PLYN Stock Forecast 2025

PLYN Stock Forecast 2025 – Major Holders of Palayan Resources Inc.

PLYN Stock Forecast 2025 – We help our users figure out whether PLYN would make an excellent addition to their portfolios in this article based on deep learning. These forecasts take into account several factors. It includes volume changes, price changes, market cycles, and comparable stocks. The price of PLYN shares as of September 2, 2023, is $0.0175. PLYN has moved +11.46% over the last month and +11.46% in the previous 24 hours.

Palayan Resources, Inc. explores, acquires, and develops mineral properties. The Philippines’ Nueva Ecija has a claim in the Palayan Gold Mine. It is now researching other potential claims and seeking funds for additional purchases. The business was established on July 26, 2013, and its head office is in Lady Lake, FL.

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Information about Palayan Resources Inc:

Palayan Resources, Inc. (the “Company” or “Palayan ”) (OTCMarkets: PLYN) is an emerging growth company that is publicly traded and fully disclosed. In 2021, the management sought acquisition options to let private companies enjoy PLYN’s public status. It’s because they realize the company needs to go in a new direction. The business and its stockholders will benefit from acquisitions based on the expansion and revenue of selected assets.

PLYN, which acts as a holding company, won’t produce anything, offer goods or services for sale, or engage in other business activities. As the name suggests, it aims to own controlling stock or membership interests in other businesses. It seeks to assemble a portfolio of profitable and revenue-producing enterprises.

Palayan Resources, Inc. declared on January 13, 2022, that the business is continuing its due diligence on the FinTech merger. The transaction is valued at an initial USD 80 million. PLYN will establish the Fintech operations as subsidiaries, and they will provide consolidated financial accounts. PLYN/Fintech will seek finance as part of the deal to grow its operations in the

  • multi-currency, multilateral remittance (hub),
  • multi-currency digital remittance solutions,
  • blockchain remittance solutions, and
  • remittance as a service for institutions and business sectors.

The fintech business has 62 country-specific network partners.

The fintech business has developed a simple, quick, and safe method of moving payments globally. They provide the most affordable transfer fees and transparent currency rates. They have collecting agents in handy locations. Also, they have a sizable number of global network partners for “just-in-time” delivery of the disbursement.

The target company has been operating for ten years. It has built a solid and expandable worldwide infrastructure network in that time. It serves as the foundation for its expansion.

Note: Investors and shareholders should only depend on data that the company makes available to the general public.

An intense day for Palayan Resources Inc.’s stock price

On the last trading day (Friday, September 1, 2023), the price of Palayan Resources Inc. stock increased 6.06% from $0.0165 to $0.0175. The stock’s latest trading day saw a 6.06% swing between a day low of $0.0165 and a day high of $0.0175. During this time, the price has fluctuated up and down, with a 6.06% increase over the previous two weeks.

Overall, 32 thousand more shares were exchanged than the day before. It is a favorable technical indication. Volume climbed along with the price on the most recent day. A total of 35,000 shares were purchased and sold for about $612.50.

The stock has broken out of its extensive and falling short-term trend. First, a slower dropping rate is seen, though this could indicate a trend change. Support for the reaction will be found at $0.0148, the roof of the recently broken trend, which may offer a second opportunity to hit a runner.

Fan theory predicts that $0.0364 will be the next potential trend-top level and act as a resistance level that might not be overcome on the first try. Some analysts need help to provide a range of predictions for this stock. It’s due to the high level of volatility and the trend’s direction.

Signals and Forecast for PLYN

Both the short-term and long-term moving averages have issued buy signals for the stock of Palayan Resources Inc. It is predicting growth for the stock. But because of the relationship between the two movements—that is, since the long-term average is higher than the short-term average—the stock has a broad sell signal.

The lines at $0.0082 and $0.0131 will provide some support in the event of changes. Sell signals will be sent if any of these levels are broken. On Friday, August 25, 2023, a buy signal was sent from a pivot bottom point; thus far, it has risen 929.41%.

Until a new top pivot is found, a further increase is predicted. Following the most recent price rise, Palayan Resources Inc. has boosted volume. This is a good indicator because the book should move in lockstep with price formation.

The deficient volume increases the risk, which weakens the other technical signs sent. Additionally, specific unfavorable signals were sent, which may have impacted evolution soon. The 3-month moving average convergence divergence (MACD) has also generated a sell signal.

Stop-loss, risk, and support levels for the PLYN shares

At $0.0170, the cumulative volume provides support for Palayan Resources Inc. This price may be an excellent place to buy. An upward reaction is likely to occur when the asset is tested.

This stock is regarded as “very high risk” because it has a wide prediction interval from the Bollinger Band. Also, it may change significantly during the trading day. The stock changed $0.0010, or 6.06%, between high and low over the last day. The stock’s daily average volatility during the previous week was 175.33%.

