Is Ralph Lauren wild Perfume discontinued in 2023?

Is Ralph Lauren wild Perfume discontinued in 2023?

Is Ralph Lauren wild Perfume discontinued? The fragrance industry is flooded with countless fresh products each year. This implies that certain people will inevitably survive while others won’t. The well-known product cycle applies to perfumes as well. Items judged as old or failing to achieve or retain success are discarded and replaced!

A floral-fruity scent for women is titled Ralph Lauren Wild. Ralph Wild debuted in 2008 by James Krivda, Linda Kramer, and Olivier Gillotin. Strawberry and watermelon are the top notes. Cherry blossoms, red roses, and jasmine in the middle follow it—the musk and sandalwood in the base. However, the company has stopped making this item. On the internet, customers posted sorrowful comments regarding the product’s discontinuation.

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Do they still make Ralph Lauren?

The American fashion company Ralph Lauren Corporation was established in 1967 by Ralph Lauren. He is a well-known American fashion designer. The business has its headquarters in New York City. The company manufactures goods for the mid-range and premium markets. 

The Ralph Lauren Corporation is a leading developer, promoter, and seller of high-end lifestyle goods in five categories. They are clothing, footwear, accessories, perfumes, and hospitality. With sincerity and classic design, Ralph Lauren has worked to promote the desire for a better life for more than 50 years.

Its reputation and recognizability as a brand has grown successfully. It has grown across various goods, brands, modes of distribution, and foreign markets. For eyewear, Ralph Lauren licensed its name and brand to Luxottica. And then, for perfumes and cosmetics, to Loreal.

The Ralph Lauren Company declared in October 2020 that it would switch the Chaps brand to a licensed business plan. This was done to reduce the company’s attention to its core brands and directly lessen its exposure to the North American chain store channel. Their main goal is to prepare the Chaps brand for collaboration with a skilled partner. Ralph Lauren Corporation announced in May 2021 that it would sell the Club Monaco name to private equity firm Regent LP.

In September 2015, Lauren resigned as the company’s CEO. But he is still its executive chairman and chief creative officer. His net worth was projected to be US$6.9 billion as of April 2022.

Ralph Lauren fragrances discontinued

The first perfume was created by the now-famous American designer Ralph Lauren. They were released in 1978. For the designer’s Polo men’s fragrance, young perfumer Carlos Benaim made a woody leather chypre. The prolific Bernard Chant of Halston, Gres, and Lauder fame made the combination for the Lauren women’s fragrance. In 2018, Ralph Lauren celebrated 40 years of ongoing fragrance sales and development. But Polo and Lauren were still manufactured and distributed all over the world.

A perfume may be recalled for many reasons. It is difficult to pinpoint the reasons behind a brand’s decision to stop selling a particular fragrance without insider knowledge of the company. It’s possible that this is only being done for profit. For instance, a scent that doesn’t bring in money is a total loss for the company and shop.

Less than a dozen scents are rarely available from a brand these days. Thus, the open space on their store shelves gets smaller with each new launch. In many situations, manufacturers would only stop a fragrance if more consumers were using it, making way for fresher debuts.

Changes in cosmetic laws are another factor that might lead to a fragrance being discontinued. Like other cosmetic items, perfumes contain ingredients that face regulatory revisions. Companies choose to stop a perfume rather than update an outdated formula if the formula becomes too old.

When there is a change in corporate ownership, scents may vanish from store shelves. The new owner of a company that has been acquired can decide they no longer want to carry their predecessor’s scent line and prefer to develop their own.


We must agree that it is very upsetting when one of my favorite scents has been discontinued. One can find these discontinued scents online. But they are typically costly, and we need to be reasonably sure they are the true product.

Lastly, accept the possibility that our perfume will be lost forever! In today’s industry, we must constantly catch up on our favorite items for the next big thing. It’s because discontinued perfumes are ordinary. In the end, change is unavoidable.