Novavax Stock Forecast 2025

Novavax Stock Forecast 2025: How many shares of Novavax are there?

Step into the financial time machine – brace yourselves because the game is about to change. Welcome to the realm of Novavax Stock Forecast 2025. 

As we stand on the brink of the future, investors are rubbing their hands in anticipation. What’s brewing behind the scenes, and how will it transform the stock game? The Novavax Stock Forecast 2025 isn’t just a crystal ball glimpse; it’s a calculated journey from present possibilities to future probabilities. 

Let’s dive into the numbers, decode the trends, and bridge the gap between what’s now and what’s next.

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What is the projected Novavax stock performance for 2025?

The expected performance of Novavax’s stock in 2025 is a mix of opinions according to search results. 

Some sources, like CoinPriceForecast, anticipate a rise in the stock price from $10.48 to $20.10, suggesting a potential increase of 92% between 2025 and 2029. However, Seeking Alpha feels uncertain about Novavax’s future and believes that the next year will provide more clarity about its prospects. 

On the other hand, 30 Rates predicts a stock price range of $12.98 to $15.24 for 2025.’s weighted average target price for January 2025 is $10.60 per Novavax share. 

AI Pickup offers a forecast for 2022-2030, but 2025 details are missing from the search results. A more pessimistic outlook comes from, which predicts a potential drop in the stock price to $6.007 in 2025.

It’s essential to remember that these predictions rely on different methods and opinions, and they might not accurately predict Novavax’s actual performance in 2025. 

Therefore, it’s a good idea to do thorough research, look at multiple sources, and consider seeking advice from a financial expert before making any investment choices.

Novavax Stock Forecast 2025
Novavax Stock Forecast 2025

How is Novavax’s stock expected to perform in 2025?

The outlook for Novavax’s stock in 2025 seems uncertain based on the search results. According to CoinPriceForecast, the store could potentially increase from $10.48 to $20.10, showing a rise of 92% between 2025 and 2029.

However, Seeking Alpha’s view is not so positive. They mention that Novavax’s future is unclear, especially given its revenue details. 

In 2021, the company earned $1.1 billion, with most coming from grants ($949 million) rather than royalties ($198 million). The company’s ambitious prediction of $4-$5 billion in total revenue for 2022 raises doubts. 

On a different note, 30 Rates forecasts a stock price range of $12.98 to $15.24 in 2025. provides a weighted average target of $10.60 per Novavax share for January 2025. 

AI Pickup gives a broader forecast but doesn’t specify 2025. The average of their last six months’ predictions is $23.75, suggesting a -67.63% decrease from previous targets.’s prediction is quite pessimistic, suggesting a potential drop to $6.007 in 2025. It’s important to remember that these predictions vary due to the different methods used, so they might not accurately predict Novavax’s actual stock performance in 2025. 

Hence, it’s wise to do thorough research, consider various sources, and talk to a financial advisor before deciding on investments.

What are the predictions for Novavax stock in 2025?

The forecasts for Novavax’s stock performance in 2025 show a mix of opinions based on search results:

CoinPriceForecast predicts a potential increase from $10.48 to $20.10, indicating a 92% rise between 2025 and 2029.

LeoProphet lacks specific details for Novavax’s stock forecast in 2025. offers a pessimistic perspective, suggesting the stock price drop to $6.007 in 2025.

30 Rates predicts an average stock price of $13.79 for Novavax in May 2025. provides a weighted average target price of $10.60 per Novavax share for January 2025.

AI Pickup’s data suggests an average forecast of $23.75 from the last six months, signifying a -67.63% decrease from prior predictions.

It’s essential to remember that these predictions stem from different methodologies and may not accurately represent Novavax’s actual stock performance in 2025. 

Thus, conducting thorough research, considering multiple sources, and seeking advice from a financial advisor before making investment decisions is recommended.

Will Novavax’s stock price increase in 2025?

The outlook for Novavax’s stock price in 2025 appears uncertain based on the gathered search results:

CoinPriceForecast suggests a potential increase from $20.10 to $25.17, indicating a 25% rise between 2023 and 2030.

LeoProphet provides a target price of $20.6 for Novavax stock, but specific details for 2025 are absent.

30 Rates predicts a stock price range of $12.98 to $15.24 for Novavax in 2025. gives a weighted average target of $10.60 per Novavax share for January 2025.

AI Pickup’s forecast covers 2022-2030, with an average of $23.75 over the last six months, indicating a -67.63% decrease from prior predictions. Specifics for 2025 are not available. projects a potential drop to $6.007 for Novavax’s stock price in 2025.

What is the 2025 forecast for Novavax stock?

CoinPriceForecast predicts a substantial increase, projecting the stock to rise from $10.48 to $20.10, marking a 92% growth between 2025 and 2029.

LeoProphet suggests a target price of $20.6 for Novavax stock without specifying details for 2025.

30 Rates forecasts a 2025 stock price range of $12.98 to $15.24 for Novavax. provides a weighted average target of $10.60 per Novavax share for January 2025.

AI Pickup’s forecast spans 2022-2030, with a recent average of $23.75, reflecting a -67.63% decrease from prior predictions. 

However, specific 2025 details are not available. Seeking Alpha underscores uncertainty about Novavax’s future. 

