Pops Cereal discontinued

Is Pops Cereal discontinued in 2023 – What This don’t exist anymore?

Is Pops Cereal discontinued in 2023? Kellogg’s is a famous brand that has been manufacturing different kinds of cereal for many years. Kellogg’s was the brand that familiarized cereals with American households and made it the patented breakfast of most kids in America. Later on, many adults also started having cereals for their breakfast. The brand has released several flavors and variants in the market, which the public has appreciated. 

One of these many variants was Kellogg’s Pop cereal. These pops cereals were made from Kaunas. Recently these pops cereals were discontinued by Kellogg’s, and their manufacturing was discontinued permanently. People thought that Kellogg’s decided to discontinue cereal production because of the increasing price of corn. Corn Had become expensive in the United States of America, due to which the cost of manufacturing also increased for Kellogg’s. 

They could not earn any profits with the sale of this serial. As a result, they decided to discontinue the sale. There had been an 18% decrease in the revenue of con Pops for Kellogg’s. They could only make US$70 million, which was needed for the brand to continue its production. As a result, they decided to discontinue the show in 2022.

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Is pops cereal discontinued?

Pops Cereal discontinued

Yes, Kellogg’s pops the brand has discontinued cereal. People have been supporting the stance that due to the increase in the price of corn, the brand decided to discontinue the production of this cereal as it was primarily made from corn. But people need clarification if it was just one ingredient that led to this product’s discontinuation or if there was another reason behind it. 

For most of its lifespan, pops cereal was marketed as a healthy breakfast option. But later on, people learned that it had an ingredient called BHT. BHT is an ingredient that is used to make cereal fresh. But it is not a healthy option or component in your food. When people came to know about this thing, most of them stopped purchasing this cereal. This led to a fall in the sale of Kellogg’s Pop cereal. 

People are now becoming more and more health-conscious and want healthy ingredients in their meals. Earlier, people were unaware of what BHT could do to their bodies which is why it was overlooked for many years. But now, due to such awareness and access to the internet, people can scrutinize products by themselves.

Will corn pops make a comeback in the market?

There is no use for this cereal by Kellogg’s making a comeback in the market. It is under scrutiny, and Kellogg’s might return with this serial by offering some changes. People who like this serial will have to wait for a while. You can eat many other bowls of cereal made from corn that are healthy for you. But right now, the brand has not commented on the return of the grains or any improvement in the product. 

Kellogg’s has introduced a lot of cereals into the market over the years. Some of them have sustained throughout, whereas many have been discontinued. There has been a shift in the eating style of people as well. The kind of food that they preferred some years ago is different from what it is now. People are making drastic shifts in their diets and eliminating all sorts of food with high sugar and cholesterol. 

Breakfast cereals have also come under the radar of the public. For many years, people thought cereals were healthy, but now it is being said that they have high sugar levels. They only give a sugar rush to the body in the morning, which is not good. As a result, people are becoming negative towards cereals.

Pop tart cereal discontinued

This cereal, famous for its blue and white packaging, made its debut in 1994. But its fame in the market was short-lived as the manufacturers recently discontinued it. The public did not like the cereal because it needed to be a healthier option. People could consume it occasionally, but it was not a regular breakfast. It had a high sugar level which could increase a person’s weight. Anyone who is trying to lose weight would end up gaining weight if they had this cereal.

Due to its unhealthy nutritional value and high-calorie count, it could have performed better in the market. As you know, people are becoming very health-conscious today. They want breakfast options that are nutritious and low and calories at the same time. This couldn’t comply with their breakfast needs, and as a result of which, it was discontinued. 

But many people still assume that the serial will come back in the market. It has not been permanently discontinued, and there is still a ray of hope. The company might come back with high nutritional value and maintain the same test. If that happens, then this cereal will be a blockbuster.


Kellogg’s has introduced many bowls of cereal in the market. It has released cereals specially made for children, adults, and different market segments. Many of the cereals have become a major part of a day-to-day routine. At the same time, many bowls of cereal disappeared from the market without anyone even noticing. Every product that a brand releases don’t get famous. The chances of a product remaining famous for all the coming years are also low. A brand has to evolve to become relevant in the market constantly. Pops is one such serial by Kellogg’s, which was discontinued for the same reason. But who knows, this serial will come back in the market after some years and will become a part of our routine again.

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