Is Nutcase Helmets Out Of Business

Is Nutcase Helmets Out Of Business in 2023?

Nutcase Helmets Out Of Business… This question has no clear answer as the company has not disclosed it officially. Still, if you are Looking for a high-quality helmet brand, look no further, Nutcase Helmets can always be the best option, and they are still around. 

Do you want to learn more about Nutcase Helmets? If yes, then this blog post is right for you! Look no further and read on…

Do you know? One of the best brands, Nutcase, has discontinued several of its helmet brands, including the Nutcase Metroride Bike Commuting Helmet.

The Key Highlights of the discontinued Nutcase product:

  • It was compact and breathable.
  • Lightweight, possesses modern design, and classic inspiration.
  • Snap-in visor to protect from rain and sun.
  • It possessed an Adjustable and removable spin dial for a comfy and snug fit.
  • To ensure appropriate sizing, it offered full pad sets, i.e., 3, 6, and 9mm.
  • It had Durable Polycarbonate (PC) Inmold shell.
  • It had easy and adjustable chin straps.
  • Chip pads were also there that were suitable for warmth and comfort.
  • For one-handed operation, there was no pinching or pinch Fidlock Magnetic Buckle.
  • To ensure high-impact protection, it had Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam.

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Why has It been Discontinued?

The company has discontinued the product as it does not cover some of the following features including:

  • No product Modification.
  • The product could be easily damaged by unauthorized repair.
  • There were Wear and Tear issues.
  • Misuse, mishandling, or lack of care of the product.

Who Owned Nutcase Helmets?

In 2000, a football game between two rival teams in Oregon, United States, culminated in the Nutcase company. Micheal Morrow, a founder and the company’s president, formerly was a Nike Creative Director. 

Nutcase Inc. is a Portland Based Company founded by a former Nike employee. Later, it was acquired by Bravo Sports Corporation.

As of 2021, the company has generated nearly 3 million US dollars in overall revenue.

What Happened To Nutcase Helmets?

Is Nutcase Helmets Out Of Business 2023

After 10 years, the company was owned/ managed by Bravo Sports. It also owned 23 other brands, including Sector 9, Vision Street Wear, Kryptonics, Pro-Tech, and children’s scooter Pulse Performance Products. It held an agreement with several other brands such as Disney/Pixar, Marvel, Nickelodeon, and market E-Z UP tents. 

Later, Nutcase Inc. was supported by a private firm, Transom Capital Group, based in Los Angeles.

In 2006, Nutcase Inc. was founded by Michael Morrow. The company produces eye-catching helmets with amazing designs that mainly focus on quality. 

Due to its high quality, the company gained popularity over the past decade. In 2013, Nutcase expanded its business and entered the Europe market 2013 after establishing its strong foothold across the United States. Now, the company has become one of the world’s largest producers and distributors of helmets. In 2016, the company hired a new CEO and appointed the first-ever CEO of the company. 

Initially, the company targeted to produce motorsports helmets; later, it decided to focus on bicycling helmets instead of motorsports helmets.

It is estimated that in 2016, the company sold its helmets through a network of 35 sales reps, believed to be dealers of 600 brands across the United States…

A Nutcase Marketing Manager, Meghan Sinnott, emailed, which represents, “We have acquired the brands, and this acquisition provides us the opportunity to remain at the forefront of the urban cycling revolution. It also allows us to provide our reps access to several other original active lifestyle brands in the skate and mountain biking realm.”

Also added, “This is overwhelming for us.”

The company’s CEO, Leonardo Pais, explained, “We are feeling proud as we can produce a bicycle helmet for all age group riders. We always provide safe products to ensure safety as protection and safety are one of our priorities for growth all over the world.”

2016 Michael Morrow stated, “It is the right time for us to take our company to another level. To meet the safety needs and lifestyle aspirations of all the riders worldwide, we mainly focus on integrating creativity and technology.”

Also added, “The acquisition provides us the opportunity for our brand marketing, product design, and sales organizations to innovate in the bicycle helmet market steadily.”

Transom Capital explained, “We follow an acronym ARMOR, which stands for “Acquisition, Restructuring, Monitoring, & Operations, and Return.” “To manage the company, we follow a “value creation process” approach. We provide operational support, and the management team is not overwhelmed.”

