Nurofen Meltlets Discontinued

Nurofen Meltlets Discontinued – Is There any Alternatives of this?

Is Nurofen Meltlets discontinued? Nurofen Meltlets is a pain relief medicine meant to cure medical ailments or pain such as headache, backache, period pain, dental pain, neuralgia, muscular pain, migraine, cold, and flu symptoms. This medicine is meant for coral medication purposes and short-term use. It is a rapid method of curing any pain. But it should not be a permanent solution for any medical problem you have faced. It’s almost like crocin and Disprin.

Generally, this medicine can be used without the recommendation of a doctor. Children can safely use this medicine from 12 to 18 years of age. Below, it is suggested that you consult a doctor as the medicine might react with a child and cause unfavorable outcomes.

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Are Nurofen Meltlets discontinued?

Yes, Nurofen has been discontinued in many parts of the world, such as Ireland, Australia, and the United States of America. This was done because this medicine was accused of a lot of controversial films, such as causing skin-related issues and not being effective. 

The medicine was also unsuitable for old and young people with medical ailments. 

This is where the medicine was taken off the shelves from many countries. Sadly, this medicine is available in the UK for selling purposes, although legally, it should not be sold there. The conventional way of consuming this medicine was with the help of paracetamol. 

Both of these two medicines were taken together to decrease the pain. In a lot of research, it was found that both of these medicines had inflammatory ingredients of high quality. This disturbs the balance of the body, because of which there are a lot of side-effects that people face. It was a small-term solution for instant pain relief and did not do anything for a permanent cure.

Nurofen Meltlets are discontinued in Britain

Nurofen Meltlets Discontinued

Nurofen medicine has also been discontinued in Britain for many reasons. First, people became dependent on this medicine, and it became an addictive substance. The brand became aware of the addiction and hence started charging double the amount for a pain relief medicine. 

This is why this medicine brand came under the government’s radar, which decided to discontinue its sale in the market. The Britain government announced that the medicine would be taken off the shelves and would no longer be sold in the market.

But recently, it was revealed that this medicine is still being sold illegally in Britain. People are paying ten times more for this medicine now. The popularity of this medicine can be attributed to the fact that it offers instant pain relief. It is effective because of this medicine’s high quantities of inflammatory substances. 

But people don’t realize that using highly inflammatory substances causes more harm to their bodies than benefit.

It is advised that you must not buy this medicine in Black from any retailer. There are many reasons for this. One of the primary reasons is that the treatment provided to you can be fake, not the real Nurofen Meltlets. So try to find an alternative option if you cannot do without pain relief medicine but do not buy this medicine illegally.

Uses of the medicine 

All you have to do to consume this medicine is keep it on your tongue, which will dissolve on its own. It is available in a 200 MG variant in a mint flavor. This medicine has helped many people from over 30 years of service. It is an instant way of relieving pain in any part of your body and works wonders. 

It can be used in times of emergency when you can’t go to a doctor, and some immediate cure for pain is required. One of the primary ingredients used in Nurofen is Ibuprofen. This has inflammatory properties, which help in releasing pain in the body. But one must remember that it is only used to treat moderate and not very intense pain. 

If you’re feeling intense pain, you must consult a doctor for the same and do not rely on this medicine. This medicine is appropriate for long journeys because it is easily transportable and does not take up a lot of space. You can keep it in a pocket, and in case of any inconvenience, keep it on your tongue, and it will dissolve on its own. The best part about this medicine is that it has a lemon flavor, making it easy to take.

Who can use it?

This medicine is fit for consumption by all adolescents. Although it is advised that people above the age of 60, especially those with some severe medical conditions, must check with their doctors if they can use this medicine. 

Children between the age of 12 to 18 can also use this medicine. Children below the age of 12 must consult with a doctor, and only if they permit can they start the consumption.

If you have been consuming this medicine for more than three days and it shows some adverse symptoms, you must consult a doctor. It is advised not to consume this medicine for a stretch of 10 or more days as it is not suitable for your health. 

It contains highly inflammatory ingredients, which can cause tension in your stomach. In case of severe aches, You must always ask your doctor and not rely on medicines like this.

When to not use this medicine?

As has been told earlier, you must avoid using this medicine if you have ongoing problems for over three days. In any condition, you must stop this medicine for ten days because there is no going back after that. Using this medicine for more than ten days can cause many issues and aggravate your problems.

You must avoid taking this medicine if you have stomach ulcers or internal bleeding problems. Also, ensure you are not allergic to Ibuprofen or other painkillers. If you are allergic to Ibuprofen, then you cannot take Nurofen as Ibuprofen is actively present.

Suppose you have high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, liver-related issues, heart problems, and other serious medical ailments. In that case, you must first consult your doctor before consuming this medicine. Pregnant women must avoid taking this medicine; even if they want to, they must consult their gynecologist.

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