The stop-loss amount experts advise is $0.0168 (-3.98%). This stock has huge daily fluctuations, which significantly increases its risk. A pivot bottom observed five days ago has a buy signal.

Palayan Resources Inc Stock (PLYN) Price History

In this in-depth research, we thoroughly review Palayan Resources Inc.’s share price changes over the years. Investors can learn a lot about the historical performance and volatility of PLYN shares. They can do this by examining the year-by-year statistics.

This comprehensive analysis of Palayan Resources Inc.’s stock price history offers a basis for recognizing how the company’s stock has changed over time, from key milestones and volatility to prominent trends.

Palayan Resources Inc.’s (PLYN) stock price history for 2023 can be viewed in the below table:

DateHighLowHigh – LowVolume% Change
Sep, 20230.01750.01650.0010035,000+11.5%
Jul, 20230.01570.01550.0002004,029-37.2%
May, 20230.02690.01500.0119782,185+25.0%
Apr, 20230.02880.00900.0198582,574+11.1%
Mar, 20230.02690.01010.01681,461,723-32.8%
Feb, 20230.03000.01950.01051,202,231+29.2%
Jan, 20230.02900.02000.009001,287,537-28.2%

Why is the price of Palayan Res Inc.’s (PLYN) stock declining?

The price change of the stock during 14 days is shown in this table. To analyze trends and volatility in the asset’s value throughout this period, it also includes information about the opening and closing prices and the daily minimum and maximum prices.


PLYN cost $0.02 during the same period last month. It is now at $0.0175 after moving +11.46% in the previous month. PLYN has pumped by +11.46% over the last 24 hours. However, the long-term outlook is still positive, and PLYN may reach $0.0190 in 2024.

The law of supply and demand causes short-term ups and downs in the price of PALAYAN RES INC. stocks. The daily buying and selling of billions of shares of stock determines stock prices. Price movements for Palayan Res Inc. shares are driven by demand, but why is there demand in the first place? Everything depends on how investors feel. They are:

  • Market perception of PLYN
  • Market perception of the sector
  • Public opinion of the stock market
  • Optimism for the economy

When investors are optimistic about Palayan Res Inc.’s (PLYN) future or predict favorable developments, they are more inclined to purchase company shares. However, they tend to sell when they lose confidence, which decreases the stock price.

This also works in reverse. Investors may eagerly purchase company shares when they foresee a bright future for the sector, driving up the stock price. Since a positive general sentiment might also raise their stock values, this occurrence can be favorable to all businesses in the sector.

When a single business succeeds in a particular industry, it may have a beneficial knock-on effect on the whole sector. The demand for and price of Palayan Resources Inc. stock (PLYN) can increase if investors have increased confidence in the stock market.

This may occur because investors think the values are favorable or the market has been progressing. An increase in stock prices can result from such a spike in demand.

However, a weakening stock market can undermine investor confidence, increasing selling and lowering stock prices. Some investors may reduce their stock purchases or sell their holdings due to high valuations.

Furthermore, stock prices may be impacted by viewpoints on the economy’s direction. Investors may sell some of their stock in preparation for a slowdown in the economy. But demand for equities may rise if investors think the economy will soon recover or thrive.

Stock Prediction for PALAYAN RES INC. (PLYN)

The price of PLYN shares as of September 2, 2023, is $0.0175. PLYN has moved +11.46% over the last month and +11.46% in the previous 24 hours.

For the upcoming trading day on Tuesday, September 5, we predict Palayan Resources Inc. to open at $0.0172 and trade between $0.0125 and $0.0225 (based on the 14-day average true range). Thus, it gives a potential trading interval of +/- $0.0050 (+/- 28.50%) up or down from the previous closing price. There will be an expected 57.00% movement between the lowest and highest trading prices during the day if Palayan Resources Inc. uses the whole predicted probable swing range.

The stock is closer to the support from accumulated volume at $0.0170 (2.86%) than the resistance at $0.0190 (8.57%). Therefore, according to our strategies, profit can be made before the stock reaches the first resistance.

Price Prediction for PALAYAN RES INC. Stock (PLYN) for 2024

A forecast is provided for each month for the price of Palayan Resources Inc. stock (PLYN) in 2024. It has an average PLYN price prediction of $0.0370, a high forecast of $0.0362, and a low estimates of $0.00161. From the most recent price of $0.0175, the average PLYN price prediction for 2024 shows a rise of +111.27%.

