Sakuma Drops Discontinued – Can you Still Buy It?

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Has Sakuma Drops Been Discontinued?

Sakuma Drops are known for their fruity flavor and are one of the most beloved candies nationwide. But it may be heartbreaking news for all who love candies because the company announced that it discontinued this item on the list on January 20.

The company has been manufacturing this product for over 100 years, but now, we have to say, “Good Bye Sakuma Drops.” We can feel people’s pain because this news has stabbed many intensely. 

Sakuma Drops were initially introduced in the symbolic scenes in the animated movie released in 1988 titled “Grave of the Fireflies.” These hard candies were amazingly contained real fruit juices and steeped in tradition; it was represented as the company’s iconic brand.

Sakuma Drops Discontinuation has started to mourn the treat for many, and people stated:

Naoe Watanabe, a 54-year-old confectioner, said, “When I was in grade school, We always loved to have a tin can of Sakuma Drops; it was an awesome treat for us!” he also added, “I remember, How I used to had 10-yen coin or sometimes less than that to lift open the container. 

The company has been serving Sakuma Drops for 114 years. It feels like a sign of time. So many options are still available now, but nothing can beat the item one used to have when they were a kid.”

Why Have Sakuma Drops Been Discontinued?

Sakuma Drops beloved hard candies for all, but the hard times led to cease of its production in the future. People are fuming in anger and want to know the reason. So, we’re now revealing what the reasons behind Sakuma Drop’s discontinuation were:

The first and foremost possible reason was the company suffered from financial issues because of the coronavirus pandemic, and there was a massive decline in revenue.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the prices of the ingredients arose, and the company was already struggling with financial issues and unable to produce the item.

We are not saying that the company permanently shut down its door. It will remain, but there will be no production or sales of candies; only the company aims to take care of the payments.

In 1908 Sakumaseika was founded, and the Sakuma Drops were introduced; it became one of the bestseller candies.

At the end of September 2021, the company was estimated to lose around 1.03 million US dollars (151 million yen) in this fiscal year.

At the same time, the company was not able to raise product prices to maintain the balance between the rising cost of ingredients and the financial loss.

Sakuma Drops is manufactured by the Sakuma Confectionary, based in Tokyo, Japan, also known as the name of Sakuma Seika in Japanese.

In a nutshell, Sakuma Drops hard candies was discontinued because the company struggled with poor sales and decided to cease production of Sakuma Drops and go out of business.

Are Sakuma Drops Still Available?

The answer is Yes! Sakuma Drops are still available, and the Sakuma Confectionary is still in business. As we have discussed above, Sakuma Drops have been discontinued, but Sakuma Drops replaced its packing and now come in a green tin instead of red tin.

What Company Makes Sakuma Drops?

Sakuma Drops, also known as Sakuma Doroppusu, were hard candies made in Japan; these candies can easily be recognized as they contain a recognizable icon in Japan. It comes in different flavors of fruit juices; the Japanese company has been manufacturing these candies since the Meiji period in 1908.

It comes in a tin can with a tin pull cap, designed beautifully and considered a collectible item.

Wrapping Up

We’ve concluded that the flavorful and colorful candies that come in a tin box are beloved by many. After selling its product for 114 years, it has been eaten for generation after generation and is now going away.

Still, you can find Sakuma Drops at your nearest store.