Rave Hairspray discontinued

Is Rave Hairspray discontinued in 2023? – Who makes it?

Is Rave Hairspray discontinued? Although it’s nearly impossible to find, Rave may have been discontinued. But it certainly kept our hair under control as no other product could. After a few sprays of Rave’s Hairspray, our curls would never consider bowing. Based on the information available on the internet, Rave Hairspray just got a new look. The company does not change the formula. Let’s go into depth about this product in this article.

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What happened to Rave Hairspray?

Rave Hairspray discontinued

Since 1978, Rave hair spray has received favorable comments from users. Despite arriving on the beauty market in the 1980s, rave hair spray continued to thrive well into the 1990s. Rave was a little special, but holding our most recent hairstyle in place was crucial back then. Also, teasing our hair was still a thing, and it worked. Rave has earned a place in history as one of the most durable hair sprays like AquaNet did before it. Even though it’s still available today, the packaging has lost some of its coolness.

In October 2021, the company posted on its official Facebook page. It says that “classic never goes out of style,” but that doesn’t mean it can’t get a refresh! Thus, they announced that their products had a new look. Also, they told users not to worry because they were still using the same formula. They marketed it as a new-looking product and assured us it was available at Walmart. This modification would have affected the users’ perceptions of their products.

Where to buy Rave Hairspray?

Rave hair sprays come in five different types. They are 

  • Mega Freeze unscented aerosol
  • Mega unscented aerosol
  • Mega-scented aerosol
  • Mega-scented non-aerosol
  • Mega unscented non-aerosol

These products are available in online stores. But some e-commerce websites are currently showing out-of-stock items. But it is mentioned that it is still ongoing by the manufacturer on Amazon. Rave’s official website mentions shopping at Amazon and Stop and Shop retailers.

Which company makes Rave Hairspray?

The United States Department of Justice and Unilever PLC agreed in 2011. This deal called for them to remove the hair-care brands Rave and Alberto VO5 to proceed with their merger. To purchase Alberto Culver, Unilever must sell the Rave hairspray. 

Brand globally to private equity firm Brynwood Partners. Also, it is applicable for Alberto VO5 shampoo and hair care businesses to sell in the United States and Puerto Rico.

Unilever is a global manufacturer of consumer goods. It has offices in London, England, and Rotterdam, the Netherlands. It served over 2.5 billion individuals daily and had over 400 brands. When the Margarine Unie Corporation and the Lever Brothers agreed to join Unilever as a partnership on September 2, 1929, William Lever, James Lever, and Samuel van den Bergh established the business. 

On January 1, 1930, the business became known as Unilever. Unilever established the Unilever Food & Health Research Institute in 1950. It started to improve the nutritional value and security of its products. Paul Polman, the CEO of Unilever, left the organization in December 2018. According to an announcement, Alan Jope’s appointment as CEO would start in January 2019.

Thus, Rave hairspray is being manufactured by Unilever.

Rave Hairspray shortage

Unilever recently voluntarily recalled 19 well-known dry shampoo aerosol brands distributed in the US. This is brought on by worries about benzene, a substance known to cause cancer. Benzene is classified as a human carcinogen. Exposure to benzene can occur through inhalation, ingestion, or skin contact. According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, it has been linked to leukemia and blood cancers. 

The company mentions the list of affected products. But it doesn’t include Rave hairspray. But this impact would have created panic among users. Customers commented that the product was out of stock everywhere in their official posts. The reason for the shortage of the product is still being determined.


Hairspray is a word that conjures up images of sticky messes and crunchy, stiff hair. In the 1990s, consumers discovered that most of the hairspray’s traditional aerosol formula harmed and damaged our ozone layer. The industry quickly changed course. Consumers desired a hair spray that could provide them with more styling options. Because of their greater grip and control compared to aerosol products’ sticky feel and slight mist, non-aerosol hair sprays are excellent for curls. Today’s hairspray can be used as a moisturizing product. They aim to reduce humidity, increase definition, and give curls a forgiving hold.