Is Rolex Pepsi Discontinued or is there any shortage?

Rolex Pepsi Discontinued. The fancy Rolex watch, the GMT Master 2 – 126710BLRO, or Pepsi, might be saying goodbye! People are chatting about it possibly discontinuing. People like the Rolex Pepsi GMT Master II watch. It’s super famous and easy to recognize. But now, rumors are there that Rolex might discontinue making it. This has made things uncertain for fans. So, is the cool Pepsi watch going away from stores worldwide?

Rolex Pepsi came out in the 1950s when people wore watches every day. Pilots used this watch to know the time in different parts of the world. Like the Pepsi logo, the circle around the watch is red and blue. This has become a famous symbol in the watch world.

Making its unique red and blue bezel seems tricky, causing trouble. Shops selling it are dropping hints about these issues, making the watch’s future uncertain. While we shouldn’t get too worried, there’s talk that it might be harder to find soon because Rolex might be changing things.

Lately, the Rolex Pepsi GMT Master II has been upgraded with a strong Cerachrom circle. This made the watch challenging and added a modern look while keeping its classic style. But now, some people are discussing this new part causing problems and maybe making the famous watch disappear. People on watch websites and social media are guessing that Rolex could stop making the Pepsi GMT Master II because of issues with the red and blue ceramic circle. They say Rolex is having a tough time getting and making these particular circles, which might make them decide to stop making this model.

Rolex is known for keeping things secret. They don’t share much about how they make their watches or what new ones are coming. Even though it’s not surprising, this makes people wonder more about what will happen to the Pepsi GMT Master II. Let’s be honest: few watches or watch circles are red ceramic. Working with ceramic is already problematic because it’s a particular material. But are they making it red? That’s even more tricky.

Creating ceramic in a bright and steady red color is tricky. The colors can change when you heat it to shape and harden it. Red colors can quickly turn brown or orange during this heating process. Keeping the red color the same across many ceramic parts is challenging—even small changes in how hot it gets and the pressure.

It’s probably a bit too early to guess what the famous brand has planned for April 2024 (maybe they’ll make that GMT Master II Coke that many collectors want). Even though making red ceramic is hard, Rolex has shown it’s not impossible. What do you think? Do you think they’ll stop making it, or is this just a way for people selling used ones to increase prices? The materials used can make the colors different for each piece. Ensuring they all look the same is essential, especially for a brand that cares a lot about being precise and paying attention to details.

If these stories are true, and Rolex decides to discontinue the Pepsi GMT Master II, it could make more people want it, and the prices for used ones might increase. But don’t worry, a famous watch like this from Rolex probably won’t be gone forever! The most likely thing is that if they stop making it, it will just be for the current kind, and they’ll bring out a new and improved one next year at Watches & Wonders. And you can bet that will still make the prices for used ones go way up!

Anticipation for Rolex’s GMT News

People who love watches are excited and waiting to hear from Rolex about what will happen to the GMT Master 2 – 126710BLRO watch and if the Pepsi watch era is ending. Even if we’re unsure if these guesses are correct, one thing is clear – people are very interested in discovering what Rolex will do next. If they decide to discontinue the Pepsi watch, we’ll know during the Watches and Wonder event at the beginning of April 2024.

Guess what might change in the excellent Rolex watch, the GMT Master 2? It might get a makeover! If it happens, folks are guessing it could get a better inside part and become a bit bigger, like 41mm. They look at another Rolex, the Submariner, which got slightly more prominent in 2020. Suppose these changes could make the watch even more relaxed and match what Rolex likes to do with its watches. They always want to make them better and keep things similar.

Which Rolexes Have Been Discontinued?

Watches and Wonders 2023 in Geneva showed off lots of cool Rolex watches. But, sadly, some of the older ones won’t be around anymore. The Milgauss, known for being good against magnets, and the special John Mayer edition of the Daytona said goodbye this year. They joined other retired Rolex watches that people want.

The Daytona John Mayer edition was cool and green, made with the help of the musician John Mayer. It’s not being made anymore, but it left behind a legacy of being creative and stylish.

Another special one, the Rolex Daytona with a bright blue dial, won’t be made anymore. People liked this one for a long time.

Even the anti-magnetic masterpiece, the Milgauss, is gone now. It was notable for scientists and had a unique look with an orange lightning bolt hand.

The fancy Rolex Cellini Moonphase, a dressy and elegant watch, won’t be made anymore. People liked it for its classic style and a particular moon phase feature.

The Rolex Daytona with a meteorite dial, made from pieces of broken asteroids, won’t be around anymore. These were special because of their unique space connection.

Lastly, the Rolex Datejust 41 with a Mother of Pearl Dial in the 41mm size is no longer being made. People are curious about why Rolex decided to stop making this one.

Are Discontinued Rolex Models Worth Buying?

If we look at what happened in the past, Rolex might stop making some of their trendy watches. But don’t worry; when Rolex discontinues watches, it usually becomes worth even more money. If you already have one of these watches we discussed today, you might have something valuable on your wrist.

In 2023, Rolex might stop making another watch from their Submariner or GMT-Master II collections. But remember, these are just our guesses. Only Rolex knows for sure. We’ll be here waiting for the news and will tell you as soon as possible.

Concerns and Speculation Surrounding Rolex GMT Pepsi Watch Production

Watch company Rolex didn’t answer questions about problems with making a specific watch called GMT Master II with a Pepsi bezel. Some people are saying that there are issues in making the unique blue and red bezel, and because of this, Rolex might discontinue this watch next year.

Rumors are going around on websites that making the iconic bezel for the GMT watch is not going well, and Rolex might decide to stop selling this watch. Rolex didn’t say anything when asked about these problems. People who sell watches have noticed fewer new GMT Pepsi watches available.

Last year, the price of the Rolex GMT Pepsi went very high, almost $29,000, but then it went down to about $19,000. This price is much higher than another Rolex watch, GMT Batman, which costs $15,280. This could mean more people want the GMT Pepsi, and there might be insufficient.

Rolex Considering GMT Coke To Replace GMT Pepsi

If the Rolex GMT Pepsi watch is no longer available, people who love watches are curious about what Rolex might make next. Some think they might return the GMT Coke watch, first introduced in 1983. This watch has a black and red bezel and is liked by many collectors. Choosing a darker color for the bezel could also make it easier for Rolex to make without any problems, making it a sensible and smooth change for them.

Can You Still Get Discontinued Rolex Models?

So, the answer is, ‘Yes’! You can still find discontinued Rolex watches, but it may be tricky. Rolex sometimes stops making certain watches without warning, even if no new model replaces them. Usually, they stop making different dial options more often unless they significantly upgrade the entire model. 

For instance, they might stop producing a specific Datejust dial while keeping the rest of the model in production with other dial choices. Similarly, Rolex often introduces new dial variations.

People get interested in watches that are no longer made because the prices for these watches can get very high. When people discover that a watch is not being made anymore, they rush to buy one. It is because they know it will be hard to find later. When many people do this, prices increase, and these discontinued watches become even more wanted and rare.


In conclusion, the possibility of Rolex discontinuing the Pepsi GMT Master II has stirred anticipation and speculation among watch enthusiasts. At the same time, the future of the iconic model remains uncertain. The interest in discontinued Rolex watches is evident, driven by their rarity and potential value appreciation. Collectors eagerly await Rolex’s official announcement, which is expected in April 2024. 

The watch community is on edge, curious about the potential replacement, with discussions pointing towards the GMT Coke. Regardless of the outcome, the allure of discontinued Rolex timepieces persists, emphasizing their status as coveted and valuable pieces within the horology world.