Ring Car Cam Discontinued: why Ring Car Cam is not available?

Ring told The Verge they’re not discontinuing their Ring Car Cam. It’s a camera for your car that records when you’re driving and acts as a security camera when your car is parked. They started selling it in January 2023, but it’s been hard to get, and people who tried to buy it recently had their orders canceled.

Ring spokesperson Andrea McDonald said they discontinued selling it because of ongoing delays but didn’t say why or if they’ll sell it again. People who already bought it will still get updates and support.

Some people had issues with the Ring Car Cam. It’s supposed to be both a dashcam and a security camera, but it didn’t work great as a dashcam because the video quality wasn’t good, and the monthly fees were high. Also, as a security device, it was too much. It didn’t use its connections with Ring and Alexa well, and it didn’t have many voice features.

Amazon sent an email to someone canceling their Ring Car Cam order, saying it’s because of ongoing delays. The person ordered it in October, but it kept getting delayed until December, and now it’s canceled.

On Reddit and Ring’s support page, people shared their struggles getting the Ring Car Cam since it went on sale. Some ordered it in January but were told it would arrive in July, so they canceled. Another person ordered in March and was told it wouldn’t come until October. Now, all those orders have been canceled.

At first, the Ring Car Cam got shipped to some customers, but after that, the product has been hard to get.

Who is Ring and What Do They Do?

Ring is a company that makes devices for keeping homes safe and making them smarter. Amazon owns Ring, and they create things like smart doorbells, security cameras, and alarms. They also run Neighbors, a social network where people can talk about safety in their neighborhood and share videos from Ring devices. Ring can even give these videos to the police to help with investigations.

Ring started in 2013 as Doorbot, a project funded by people online. In 2014, it changed its name to Ring and got investments from others. Amazon bought Ring in 2018 for about $1 billion.

But Ring has gotten criticism for some things. Neighbors have been called out by groups that protect people’s rights, saying it’s like a private spy network that works with the police. People also found problems with the security of Ring products.

What Products Does Ring Make for Home Security?

Ring makes different devices to keep homes safe and smart. One of their main products is the Ring Video Doorbell. It’s a smart doorbell with a camera, motion sensor, and a speaker for talking to visitors. You can see live video on your phone, get notifications when someone rings the doorbell, and talk to people at your door. It can also work like a security camera, recording when someone rings or when it senses motion.

They have another version called Ring Doorbell 2 with better features. Ring Doorbell Pro works with Amazon Alexa, and it can play greetings and let visitors leave a message.

Ring also has other cameras like Stick-Up Cam and Floodlight Cam for inside and outside your home. They even have a flying camera called Always Home Cam, which flies around your house when there’s an alarm.

In 2020, Ring introduced products for cars – Ring Car Alarm and Car Cam. The Car Alarm alerts you about events like break-ins and uses Amazon Alexa. The Car Cam records inside your car and has a crash detection feature. It’s like a super-smart camera for your car, with two special cameras—one looks inside, and the other looks outside. They record things happening around your car, like movements or if something’s not right, and you get notifications right away. You can even check out what’s happening and talk to someone in the car using the Ring App. It also shows where your car is using GPS. Plus, if you connect it to your home Wi-Fi, you can see live videos and talk, and if you’re not home, you can get alerts using LTE with Ring Protect Go (but that’s an extra thing you buy). 

They also made a robot called Astro, working like a security guard, but some people worry it could lead to more surveillance issues.

The Ring has a thing called Amazon Sidewalk for better connectivity. They got into a bit of trouble in 2020 when they recalled 350,000 Ring doorbells because of a fire risk.

To use most Ring products fully, you need a subscription plan called “Ring Protect.” Without it, you can only see live footage, and with it, you get more storage and other features.

Ring also has an app called Neighbors, where people share safety info. But there’s criticism because Ring can share videos with the police, raising privacy concerns. In 2024, Ring said they’re ending this sharing program to shift Neighbors’ focus.