In 2016, the company’s owner, Bravo, said, “Nutcase Inc. will remain there (Portland).” In the office on the second floor of the Ford Building, 14 employees were there. Moreover, the company’s marketing manager announced in 2016, “It would eliminate some of the employees in the same year. All should remain alert as we will eliminate some redundant jobs in the next few months.”

Where Are Nutcase Helmets Made?

Nutcase Helmets is headquartered in Portland, Oregon, United States. A KIRSH Motorcycle Helmet is made in the United States Of America. It is an original and authentic American-made product. 

The company promises to offer more efficient and 100% safe helmets that handle kinetic energy produced in motor vehicle accidents. Unlike other motor vehicle crash helmets, Nutcase Helmets reduce rotational acceleration to prevent severe injuries.

Do All Nutcase Helmets Come With A Visor?

Nutcase Helmets guarantees to include visors in all its products, as all helmets should have visors. But do you know? Why should helmets have visors? The short answer to this question is visors are there for protection against the sun’s rays. It also protects from low-hanging branches. Visors are preferable in motorbike helmets to road bike helmets.

What is Visor? A plastic section is attached to the front of the helmet, usually called a Visor. It offers us protection, including Sun rays, rain, dust, mud, branches, or anything you would expect to be there. It provides a shield to our eyes or face. It has no weight and is very handy.

There are several types of visors that you may find on helmets, such as Fixed Visors, Adjustable Visors, Detachable visors, and Removable Visors.

Besides, there are many ways that a visor can be attached to helmets, including Screw-on, Snap-on, and Molded-in.

How To Adjust Nutcase Helmets & Nutcase Helmets Sizing?

To ensure safety and comfort, the proper helmet fit is preferable. It helps us to protect ourselves from injury and other issues. A properly sized helmet offers maximum benefits and performance. 

A good-fit helmet provides us with a safe and secure ride. Let’s look at the steps that help us identify how to select an appropriate helmet size to ensure more safety.

The First and Foremost step is to measure size; a perfect size is preferable. Below, we have mentioned a size chart that may assist you in choosing which size is the best helmet fit for you!!

  • Baby Nutty Helmet Size – 18½” — 19⅝” (47cm — 50cm), XX-Small.
  • Little Nutty Helmet Size – 18⅞” — 20½” (48cm — 52cm, X-Small.
  • Big Kids/ Adult Bike Helmet Size – 20½” – 22″ (52cm – 56cm), Small, Medium – 22″– 23½” (56cm – 60cm), Large – 23½” – 25″ (60cm – 64cm).

Secondly, one should try it on after choosing a perfect size to check whether the size is the right fit.

At last, you are all done.

Is Nutcase A Good Helmet?

Nutcase Helmets can be the best option for safety and budget-minded customers. It is a good brand that offers helmets for hikers, riders, triathletes, ice skaters, skiers, campers, runners, and so on. 

Alternate Options To Nutcase Helmets

Are you seeking a similar brand to Nutcase Helmets? Here you can check a few of the brands in the list shown below:

  • Explore Thousand with an overall score of 4.2/5.
  • Ralph with an overall score of 4.2/5.
  • MAAP with an overall score of 4.2/5.
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  • Royal Racing with an overall score of 4.1/5.
  • MOVA Cycling with an overall score of 4.1/5.
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  • Eleven Pine with an overall score of 4.0/5.
  • Siroko with an overall score of 4.0/5.
  • Le Col with an overall score of 4.0/5.

Where To Buy Nutcase Helmets?

Nutcase Helmets can be found at stores and offline as well. They are available at nearby stores throughout the United States, including:

  • Mr. C’s Cycles, New York

Papa Wheelie Bicycles & Electric Bikes, California

Sweet Pete’s Bike Shop, Toronto

Blue Heron Bikes, California

Newport Cruisers Bike Shop, California

Bike Attack, California

20/20 Cycle, Washington

Bike Couriers Bike Shop, Kentucky

Final Thoughts On Nutcase Helmets Out Of Business

We are not sure whether the company went out of business or not. But it has discontinued its several products till now. Moreover, no statement has been released so far about its closure.

When it comes to the quality of the Nutcase Helmets, it can be a pretty cool way to any ride that helps put some safety and flair. It has amazing designs and quality, and overall it is the best helmet product. 

If we talk about its safety, one should not worry about it as the company promises to ensure more safety and designer helmets. One should not worry about its safety aspect. Most noteworthy, Nutcase Helmets can be the best option to ensure safety and budget-friendly helmets. Moreover, it has a wide variety of cool options as well.