popeyes fish sandwich discontinued 2023

Popeyes Fish Sandwich Discontinued 2024: when it’s come back?

Is Popeyes Fish Sandwich discontinued? Popeyes Fish Sandwiches have something for everyone! This seafood item comes with a tasty medley and topping, wrapped in buns with tasty Popeyes tartar and crunchy snacks. If we talk about its toppings, then it’s amazing and unique. Whenever it comes to the tastier fish sandwiches of Popeyes, they are more than just a snack. They are scrumptious.

Popeyes introduced the famous fish sandwich in 2021, featuring a flounder filet coated with Louisiana herbs and spices with toasted brioche buns. Customers love to have them and can choose from spicy or classic varieties.

If you want a tastier and healthier snack, you must go for Popeyes fish sandwiches to satisfy your hunger every minute. You can have them for lunch and even snacks, as these will go impeccably for your evening snack. 

In short, these Popeyes Sandwiches are mind-blowing in terms of their taste, price, and quantity. We are damn sure you will love it, and after having this for at least a single time, this will go in your favorite food item.

As we all know, this is a seasonal item that offers during lent, and the rest of the time, it discontinues, but this time it is considering that they are not going to offer them anymore as this item will be permanently deleted from Popeyes’ menu. Let’s go through the blog post to know what exactly is happening. Are You a Popeyes Fish Sandwich Lover? Then what are you waiting for? Let’s dive in!

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Why was the Popeyes Fish Sandwich Discontinued?

Yes! The Popeyes Fish Sandwich was discontinued for a limited time in 2022. The Popeyes fish sandwich has been the center of the sandwich corner, and it was a matter of debate for months after its discontinuation.

Customers poured out their feeling on social media and posted, ‘Oh Shit, I liked them very much, but now the fish has gone!” 

Last year, there was a limited time before its discontinuation, and people craved it. It was assumed there was no guarantee that they could offer this service of Fish sandwiches again at their Popeyes restaurant.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the sales of fish sandwiches declined. In a nutshell, they have soared during the pandemic. At that time, people prefer to cook at home and try to experiment with fish recipes than have them at restaurants. The sales became low, which was the major reason for discarding this fish item from the restaurant’s menu.

Another reason was it is seasonal seafood that is available only at the time when Catholics celebrate Lent. This time they prefer to eat fish instead of meat. 

So, during this time, Popeyes offers popular fish sandwiches for them.

Why are Popeyes Fish Sandwiches so famous, and do people crave them?

It features various herbs and spices that double up the flavor and aroma of this fish sandwich with a fried flounder filet marinated in Louisiana medley and a toasted bun with bitter and sour pickles and syrup. The Popeyes fish Sandwich is famous for its classic tartar or spicy spread.

People love to have Popeyes fish sandwiches as they are packed with delicious fillet with lots of sauces and herbs that make them mouthwatering. They are also available easily at Popeyes restaurants at a reasonable price starting from $4.49.

The company also stated, “The fried filet is served atop the same buttery toasted brioche bun with barrel cured pickles that fans know and love from the Chicken Sandwich, along with Popeyes legacy tartar sauce.”

Is Popeyes Fish Sandwich still available in 2024?

The answer to this question, “Is Popeyes Fish Sandwich still available in 2023” is Yes! We have learned that Popeyes has announced to bring back its discarded items from the menu. Out of which, Flounder Fish Sandwich is the one that is returning to its refresh menu across the country. 

Although, Popeye has not mentioned how long they will be able to serve this item in their QSR (Quick Serving Restaurant). The fish Sandwich will be available in both varieties on Popeyes’ refreshed menu this year, 2023. 

The grand return of the beloved item is overwhelming news for fast food lovers during the Lenten season. Several fast food items are famous, and customers love to have them. Still, there is no comparison between Popeyes fish sandwiches and other fast food items, as Popeyes fish sandwiches have been ranked on top of all of its competitors.

After bringing back the discarded items, Popeyes offered a BOGO deal for fast food lovers. 

The deal was applicable until February 19; the main focus was Valentine’s Day.

This deal allowed their customers to buy a sandwich combo and get one more for free. Besides, Popeyes offers nuggets, signature chicken, and chicken items such as sandwiches, lollipops, and many more for free on the first order and if you order online with the specific popeyes app or if you spend a minimum amount of $10.

When did the Popeyes Fish Sandwich available in 2024?

Popeyes has refreshed the menu and decided to bring back its two famous seafood dishes for lent, i.e., Flounder Fish Sandwich and the Shrimp Tackle Box, at an affordable price. 

There is good news for fast food lovers: the popeyes fish sandwich has announced its availability, and they can get their favorite fish sandwich from February 13, 2023.

People were amazed to look at the price as they thought this item from the new menu would cost a high price, but their starting prices are $6, which varies according to the toppings and fillings.

They return this item for lent after its discontinuation because many Catholics prefer to have fish on Fridays as they do not eat meat on the second last day of the week.

Because of the huge demand for fish items in this year 2023, Popeyes is continuing to serve these seafood items in their restaurant again. 

Once in a press conference, the president of Popeyes, Sami Siddiqui, stated, “We are starting to serve the seafood in the Quick Serve Restaurant, and it continues to set us apart in the QSR Industry.”

Siddiqui added, “Our Fish Sandwich and Shrimp Tackle Box are the popular items on the menu; now we want to reintroduce these items for the Lenten season this year.”