OverDrive App Discontinued 2023? – Are they Still Existing?

Has OverDrive App Been Discontinued? Hello Readers! We have come back with another sad news about OverDrive App. 

In this blog, we will share almost every detail about OverDrive Discontinuation, and several more things have also been covered!

Do you want to know what exactly has happened recently? If yes, this blog is just right for you, and we have you covered. So, let’s get cracking!

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Has OverDrive App Been Discontinued?

Yes! OverDrive App has been discontinued, or you can say you replaced it with Libby on May 1, 2023. The OverDrive app was believed to be removed from various app stores, including Google Play, Apple App Store, and Microsoft Store, by February 23, 2022. In July 2022, the company represented in-app discontinuation messages. 

It was also noted that after removing the app from app stores, it was still available at that time, and people used to experience OverDrive after discontinuation of the app.

Some said that Mac and Windows desktop users can still experience the OverDrive app and access libraries to download audiobooks from its official website, i.e., overdrive.com.

OverDrive is a digital platform that has been upgraded to Libby. Both are used for a similar purpose. The difference is that OverDrive was struggling with several issues, and people could not access the data, so the company decided to switch to a newer app called “Libby” Its features have been upgraded. 

Anyway, both platforms have been created for users to borrow e-books from their local library without paying money. In 2002, OneDrive was introduced and operated independently. In 2017 Libby was also launched. Later, OverDrive accessed through its own OverDrive website often, and the app started serving the same features and services as Libby.

One can download audiobooks from the official website, and these audiobooks can be converted to dedicated MP3 Players, and users can experience OverDrive because they have continued accessibility for those who need them. Although you cannot download the newer version of the audiobooks, you can only download those already available by the company.

Why OverDrive App Has Been Discontinued?

As we all know, the OverDrive app has been discontinued by the company on May 1, 2023. But people who still rely on this app are fuming in anger and want to know why it is closed. So, the company decided to eliminate the OverDrive app and wanted to shift its entire focus to Libby. 

To streamline their focus and development efforts on Libby, they want to remove the excessive and useless things and make it more convenient for the library. They have made this decision to spread their digital content and train users.

Those who still rely on OverDrive have to say goodbye to OverDrive and say Hello to its newer upgraded version, i.e., Libby. Both have been served for a similar purpose.

Another reason for its discontinuation is the US libraries were facing problems with this OverDrive app that forced the company to shift its goal towards Libby. The digital services were not accessible and convenient due to the pandemic, and the app has been pressurized by various publishers such as e-books, amazon. 

So, the company decided to make this move, and now they have realized that this step was not their mistake but it is a benediction. Libby has become one of the few free options that are available for accessing audiobooks and accessing books. When people were struggling with OverDrive accelerating issues then, Libby offered the only option to gain knowledge and useful source in the solitary period.

Is OverDrive App Still Working?

Whether the app is working or not, we have no clear-cut answer to this question. But as far as we know, the company has discontinued OverDrive App, and users cannot use this app even though the services may differ from user to user. 

Further on this question, no incidents were reported. It may depend on the impact.

In our point of view, OverDrive App is not working now.

Wrapping Up

OneDrive was a convenient app that offered assistance to libraries, allowing users to prepare for the transformation by offering an online kit that helps workers and team leaders shift their focus from OneDrive to Libby. 

If we differentiate both in great detail, then there are some differences between them. Let’s compare a few features: OverDrive showed Recommend to Library option, which will no longer be able to available in Libby, but Libby offers a Notify Me Feature (This Notify Me Feature is used to allow the users to show their interest in a particular subject).

Libby supports multiple library cars; it is compatible with Andriod Auto/ Apple CarPlay. It also features a unified bookshelf for all holds and loans, and many more options are available in this upgraded version of the OneDrive App.