Propane shortage

Propane Shortage 2023 – Is Propane Still out of stock?

Is there gonna be a propane shortage? Propane has always been low in supply because its demand is always perennial. There was a massive propane shortage in the United States of America throughout 2021. The country somehow bounced back by restoring propane emergency stocks in November and December. Their winter supply was sorted, but the country still faced threats related to propane shortage under export agreements. The supply was also meager in Asia, which increased the price of propane seven times its actual cost. 

Due to the increase in the price of propane and ethane, enter prices were forced to buy cargoes that were available in the domestic market. But then, as the weather became sunny, the demand for propane and ethane decreased.

Also, much major ethane and propane producer companies, such as Targa, decided to increase their production to keep up with the current market’s demands. In 2022, the United States of America denied any propane shortage. But people have been saying that there have been delays in their deliveries. Their orders have yet to reach them, a pointer toward another propane shortage.

Why is there a propane shortage?

A lot of industries have been facing shortage problems. This has included everyone from food and beverages to medicines and pharmaceuticals. Similarly, propane and natural gas have also been high in demand which has obviously caused a shortage in supply. Some parts of the world, such as the United States of America and many European countries, have witnessed brutal winters and temperature falls this year. People started buying high quantities of natural gas and propane, which subsequently led to its shortage.

Propane shortage 2023

Around 30 states in the United States of America declared a state of emergency due to the propane shortage. They have run out of their emergency stocks, and no propane is left with them at all. The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) has denied any problem related to propane shortage. They have, in fact, said that the United States of America is producing more propane than ever. The main problem is transporting propane from its source to where it is needed most. They have been facing transportation issues which have made everyone believe that there is a propane shortage.

Also, cold weather is another factor in the low supply of propane and natural gas. Significant temperature drops have occurred in many parts of the United States of America. To keep themselves warm, people had been buying vast stocks of propane. 

Is propane readily available?

Propane is generally very much available, especially in the United States of America, as it is made from natural gas and petroleum. But as the world is facing oil and natural gas prices, the propane supply has also been disturbed for some time. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has turned around the geopolitical situation of today. Petrol and diesel prices have shot up because industries dependent on them have faced many issues. 

If you talk about the current situation, propane is not that readily available. People have been waiting for propane orders for a long time, and I still need to get them. Even though the government claims that there is no shortage, it is clear from the current circumstances that there is an acute shortage of propane which is likely to continue in the coming future. As winter is around the corner, the demand for propane is expected to increase, adding to the demand and supply gap bridge. 

Why you should choose propane?

Many homes are built and designed whether they use propane for heating, firing the fire chamber, or even for electricity. Propane is actually a product of natural gas and petroleum. It is also known as liquefied petroleum. It is compressed and available in a liquid form. It has no odor and no color of its own. It is cheap, efficient, readily available, accessible, and practical. 

This makes it a very genuine fuel that is also budget-friendly. The reason why it is so prevalent in the United States of America is that it’s almost half the rate of electricity. This means that if you choose to use propane as your primary fuel source, you can save a lot of money.

 Also, you can purchase propane when it is in high stock and its prices are low, after which you can store it for the approaching winter when its supply and prices become challenging to deal with. Almost 90% of the propane is manufactured in the United States of America. Its transportation has to be very safe as it is in compressed and liquid form.

Propane tank shortage

If you have been struggling to get a propane tank for yourself, you must understand that you are not alone. This is a pervasive and rampant problem now, especially in the United States of America. The propane industry has been experiencing shortages like all other industries worldwide. This is why getting a propane tank is much more complicated than it was a few years ago. 

Many propane tank distributors in Michigan and Ohio have been saying that the production is up to the mark, so they are trying to ensure that people do not face any propane shortage. But still, they were very much aware that many people had yet to be able to get their propane tanks.

To get your propane tank, you must contact the right supplier. Sometimes, the supplier delays your order rather than the actual propane shortage. This is why you must always contact different propane tank suppliers to get yourself a tank, at least from one of them. 

Propane tank shortage Canada

Propane shortage 2023

Like the United States of America, Canada has also been facing major propane shortage issues. Around 1.5 million people in Canada use propane as a prominent fuel source in their houses. This means that the demand for propane is very high in Canada.

Canada has not been facing any significant propane shortage as of now because the population of Canada is not that high. But there has been a noticeable increase in propane prices compared to last year. Propane used to be 67 cents for a liter, but now it’s 86 cents. This means that the prices have increased by 28%. Some people spend around US$300 a month on propane expenses, depending on the propensity of use. This means that propane is no longer an affordable option for the people of Canada and is costing a lot of money. 

People from low-income groups and seniors cannot afford to spend this much on fuel purchases. This is why the people of Canada have been demanding certain rebates. Inflation has not only led to an increase in fuel prices but has also increased the price of other things.

The demand has increased exponentially, which has led to an increase in the price of everything. It has become challenging for the commoner to afford everyday decadence of life, such as fuel and food. 


There has been a shortage of propane in the United States of America for a very long time now. Various factors have contributed to this shortage, such as inflation, temperature shifts, and the Ukraine and Russia war. The government has been actively working on solving this demand-supply barrier related to propane production. Chances are high that this problem will likely increase in the coming time. There has been a shortage of supply for natural gas as well as diesel. Since propane is a petroleum and natural gas product, their shortage will affect it massively.

The governments of different countries are collectively working to solve this problem. Let’s hope that the future brings the best to humankind and we can overcome the current economic crisis without causing much devastation and financial loss. Is Propany still a major issues in 2023 worldwide?

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