Does Sony discontinue the PS4

Does Sony discontinue the PS4 in 2023? – Is Sony PS4 Still Available?

Is The PS4 Discontinued By Sony? Yes! PS4 refers to PlayStation 4, which is now finally discontinued after being launched by Sony nearly ten years ago. The eighth generation of consoles has gone away. 

In early 2023, the company officially announced that the time had come to bid farewell to the eighth-generation PS4 this year.

It was believed that, in 2021, Sony announced that all the PS4 models would be discontinued. And later, the company also confirmed it would not discontinue PS4 and claimed to support it for more years. Again the news came in early 2023 that the company was making an unexpected move.

People are also wondering if the company has to make this decision to ditch PS4, then why they were whiffling about its decision a couple of years ago. 

Sony planned to discontinue the PS4 in 2021 and also discontinued the partial production of the PS4. 

Later confirmed the company would support it. In 2022, when PS5 was short in supply, they again started to produce PS4 as an alternative to PS5. 

In 2022, it was speculated that PS4 will be discontinued in early 2025. Sony launched PS2 and PS3 in Japan on March 4, 2000, and November 11, 2006. 

PS2 was discontinued ten years after its launch on January 4, 2013, and PS3 was discontinued on May 29, 2017. PS4 was launched in North America on November 15, 2013, and finally, it said goodbye in 2023.

Eventually, they have gone now, as the existing supply of PS4 has dried up. You won’t get PS4 available at any store or online as well.

You can check Best Buy, GameStop, and Amazon; they are all marked “Out of Stock.” This tag indicates Sony has dropped supporting the PS4 and is unavailable for sale. 

It is also confirmed that no more games would be received by the discontinued PlayStation 4 as the company is unable to support its system and not offering its hardware.

If you have a PS4 this year, you must know how long it will receive and support a variety of games.

Why Is The PS4 Discontinued By Sony?

The main reason is Sony wanted to shift its focus to the PS 5 and the gaming giant’s new credentials.

On the PlayStation YouTube channel, the company released a trailer representing, “Sony is now on a mission to shift its complete focus to support the new generation PS5, and to do so, they are discontinuing the PS4 quietly.”

That trailer also represents what games are on the PS5 in 2023. Through this, we’ve concluded that there are 23 titles for upcoming games, and the next generation will support most of them. And eight of the highlighted titles are there and will be supported by both generations of consoles. 

The company did not say whether it will still support the previous generation, but it has been decided that the 2023 PS5 will dominate. 

Although developers are still working to make the transition, people hope for some other games to be launched on both generations, PS4 and PS5, for more years.

Is Sony PS4 Still Available?

As we already know, the PS5 is the latest generation console launched by Sony and proved to be a huge success. But players can still find PS4 in the market because the company still has its stock.

PS4 Slim is still in the market and sold pre-owned and through store bundles. Also, we have no information about the exact market price for this item.

Although, it is marked “Out of Stock” with a launch price of 300 US dollars on the official website of Sony. But you can check its availability at retail stores, and they have set their prices between 300 US dollars to 400 US dollars for PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro, respectively. PS4 Pro has more powerful hardware than PS4 Slim.

Is it still worth buying or not? If the answer is Yes, then why? So, this question will be answered in the next section. Want to know? Keep Reading further!

Is It Worth Buying a Sony PS4 This Year?

The PS4 was introduced in 2013, and the company sold out thousands of units of PS4; it proved that PS4 was a huge success. If you buy a PS4 in 2023, is it worth buying? Let’s put light on:

Yes, Buying a PS4 is still worthwhile, but it is better to keep some precautions in mind while buying this PlayStation in 2023. 

We believe people will better understand if we compare PS4 and PS5. So are you ready to know? What is the difference between them, and which is the best to buy?

Suppose we compare PS4 and PS5 according to their market price. It is believed no drop in the prices of PS4 has been made after the launch of PS5.

PS4 price ranges between 300 US dollars to 400 US dollars while PS5 range lies between 400 to 500 US dollars.

PS4 is considered to be a store of amazing games. Although, if you find any difficulty buying a PS4 in 2023, there is no need to worry because the company has already cleared that it has ceased production. So we don’t think it would be a matter of concern.

Even then, we recommend switching to PS5; if you already have your hands on PS5, it is better. You should also know the PS5 specialty:

You can opt for PlayStation 5 as developers shifted their focus and have much to look forward to. As they have already released so many games after a long wait. Let’s have a look at the games that have been released on PS5 in 2023.

  • Spider-Man 2
  • Final Fantasy 16 
  • Dead Space
  • Star Wars Jedi: Survivor
  • Dead Space
  • Suicide Squad
  • Alone in the Dark
  • Assassin’s Creed Mirage
  • Hogwarts Legacy
  • Resident Evil 4

The Bottom Line For The Sony PS4 Discontinuation

Sony finally eliminated the PS4 to shift its focus to PS5 in 2023. If you have not decided to look forward to the next generation in 2023, you might have to do so, as the company has ditched PS4. 

If you already made the switch to PS5, then it is finally worth doing it!!

We don’t want to suggest buying a PS4 in 2023, as several problems arise in some or most cases. It would help if you looked forward to buying the PS5 as it will be a smarter step. Even though everyone wants to buy the latest system, why pay for the old one? The PS4 will be ten years old in 2023, so, It is better to switch to the PS5 in 2023.