pepperidge farm discontinued products

Pepperidge Farm discontinued cakes 2023 – Why it’s products shortage?

What Pepperidge Farm discontinued cakes? Pepperidge Farm warns that food supply issues may impact our grocery stores’ cookie aisles during the holiday season. Campbell’s Soup Co., which owns Pepperidge Farm, stated in 2020 warning of a possible shortage of the company’s famous cookies. Problems with COVID-19 caused this.

The problem arises as a result of labor shortages and increased product demand. Because the company does not use third-party manufacturers to produce certain Pepperidge Farm cookies, such as Milano, Chessman, Linzer, and Bordeaux, such shortages are possible.

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Pepperidge Farm discontinued products

However, for every new product that enters our local grocery store, some other item may disappear from the shelves. What could be more comforting in a freezing winter than a warm pot pie?

Pepperidge Farm frozen pot pies are the stuffing king. Pepperidge Farm, on the other hand, used to make frozen pot pies. Unfortunately, the savory treats are no longer available.

Pepperidge Farm banana-nut cookies are another holiday favorite. Something is soothing about dipping a Milano into a mug of steaming cocoa. However, not every Pepperidge Farm treat has survived; the banana nut cookies are no longer available in stores.

pepperidge farm discontinued products

The bread used to create the appetizers has been discontinued by Pepperidge Farms. What is known simply as “hanky panky,” also known as a “Polish mistake,” is a combination of cheese and meat atop a crispy, toasted piece of rye bread. They are popular throughout the Midwest and beyond.

The snack is generally made with Pepperidge Farms’ Jewish rye bread. The bread slices are tinier and square-shaped, making them ideal for hanky-panky.

Pepperidge Farms informed the company that they were still selling the bread. This news came after a Twitter user inquired about it after not spotting any on store shelves for several months. According to Pepperidge Farms, the product has been discontinued, though the business didn’t specify when or why.

Nevertheless, those who enjoy hanky-panky have hope. And with enough persuading, maybe, just maybe, Pepperidge Farms will resume making its cherished Jewish rye bread.

What happened to Pepperidge Farms?

Margaret Rudkin founded Pepperidge Farm in 1937. It is an American commercial bakery. She named her company after her family’s 123-acre farm in Fairfield, Connecticut, which was titled only after the Pepperidge tree.

Goldfish crackers, bread varieties, and several cookie lines are among the Pepperidge Farm products. Their cookies are divided into two categories: distinctive and farmhouse. The “Distinctive” line of cookies is named after a European city, including the Milano cookie or the Brussels cookie.

Home bakers cannot easily replicate the distinct flavors. In contrast, the Farmhouse line focuses on everyday cookies like chocolate chips and shortbread that anybody can make in their home kitchen.

Margaret chose to sell Pepperidge Farm to another family-owned food company, Campbell Soup, in 1961. As a consequence, Margaret was the first woman to serve on the Campbell Soup Board. Margaret kept going at an age when most people would be looking to settle into retirement.

Discontinued Pepperidge Farm cookies

Pepperidge Farm introduced its Unique line of European-style cookies with emotive names like Bordeauxxae, Genevaxae, and Brusselsxae in 1955. With the acquisition of the Black Horse Pastry Company, a manufacturer of delicate and crumbly homemade frozen pastries, Pepperidge Farm enters the frozen food business.

In the story, the Capri is mentioned as one of the original versions of Pepperidge Farm’s line of unique cookies, but it is never discussed again. They were phased out around the late 1980s or early 1990s.

“We could face a Milano cookie shortage,” cautioned Pepperidge Farm. A rise in cookie items purchased is also a factor, with several people staying at home during the pandemic. During that period, people opted for sweet snacks more frequently than previously. According to Top Data, cookie demand increased by 25% during the pandemic, with one in every five Americans eating more than three cookies daily.

This isn’t the first time Campbell’s Soup Co. has been forced to change its food supply chain because of consumer demand during the pandemic. According to Bloomberg, the company has already ramped up the production of popular products such as Goldfish crackers and soup. Due to the unique production system of Pepperidge Farm’s beloved cookies, meeting this demand may be more difficult, particularly during the holiday season.

Pepperidge Farm cookies are difficult to find in stores. Thus, the problem originates from worker shortages and increased product demand.

Are Pepperidge Farm Geneva cookies discontinued?

The Milano developed from Pepperidge Farm’s original cookie idea, the Naples. It consists of a single vanilla wafer cookie adorned with dark chocolate. Many other flavors, such as milk chocolate and double chocolate, are available.

This product is indeed no longer available. Due to high market growth, Pepperidge Farm has temporarily restricted the production of several varieties. This happened to optimize overall product output. Temporarily define. It’s been almost a year since everyone had their favorite Geneva cookies.

Pepperidge Farm’s voluntary recall of Goldfish Crackers

One of Pepperidge Farm’s ingredient suppliers has informed the company that a recall has been issued for whey powder used in a seasoning that is used on four different kinds of crackers. It is because there may be Salmonella in the whey powder.

Pepperidge Farm voluntarily recalled four flavors of Goldfish crackers after an inquiry. All around the United States, the products were sold. There have been no illnesses reported. This recall only applies to the mentioned Pepperidge Farm items in the United States.

Company Information about the recall took place on July 23, 2018. The FDA’s publication date was March 23, 2020. This recall affects the following four varieties with the indicated codes: 

  • Flavor Blasted ® Xtra Cheddar
  • FlavorBlasted® Sour Cream & Onion
  • Goldfish® Baked with Whole Grain Xtra Cheddar
  • Goldfish ® Mix Xtra Cheddar + Pretzel


When it comes to selecting favorite snacks, nostalgia is an essential factor. But Pepperidge Farm’s cookies, which have been around for over 80 years, do more than bring back childhood memories. They also educate us on geography. Thanks to the Connecticut-based company behind the products, which include Goldfish crackers, various bread varieties, and several cookie lines.

Although Pepperidge Farm’s cookies are their most well-known product today, the company began by producing less-sweet baked goods. The brand’s first product was whole wheat bread, which it still makes today. Product discontinuation typically occurs when a product is not selling well, is too costly, or has been replaced by a newer, better version.

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