Is Selsun Shampoo discontinued in 2023? – Alternatives

Is Selsun Shampoo discontinued? Sadly, Selsun 2.5 dandruff shampoo will no longer be available starting in September 2022. This is quite upsetting for anyone who depends on this well-liked and powerful dandruff shampoo. Reviews indicated that Selsun was the most commonly accessible product on the market. It has a selenium concentration of 2.5%. Also, this product was particularly successful in treating dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis. Let us learn about this product in this article.

What is Selsun Shampoo? 

The FDA has approved selenium sulfide topical under the trade name Selsun. It is in the following formulations: SELSUN (selenium sulfide; lotion, shampoo; topical). It’s manufactured by Chattem. This product received approval before January 1, 1982. These formulations are no longer available.

The shampoo used to treat seborrheic dermatitis and dandruff is available under the brand name Selsun. Tinea versicolor is a condition that results in skin discoloration. Some people also use the active component, selenium sulfide, to cure it.

Selsun anti-dandruff shampoo is the only dandruff shampoo on the market with 2.5% of the active component, known as selenium sulfide. The average content of other selenium sulfide equivalents is only 1%.

Selenium is a powerful antifungal that works wonders against dandruff. It also acts as a cytostatic agent, inhibiting the growth of the skin cells that create dandruff on the scalp. Selsun actually works, so it makes sense why it is in such great demand.

The Selsun Blue brand has been dropped in the United States. There might be generic alternatives if the FDA has allowed generic brands of this item.

Uses of Selsun Shampoo

The drug Selsun should only be used externally. Make sure to adhere to the doctor’s recommendations or the product’s instructions while treating problems like dandruff or scalp dermatitis.

To use Selsun, make sure our scalp is moist. Next, after letting it sit on the scalp for two to three minutes, thoroughly rinse it off. Selsun comes in various forms, some of which may require repeated application. Nevertheless, the directions should make this evident.

This is often applied 1-2 times weekly to treat seborrheic dermatitis and dandruff. It works best when used twice a week for the first two weeks, then once weekly for the following two weeks. After that, it’s preferable to use only as needed to maintain condition control.

Use a tiny amount of water to lather Selsun on the tinea versicolor-affected skin before applying it. Before washing it off with water, you should let it sit on the skin for 10 minutes. This can be used once a day for seven days to treat tinea versicolor.

Always be sure to properly wash your hands and any areas where Selsun was used. Keeping it on your skin risks causing irritation and won’t hasten the healing process.

Selsun shampoo can be used for the following reasons:

  • Dandruff can be treated with it
  • To manage seborrheic dermatitis, it is used
  • It is applied to treat skin diseases brought on by fungi

Alternatives to Selsun shampoo

Two more effective shampoo alternatives are easily available for dandruff and rough scalps. They are as follows:

Dermax Therapeutic Shampoo: It is a treatment for dry, scaly scalp diseases such as severe dandruff or pityriasis capitis. This is often known as seborrheic dermatitis or seborrheic eczema. This product’s main ingredient is benzalkonium chloride. It acts as a mild antiseptic to help fight yeast, which can aggravate or cause scalp issues. This is done by removing scales from the scalp and lifting them from the hair.

Dandrazol Anti-Dandruff Shampoo:  Instead of selenium, an antifungal used to treat dandruff, this shampoo for itchy scalp contains ketoconazole. It also cures dandruff-related irritation, reducing itching and redness.


Supply issues have previously had an impact on Selsun shampoo. Selsun Shampoo 2.5% was previously available at Medino’s online pharmacy. Unfortunately, we have bad news if you’re trying to find out where to buy Selsun shampoo. It will be discontinued in September 2022.