RC Cola Discontinued (2023): Will there be new flavors in place of RC Cola?

Is Royal Crown Cola has been Discontinued. Claud A. Hatcher created the American cola brand Royal Crown Cola in 1905. The first item in the RC Cola brand, Royal Crown Ginger Ale, referred to the original component, ginger. Under the RC, the Cola brand introduced additional additives like lemon, strawberry, and cane sugar. The first soft drinks sold in cans and the first caffeinated-free cola were both introduced by Royal Crown Company in the 1950s.

Despite the company’s inventiveness and extensive marketing campaign, total income was low due to a lack of initiative. Keurig Dr. Pepper is the owner and distributor of RC Cola in the United States. It is supplied by RC Cola International in the rest of the world.
Vision Beverage will be the new name of the business. Due to the company’s decision to stop producing and distributing RC Cola and other brands owned by Keurig Dr. Pepper, it is changing its name from Royal Crown Bottling Corp. (KDP).

RC Cola, A&W Root Beer, Snapple, Sunkist, and Big Red are among the KDP brands for which Royal Crown Bottling Corp. recently negotiated an agreement with KDP to transfer back the production and distribution rights. The deal is anticipated to finalize late in the third quarter.

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Thoughts behind the RC Cola discontinuation

RC Cola Discontinued (2022): Will there be new flavors in place of RC Cola?

The Royal Crown Bottling Corp., based in Evansville, has changed its name, business strategy, operational area, and personnel size, according to company officials who claim that the changing market has forced them to do so.

According to company representatives, the beverage business is undergoing significant transformation due to changing customer habits. The newly established business will concentrate on independent production and the growing contract packaging industry, creating beverages for brands without internal production and packaging capabilities.

Red Bull and Fiji water will continue to be distributed by Vision Beverage. Additionally, the business will keep making and selling the well-known soft drink Ski in the Evansville market.

Nancy Hodge has something to say “We’re confident these decisions are in the best interest of the long-term health of our company and the communities we serve,” said RC Bottling President Nancy Hodge. “In our 60-plus years with RC, we have grown to have one of the strongest market share territories in the KDP franchise system. We are a family-owned company in an evolving world of major players with sales in the billions, so there are incredible daily challenges to remain viable.”

“These changes present an opportunity for us to focus on independent production, enabling our company to expand its capabilities to meet the consumers’ growing and diverse beverage needs,” Hodge said. “We see huge opportunities for growth as an independent producer and co-packer.”

Will there be new flavors in place of RC Cola?

RC Cola Discontinued (2022): Will there be new flavors in place of RC Cola?

One hundred seventeen years are more than enough to be replaced by any new version. RC Cola has this amazing, unique, and classic original taste that any new flavor or drink can not beat.

It is now offered in more than 70 nations throughout the world. Even though a lot has changed since 1905, the heat is still the same in the South, the stories are longer than ever, and Royal Crown Cola is still as many Southerners remember it to be: full of unique tales and an irresistible flavor.

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