Will Ring Car Cam Come Back?

Some people shared on Reddit that Amazon canceled their orders for the Ring Car Cam. This might worry you, but it doesn’t mean the product is gone forever. Amazon has canceled orders before due to shipping delays, and the products came back in stock later. So, the Ring Car Cam will come back, too.

Things Change:

Technology changes fast, and sometimes companies stop selling a product for different reasons. Whether the Ring Car Cam comes back or not, it’s good to know what’s happening and think about other ways to keep your car safe.

What You Should Do?

If you want the Ring Car Cam, watch for news from Ring. They might share updates about when it will be available again or if there are any improvements. While you wait, you can check out other dashcams for your car’s security.

Can You Use Ring Car Cam Without Subscription?

You can use the Car Cam without paying extra, but if you want to do certain things like watching your videos on your phone and saving them in the cloud, you need to pay $6 every month for Ring Protect Go.

Recommended Alternatives To Ring Car Cam?

Here are some alternatives to the Ring Car Cam:

  • Garmin Dash Cam 66W: A compact and high-resolution dash cam with a wide-angle lens for clear footage.
  • Nextbase 522GW: This dash cam offers features like GPS, Wi-Fi, and emergency SOS, providing comprehensive coverage.
  • Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual Dash Cam: Ideal for rideshare drivers, it records both the road ahead and the interior of the vehicle.
  • BlackVue DR900X-2CH: Known for its 4K resolution, this dual-channel dash cam captures detailed footage from both the front and rear.
  • Thinkware F800 Pro: With built-in GPS and advanced parking mode, this dash cam offers solid security features.
  • VIOFO A129 Pro Duo: A budget-friendly option with dual-channel recording and 4K front camera resolution.
  • Rexing V1 – 4K Ultra HD Car Dash Cam: This discreet dash cam provides 4K resolution and loop recording for continuous coverage.

Factors To Consider While Choosing A Dash Cam

Things to Think About before you decide on a dash cam, here are some important things to know.

  • Picture Quality: A high-definition (HD) camera gives clearer images, but it also means bigger files and more storage. Look for terms like 1080p and 4K when you’re picking a dash cam.
  • Power: Most dash cams plug into your car with a USB cord. Some have batteries, but those might not last long. Others connect to your car’s battery directly, but you might need professional help to install them.
  • Storage: Many dash cams need an SD card to save videos, but most don’t include one. Check if the dash cam you want requires an SD card and if you have to buy it separately.
  • Inside Camera: Some dash cams have cameras inside the car, useful for drivers who carry passengers. For ride-share drivers, it is a rule to have one.
  • Rearview Camera: Some dash cams come with cameras for the back, useful in rear-end accidents, or for backing up. It might not matter to everyone, but for some drivers, it’s important.
  • Wide View: Certain dash cams use wide-angle lenses to see more around the car. It helps at intersections, but things directly ahead might look smaller. Check what kind of lens your camera has.
  • Wi-Fi: Dash cams with Wi-Fi can connect to your phone to adjust settings and save videos. It’s not a must, but without Wi-Fi, you might need an extra card to save videos.
  • Safety Features: Some dash cams can tell you if you’re crossing lanes or if a car in front stops. They can also detect accidents and call for help. If they have GPS, they can tell exactly where you are in an emergency.

Can You Get the Ring Car Cam?

Yes, you can still buy the Ring Car Cam. So, just a heads up, though—it doesn’t work with all kinds of cars, so you might want to check that before getting one.

Final Words

The Ring Car Cam has been discontinued unexpectedly, and it’s left a lot of people confused. Even though many were excited about it at first, there were problems like delays and orders being canceled, which made customers upset. Ring’s choice to stop selling it makes us wonder what will happen next with this gadget for cars. Still, people are hoping it might come back later and be better. 

In the world of car gadgets, we’re not sure what will happen with the Ring Car Cam. Stay tuned for updates, and in the meantime, drive carefully!