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OpenText Corporation is a Canadian information business. It is headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario. In 2023, it announced an 8% reduction in employees. This move followed OpenText’s acquisition of Micro Focus. It was a significant step in the company’s aim to improve its enterprise information management capabilities. OpenText Layoffs 2024?

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An overview of OpenText

OpenText Corporation is one of Canada’s leading software businesses. It is well-known for its enterprise information management (EIM) software. The company creates solutions that allow companies to

  • manage content and unstructured data,
  • addressing important needs such as regulatory compliance,
  • content management, and
  • improving mobile and online experiences.

OpenText has grown into a major player in information management. It serves large businesses, government agencies, and professional service firms all around the world.

The Micro Focus acquisition is part of a larger strategy for the company. OpenText has been pursuing this strategy for several years. The company has a track record of acquiring other companies to improve its expertise and market position.

Recent acquisitions include

Zix Corporation

In November 2021, OpenText paid $860 million for Zix, which provides email encryption technologies. The acquisition sought to improve OpenText’s security services.


In 2019, OpenText paid $1.42 billion for Carbonite, a cloud data security company. This transaction included the acquisition of Webroot, a security firm, by Carbonite. It expanded OpenText’s expertise in cloud-based data protection and cybersecurity.

Financial Performance

OpenText reported revenue of $3.5 billion for fiscal year 2022. It had significant contributions from cloud services, customer support, licensing, and professional services. Micro Focus has an annual revenue of $2.7 billion. It brings major maintenance and recurring revenue streams to the table. It further strengthened OpenText’s financial position.

Details of the Micro-Focus acquisition

On January 31, 2023, OpenText finalized the $5.8 billion acquisition of Micro Focus. Micro Focus is headquartered in Newbury, UK. It focuses on business software that helps companies speed up digital transformation. This acquisition is expected to strengthen OpenText’s portfolio greatly. It is adding new solutions for:

  • cybersecurity,
  • digital operations management, and
  • application modernization.

It also shows OpenText’s aim to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics into its products. This is to speed up digital transformation across many sectors.

OpenText’s CEO and CTO, Mark Barrenechea, stated that the acquisition is in line with the company’s goals. He claims that this will help businesses protect their operations and manage more complex digital environments.

The merger is expected to result in major expense benefits, estimated at $400 million. It is mostly through employee reduction and the integration of overlapping services. This strategy aims to streamline operations. Also, it will increase the value generated from the combined business’s assets.

Layoffs at OpenText

As part of the deal, OpenText has announced an 8% staff cut in January 2023. OpenText employs around 14,000 people globally. Micro Focus employs about 11,000 people. The combined entity’s positions will be around 25,000. The layoffs are expected to affect about 2,000 people. It is viewed as a vital step toward eliminating redundancies as well as integrating the two firms.

OpenText does not provide accurate data on the timeline or geographic distribution of the layoffs. The business has claimed that the cuts are simply the outcome of combining two large organizations.

Eric Parizo is the managing principal analyst with Omdia Cybersecurity. He explained that such staff cutbacks are usual in acquisitions. He stated that the removal of redundant positions is the first step toward achieving cost savings and improved operations.

Impact on employees

Employees and industry analysts have concerns about job security and the staff’s future after the layoffs. As said, OpenText has not revealed specifics regarding the timing or geographic distribution of the layoffs. But the cuts are expected to affect a variety of departments. This included sales, marketing, and business support services. It’s because here, only redundancies are most likely to arise.

Employees have had a variety of emotions about the disclosure of layoffs. It ranges from fear and uncertainty to optimism about the company’s future. Many employees feel worried about the potential loss of institutional knowledge. They also had the problem of combining teams from diverse business cultures and operating processes.

To reduce the impact of the layoffs, OpenText plans to provide affected employees with

  • severance payments, 
  • outplacement services, and 
  • Job search assistance.

The company is also looking into internal transfers and redeployment inside the organization. This is to help retain talent where possible.

Mark Barrenechea has described the layoffs as a “natural course” following the merger. He is pointing out that they are not the result of growth restrictions. It is more of a planned realignment to reduce redundant roles. In interviews, he admitted the challenges of integrating two major businesses. He stayed hopeful about the merger’s long-term benefits to both firms and their stakeholders.

OpenText has been cautious in disclosing the details of the layoffs. It is because it will make staff worried about their future. To address these issues, the firm plans to give regular updates. It will provide clear communication about the integration process, deadlines, and help for affected employees. OpenText’s management has stressed the need for transparency and empathy in managing this change. The company has the goal of upholding internal morale and trust.

Challenges and opportunities

Integrating Micro Focus’s broad portfolio with OpenText’s existing products is a major problem. Micro Focus has a diverse set of legacy solutions collected through years of mergers and 

Acquisitions. Combining these products with OpenText’s offerings requires careful planning and execution. The merged product range must meet its customers’ increasing demands while reducing delays.

The acquisition places OpenText as a dominant player in the information management and cybersecurity businesses. By integrating Micro Focus’s abilities, OpenText hopes to increase its market share. It will provide more complete solutions to its customers.

There are expected market contractions in the IT and cybersecurity industries. But OpenText’s daring approach could provide a competitive advantage. It is possible by using both firms’ abilities to generate creativity and growth.

Future outlook of OpenText

AI Integration

At the OpenText World Conference in April 2024, CEO Mark Barrenechea revealed the company’s goals for using AI in its solutions. OpenText’s Aviator Suite, which includes Search, Content, IoT, and DevOps, uses cutting-edge technologies. It provides machine learning and natural language processing. This will improve efficiency and decision-making based on data.

Titanium X Platform

OpenText’s future TitaniumX platform is planned for delivery in Cloud Edition 25.2 in Q2 2025. It shows the company’s passion for innovation. TitaniumX aims to offer AI-powered capabilities in: 

  • security, 
  • quality control, 
  • autonomous workflows, and 
  • multi-cloud integration.

This platform displays OpenText’s ambition to build a digital center. It will reduce the need for various tools and subscriptions. Thus, it provides customers with a simplified and integrated experience.

Ethical AI and Sustainability

OpenText focuses on ethical AI development and sustainability. The company’s goal is to reduce energy usage and promote proper AI use. The Aviator package includes tools for tracking and managing assets to assure data integrity and trust. It addresses growing concerns about fake news and misinformation.


The layoffs caused by OpenText’s acquisition of Micro Focus are a strategic choice. It was taken to optimize the combined employees and achieve major cost savings. Integrating Micro Focus’s varied product range creates hurdles. But the acquisition elevates OpenText as a market leader in information management and cybersecurity.

OpenText is adopting AI and focusing on ethical and sustainable practices. Thus, it is well-positioned to drive digital transformation. It is ensuring that it stays a vital partner for companies navigating the challenges of the digital age.

OpenText continues to integrate Micro Focus and grow its capabilities. So, it will be crucial to observe how well the firm handles the transition. Also, how is it using the combined entity’s assets to provide greater value to its customers and stakeholders? The next few years will be key in assessing the success of this brave attempt and its effects on OpenText’s global market position.

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