MonthAverageLowHighChange from Today’s Price
January, 20240.006180.001610.0101-64.67%
February, 20240.002960.005330.00361-83.10%
March, 20240.001630.008040.00396-90.68%
April, 20240.005210.005900.00451-70.24%
May, 20240.01210.02800.0180-31.01%
June, 20240.01500.01810.0116-14.26%
July, 20240.01930.02040.0158+10.25%
August, 20240.02170.02170.0182+24.14%
September, 20240.01900.01900.0168+8.65%
October, 20240.04770.01770.0362+172.70%
November, 20240.03610.03910.0344+106.35%
December, 20240.03700.03470.0315+111.27%

Price Prediction for PALAYAN RES INC. Stock (PLYN) for 2025

A forecast is provided for each month of 2025 for the Palayan Resources Inc. stock (PLYN) price price. It has an average price prediction of $0.0600, a high price forecast of $0.0728, and a low price forecast of $0.0294. From the most recent price of $0.0175, the average PLYN price prediction for 2025 shows a +242.66% gain.

MonthAverageLowHighChange from Today’s Price
January, 20250.03150.03550.0327+79.78%
February, 20250.02790.03540.0298+59.15%
March, 20250.02920.02940.0290+66.94%
April, 20250.04690.06390.0545+167.77%
May, 20250.04750.05120.0447+171.47%
June, 20250.04890.05070.0472+179.66%
July, 20250.04910.04910.0472+180.50%
August, 20250.04520.04520.0397+158.48%
September, 20250.08370.04110.0728+378.01%
October, 20250.06980.07280.0698+298.60%
November, 20250.06290.06780.0629+259.20%
December, 20250.06000.06580.0618+242.66%

The average, low, and high prices for each month in 2025 are shown in the above table, along with the percentage change from the current price (assumed to be at the beginning of January 2025). The percentage change shows how much the price has changed from the price at the start of the year, either up or down.

Price Prediction for PALAYAN RES INC. Stock (PLYN) for 2026

A forecast for each month of 2026 for the Palayan Resources Inc. stock (PLYN) price projection is provided. It has an average PLYN price prediction of $0.0803, a high forecast of $0.1093, and a low estimates of $0.0528. From the most recent price of $0.0175, the average PLYN price projection for 2026 shows a +358.81% growth. 

MonthAverageLowHighChange from Today’s Price
January, 20260.05410.06180.0578+208.98%
February, 20260.04860.05380.0535+177.69%
March, 20260.08160.05280.091+366.55%
April, 20260.08000.08430.0785+357.20%
May, 20260.08090.08090.0785+362.12%
June, 20260.07640.07640.0763+336.86%
July, 20260.07030.07030.0659+301.79%
August, 20260.11960.06450.1093+583.31%
September, 20260.10340.10640.1051+490.86%
October, 20260.09420.10080.0943+438.40%
November, 20260.08850.09530.0917+405.55%
December, 20260.08030.0880.0857+358.81%

Price Prediction for PALAYAN RES INC. Stock (PLYN) for 2030

A forecast is provided for each month of 2030 for Palayan Resources Inc. stock (PLYN) price. It has an average price prediction of $0.232, a high price forecast of $0.2735, and a low price forecast of $0.1579. From the most recent price of $0.0175, the average PLYN price prediction for 2030 shows a growth of +1225.49%.

MonthAverageLowHighChange from Today’s Price
January, 20300.20170.20170.204+1052.82%
February, 20300.18370.19050.1926+949.53%
March, 20300.17460.1750.1739+897.68%
April, 20300.26170.15790.2553+1395.14%
May, 20300.24580.24980.2504+1304.76%
June, 20300.22640.22990.227+1193.80%
July, 20300.20730.2140.2197+1084.82%
August, 20300.18870.19670.1987+978.44%
September, 20300.16830.17350.1839+861.57%
October, 20300.27210.16960.2735+1454.97%
November, 20300.24970.24970.255+1326.63%
December, 20300.2320.2320.2354+1225.49%

Major Holders of Palayan Resources, Inc. (PLYN)

According to the most recent statistics in USD currency, Palayan Resources Inc. has an exciting ownership breakdown. Insiders currently own 19.04% of the company’s shares. This suggests that people closely connected to the company have a significant stake in it.

On the other hand, the percentage of shares held by institutions and the portion of the float held by institutions are both zero. Institutional investors, such as mutual or pension funds, may not own the company.

Palayan Resources Inc. shares are not currently held by any institutions, showing the company’s distinct ownership structure.

Please be aware that these ownership percentages could fluctuate over time depending on whether new investors or institutions decide to buy or sell the company’s stock.

Is the stock of Palayan Resources undervalued?

The price of a share of Palayan Resources (PLYN) is currently $0.0175. PLYN has received a score of 86, 72% higher than the previous median score of 50, and suggests a lower risk than usual. PLYN trades between the 80th and 90th percentiles of its historical stock score range.


There are several positive short-term signals. The break from the downward trend suggests that a trend may be changing. Although the prices near the breaking point will show excellent levels, we also believe the current level may serve as a decent purchase soon.