lens on the market. The brand is known for its higher quality and eco-friendly frames.

The company uses 3 in 1 lens technology. It produces perfect lenses that protect your eyes from harmful rays and dangerous glare from the roads, sea, and other surfaces.

The brand added more items from the new spring and Summer 2022 with this change. These were Serengeti Sport and the luxury line. The company said, “We are making this move to redefine the market standard.” 

Serengeti used more sustainable frames and polymers such as Grilamind BTR to manufacture the new frames. Most frames used nylon material called TR90, which offered more flexibility, strength, and durability. 

You can buy Serengeti sunglasses both in-store and online as well.