Is Prada Luna Rossa Black Discontinued in 2024?

Prada Luna Rossa Black has been a nice smell for guys since it came out in 2018. It has a mix of amber and wood scents, and Daniela Andrier made it. It’s the seventh version of Prada’s Luna Rossa fragrance. Some people thought it had been discontinued because you can’t buy it from Prada’s stores or websites now, but Prada hasn’t said anything official about its discontinuation.

Prada is a big deal in the fashion world. It started in 1913 as a leather store by Mario and Martino Prada in Milan, Italy. In 1990, Prada made its first perfume, and they have a total of 90 fragrances, with the first one in 1990 and the latest in 2022.

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Why Do Perfumes Get Discontinued?

However, Prada Luna Rossa Black has not been discontinued, but many perfumes have been discontinued due to several reasons. Let’s find out why perfumes are discontinued!

  • Perfume companies pay attention to what people like and what’s popular. If a scent isn’t popular anymore, they might stop making it to focus on new ones.
  • If a perfume doesn’t sell well, the company might decide it’s not worth keeping around.
  • Sometimes, perfumes use ingredients that are hard to find or too expensive. If they can’t get these ingredients anymore, they might stop making the perfume.
  • Companies sometimes change how their perfumes look or how they’re sold. When this happens, they might stop making older perfumes to keep everything looking the same.
  • Sometimes, the right to make a perfume ends, so they have to stop making it.
  • Some perfumes are only meant to be around for a short time. Once they’re sold out, they’re gone.
  • If a perfume gets a lot of bad reviews because it doesn’t smell good or doesn’t last long, the company might discontinue making it.
  • Sometimes, companies have too many perfumes that are too similar. They might stop making some to keep things simple.
  • If rules change about what can be in perfumes or how they’re tested, some perfumes might have to stop being made.
  • Sometimes, bigger business plans or changes can lead to perfumes being discontinued.

In short, companies decide to discontinue making perfumes based on how well they sell, what’s going on in the market, and other business reasons.

Prada Luna Rossa Black: Why the Hype?

Prada’s Luna Rossa Black perfume is super popular, and people really love it. Prada is a famous high-end fashion brand, and their perfumes are just as famous as their clothes. They have a bunch of great-smelling options for guys.

People really like the Luna Rossa line because each one is at least pretty good. And why is that? It’s because the Luna Rossa Black perfume smells amazing and lasts a long time.

The name of this perfume comes from Prada’s fancy sailing yacht called Luna Rossa. The scent is sporty and manly, kind of like the ocean, with a cool hint of mint. It’s a top-notch perfume, just like other things Prada makes. Luna Rossa Black is classy, chill, and not talked about enough. It’s got a strong charm, and the vibes it gives off are just lovely.

Also, it’s made to stand out with its rich and powerful smell. If you get a sample of Prada Black, it’s brand new, sealed, real, and totally legit. When you put it on your skin, it sticks around for four to six hours.

Why do people love Prada Luna Rossa Black more than the other Luna Rossa perfumes? It’s because it’s so versatile, smells great, and lasts a long time. That’s what makes it a hit!

How Does Prada Luna Rossa Black Smell Like?

Prada Luna Rossa Black has a mix of scents like bergamot, vanilla, Tonka, amber, musk, and patchouli. The smell is fresh, a bit peppery, and spicy.

It’s like vanilla but with a peppery twist. You can also catch a zesty bergamot smell, which adds a cool touch to balance the sweetness of the vanilla. The patchouli gives it a dark edge.

Ambergris adds a fancy mineral touch, making it feel luxurious. In the end, all these scents mix into a rich and strong aroma that lives up to its reputation.

How Long Does Prada Luna Rossa Black Last?

This scent stays consistent after you put it on. It’s not super strong but keeps its pleasant smell for about 4-6 hours. You don’t have to get too close to smell it.

To sum it up, Prada is a big name in fashion, and they’ve made some top-notch fragrances. One of their fancy creations is Prada Luna Rossa Black, which some people really like, even though not everyone is a fan of the new formula.

Prada Luna Rossa Black Reviews

How it smells:

The beginning smells are bergamot and angelica, the middle smells are patchouli and coumarin, and the end smells are woody amber. Even though it doesn’t have lots of different smells, Luna Rossa Black still has a fresh and bright scent. Some people like it because it’s interesting, even though it’s not super complicated.

How long it stays:

This perfume stays around for about 4 to 6 hours. The smell is strong at first but doesn’t last too long. But the good news is, it can stick to your clothes for a bit.

When to wear it:

It’s better in colder weather, but it’s okay in the heat too. The scent is a bit formal and fancy, but it also has a kind of sexy vibe, so it’s good for nighttime.

The bottle:

The Prada cologne bottle for Luna Rossa Black looks sleek and black, like a city. It comes in a cool black box with all the details about the perfume.

A gift option:

You can get a gift box with Luna Rossa Black perfume and shower gel from Prada. It’s a nice two-piece package.

Recommended Alternatives To Prada Luna Rossa Black

If you really like Prada Luna Rossa Black, here are some other great options with similar smells:

Midnight in Paris by Van Cleef & Arpels:

  • Smells like Leather, bergamot, lemon, and rosemary.
  • It has a bit of spice at the start and a strong amber smell, like Luna Rossa Black. But it also has things like incense and leather, making it more intense and smoky.

Black by Bvlgari:

  • Smells like Green tea, bergamot, and rose.
  • It has a fresh and aromatic quality, just like Luna Rossa Black. Green tea makes it a bit different.

Bois Dore by Van Cleef & Arpels:

  • Smells like: Black pepper and mineral notes.
  • This one has a woody and spicy smell, kind of like Luna Rossa Black. The black pepper makes it warm and deep.

Armani Code Eau de Parfum by Giorgio Armani:

  • Smells like Lavender, lemon, and bergamot.
  • This perfume is elegant and sensual, like Luna Rossa Black. It lasts a long time.

212 Sexy Men by Carolina Herrera:

  • Combines fresh citrus, warm spices, and wood.
  • It’s captivating, similar to Luna Rossa Black’s amber and musky smell.”

These are good choices if you enjoy Luna Rossa Black but want to try something a little different.

Final Words On Prada Luna Rossa Black Discontinued

In the end, people are talking about Prada Luna Rossa Black maybe not being available anymore, but Prada hasn’t officially said so. This perfume is famous for its nice mix of amber and wood smells. Even if you can’t find it on Prada’s official places, many still love it. Prada has been a big deal in fashion since 1913, and their fragrances go way back to 1990, with Luna Rossa Black starting in 2018. Prada keeps impressing fans. While we’re not sure about Luna Rossa Black, it sure made a mark in the fragrance world. If you can’t find it, you can try some other options instead of Prada Luna Rossa Black.