Ricotta Cheese Shortage 2023

Ricotta Cheese Shortage 2023 – What can you substitute for ricotta?

Why there is Ricotta cheese shortage? In Italy, ricotta cheese was traditionally made from the whey of sheep’s milk cheese. The whey proteins were denatured and coagulated by heating. The coagulated protein was taken out of the whey. Cream cheese plays a vital role during the holiday season. We all love schmear, from festive Christmas cheesecakes to lox and bagels on New Year’s Day.

But something troubling has happened. Like many other grocery items, Cream cheese has been in short supply. This has resulted in many innovations, from trying new family recipes without everyone’s favorite spreadable cheese to attempting to find viable substitutes.

Why is Ricotta cheese in short supply?

A portion of the cause of the shortage can be traced back to a cyberattack on the plants. The shortage is also since the distribution centers of Schreiber Foods, one of Wisconsin’s largest cheese producers, closed in October.

And, as with many other items in short supply, supply chain issues such as transportation hitches and labor shortages have played a role. Midwestern cream cheese manufacturers are busier, with freight and transportation costs acting as a “wild card” for both consumers and suppliers. This was according to a recent USDA report for December 6–2021.

Meanwhile, regional cream cheese food service shortages in the eastern United States may be caused by various factors. This includes logistical slowdowns, labor issues, and supply problems at manufacturing plants.

This comes as demand for cream cheese has increased. It results from people baking at home or getting comfortable going out and picking up a bagel before driving to work. The latter has prompted some New York City bagel shopkeepers to cross state lines in search of the schmear.

Kraft, which manufactures Philadelphia Cream Cheese, has increased production. Also, it boosted the price by 12 cents, to $4.07, over the last year for a standard container of soft cream cheese. This was according to data from IRI, a market research company, on November 28, 2021. When bakeries are busy offering specialty delicacies during the holiday season, demand increases.

Is there a Ricotta cheese shortage?

Ricotta Cheese Shortage 2023

Hackers Attack on a Wide Range of Sectors, Including Cream Cheese. A cyberattack is the leading cause of the shortfall. Hackers launched a wave of cyberattacks against numerous businesses and organizations in late 2021. This includes cream cheese producers, police departments, and meatpackers.

Ricotta is a better option than other cheeses since it has a lower salt and fat content—10% fat, of which 6% is saturated. It has a unique taste and is light and creamy with a slightly gritty texture that may be used on its own or in sweet and savory meals.

Ricotta Salata Frescolina Brand Recalled by FDA Due to Potential Health Risk. Sheep’s milk ricotta is a favorite in Italy and is challenging to get in the United States. It happens, although there are local artisan producers who make it fresh.

Ricotta salata sold in 21 states and the District of Columbia has been recalled due to a possible Listeria monocytogenes contamination. Since September, Forever Cheese, Inc.-distributed recalled cheese has been linked to three fatalities and 14 hospitalizations in the US.

Italians substitute Mascarpone for ricotta. Another Italian cheese that is excellent as a ricotta alternative is this one. Mascarpone should only be used in dishes with other intensely flavored ingredients because it is more sour and delicious. The most widely used substitute for ricotta include cottage cheese, cream cheese, and buttermilk cheese. They can provide both sweetness and creaminess to our cuisine.


Ricotta cheese is a widely accessible cheese. It is a pizza topping, a filling for lasagna and stuffed shells, and a filling for Italian pastries like cannoli. Whey, a by-product of cheeses like provolone and mozzarella, is used to make it.

Ricotta cheese can also be made home by separating the whey from whole milk. As far as ricotta cheese’s nutritional value is concerned, it’s a mixed bag. Although it has a lot of calories and is extremely fatty, the vitamins and minerals it contains give it a lot of nutritional value.

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