Raspberry Pi Shortage

Why There Is Raspberry Pi Chip Shortage in 2023? – Where to find it?

Raspberry pi is used around the world to teach programs. It is a series of single-board computers which was developed in the UK. The primary purpose of raspberry pi is to teach basic science and computing in schools and developing nations. More than five million of these have been sold by now. 

It helps make people with less knowledge of science and technology understand its functioning. It uses HDMI and USB standards. It is also quite affordable and easy to use, which is why it has become so popular. Recently there has been a shortage of raspberry pi on a global level. 

The famous SBC Raspberry Pis, like the Pi 4 model B, the Compute Module 4, the Pi Zero 2 W, and even in many cases, the Pi 400, have become very difficult to find in the market. 

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Causes of Shortage of Raspberry pi

Vendors of the raspberry pi have complained of less supply from the manufacturing, and people have been waiting on the lists of vendors for a very long period to get their raspberry pins. Special services have been set up to find a decent spice supply but have failed. 

So the question is, what is causing this shortage? It is being said that raspberry pi cannot meet the public’s demands. Because of the shortage of component production, it has not been able to produce the number which has been expected of it. 

As a result, raspberry pi can only produce a limited number of pi models. So now raspberry pi is very peculiar about its distribution. It has been sending its pis to places where it’s needed the most. This is why it prioritizes OEM partners over end-user retailers like Adafruit, PiShop.us, and Micro Center.

Alternatives to Raspberry Pi

It is safe to say that there is an alternative available for everything. Raspberry pi was affordable, but many other products like it are on the market. 

There are many options under the hundred-dollar category if you want a faster CPU with complete specifications, like Khadas, Radxa and OrangePi.BigTreeTech’s new CB1 board is a fantastic substitute for raspberry pi. 

Of course, getting a total dupe of raspberry pi is impossible. To get back to normalcy, it’s essential to overcome raspberry pi. If you still want raspberry pi, be patient and keep calm. It would help if you understood that raspberry pi is not giving prioritization to general customers. So if you love it so much, you must also have calm. 

Secondly, if you have gotten over raspberry pi, look for alternative options without comparing. Understand what you’re looking for. There are a lot of products in the market which will catch your eye, so be specific. List down your requirements and the budget you have. 

Accordingly, choose a product of your choice. Also, you must realize that the production of raspberry pi will not return to normal until 2023.

Ways to Deal with the Shortage 

Raspberry Pi Shortage and discontinued

So wait only if you can endure this extended period. You might be able to get raspberry pi if you are ready to pay more. There is a fixed price for all the products, and approved sellers only have to sell to you at that price. 

But since the supply is so less and the demand is enormous, malpractices occur. When do you end up stocking such products with them? They start selling it for double or triple prices when the demand is too high. 

You might go ahead if you can afford that much of an expense. Another option is to buy a model of raspberry pi, which is less than the demand. Since the model is less in demand, it will always be available with vendors. You won’t even have to pay much money to buy that. 

Models like Raspberry Pi 400 and the Raspberry Pi Pico W are examples. Rpilocator is a tool that will help you locate the stock of raspberry pi. It provides you with a lot of data like the keeping unit of the item, a description, price, the vendor, the stock status, and when it was last stocked. Another option is to buy a clone. 

We all know that its clones are manufactured if a product is high in demand and less in supply. You can buy one of the cloned products.

We can conclude that raspberry pi is an essential product in today’s world. Its demand is vast and extensive. But due to manufacturing-related issues, all of us have been facing a problem of shortage of supply in solidarity. We don’y find any valid information or news on Raspberry discontinued.

The best way is to keep our calm and wait for its regular supply to be back on track. As stated above, there are many alternative options that one can use. Being restless is not a solution to this problem. Seeing the pace of technology, who knows, even a better product will be launched in the meantime. 

Giving triple or four times the money of a product is total wastage. Avoid getting trapped into things like these and save your money for good. We hope all the solutions we gave you will come to your use.

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