They highlight the company’s 2021 revenue of $1.1 billion, with a substantial portion ($949 million) coming from grants rather than royalties and other income ($198 million). The company’s ambitious revenue projection of $4-$5 billion for 2022 raises questions.

Novavax Stock Forecast 2025
Novavax Stock Forecast 2025

Are there any expectations for Novavax stock in 2025?

Alright, so here’s the scoop on Novavax stock in 2025, straight from the search results:

According to CoinPriceForecast, they’re shouting from the digital rooftops that Novavax’s stock could go from $10.48 to a shiny $20.10. That’s a juicy 92% boost in the years between 2025 and 2029.

LeoProphet chimes in with a target price of $20.6 for Novavax stock, but they’re holding out on the deets for 2025. Sneaky move.

Seeking Alpha isn’t painting the clearest picture. They’re waving the “uncertain” flag for Novavax’s future, giving it a year to strut its stuff. In 2021, they raked in $1.1 billion, with most of it being grant moolah. Now, they’re shooting for a $4-$5 billion revenue range in 2022. Ambitious much? is betting its chips on a weighted average target of $10.60 per Novavax share in January 2025. Let’s see if their crystal ball’s polished.

As for AI Pickup, they’re like that one friend who talks a lot but skips the important part. They’ve got a whole forecast parade for 2022-2030, but 2025 is missing from the lineup. The average forecast from the past six months is $23.75, but they’re also saying it’s a 67.63% nosedive from the earlier prediction. Yikes.

And to sprinkle more spice in the mix, is warning that Novavax’s stock might take a dip to $6.007 in 2025. Ouch.

Now, before you start imagining yourself riding a rollercoaster of stock prices, remember one thing: these predictions are like weather forecasts for Wall Street. 

They might be right, but they might also be as off as mismatched socks. So, if you’re considering jumping into the Novavax stock game, do yourself a solid favor—dig deep, gather info from all corners, and have a chit-chat with a finance guru. Your wallet will thank you.

What can we expect from Novavax stock in 2025?

Alright, let’s break down what’s cookin’ for Novavax stock in 2025 based on the search scoop:

We’ve got some fortune tellers at CoinPriceForecast claiming Novavax’s stock will do a fancy dance, going up from $10.48 to a striking $20.10. That’s a whopping 92% jump from 2025 to 2029.

Analysts, like those cool cats at LeoProphet, are nodding in agreement, slapping a target price of $20.6 on Novavax stock. They’re playing it smooth; no specific 2025 talk, though.

Peeking into Novavax’s piggy bank, 2021 saw them rake in $1.1 billion, but with grants doing a lot of the heavy lifting. Hold on tight because they’re gunning for the $4-$5 billion revenue range in 2022. Ambition, much?’s got its crystal ball, and they’re chanting for a weighted average target of $10.60 per Novavax share come January 2025.

But wait, AI Pickup’s throwing a curveball. They’re swinging with a 2025 average stock price of $13.31. Wonder what they’re seeing that we’re not?

Don’t forget,’s waving a warning flag about a potential stock slide to $6.007 in 2025. Yikes, that’s one way to put a dent in the day.

Is Novavax a good investment in 2025?

Thinking about hopping on the Novavax investment train? Here’s the lowdown on both sides:

Why give it a thumbs-up?

CoinPriceForecast’s crystal ball shines bright: They’re shouting from the virtual rooftops that Novavax’s stock might swell from $10.48 to a sweet $20.10. That’s a delicious 92% gain strutting in from 2025 to 2029.

Analysts are throwing their hats in the ring with a $20.6 target price for Novavax stock. They’re betting on the prize but keeping hush on 2025 specifics.

Novavax’s pockets got a $1.1 billion upgrade in 2021, and they’re setting the bar high for 2022, aiming to reel in a whale-sized revenue of $4-$5 billion. Ambitious? Heck yeah.

And now for the flip side:

Warning, rollercoaster ahead: Novavax’s stock has a wild side, plummeting a heart-stopping 42% from its 2021 high. If you’ve got a weak stomach, this might be a red flag.

Revenue riddle: In 2021, Novavax scored $1.1 billion, but a huge $949 million was thanks to grants, not their mojo. Only $198 million danced in from royalties and such. They’re dreaming of a $4-$5 billion 2022 haul. Optimism’s grand, but it could be a leap.’s got their drama: They’re shouting “brace for impact,” predicting a stock price nosedive to $6.007 in 2025. If that’s your pocket’s weak spot, beware.

Seeking Alpha’s got question marks: They’re waving the “uncertain future” flag for Novavax. Hold tight for the next year; it might clear the fog around their fate.

In a nutshell, it’s a stock party with both glitter and shadows. Whether you’re in for the thrill or playing it safe, remember: financial fairy tales can flip the script anytime.

How will Novavax stock evolve in 2025?

Positive Outlook

CoinPriceForecast and some analysts are waving the “bullish” banner. They’re suggesting that Novavax’s stock, currently at $10.48, could have a makeover and shine at $20.10 by 2029. That’s a starry-eyed 92% growth waiting to unfold.

Neutral Outlook is taking a balanced stance. They’re placing a weighted average target price of $10.60 per Novavax share in January 2025. A steady-as-she-goes forecast, neither too hot nor too cold.

Negative Outlook

Seeking Alpha is giving a cautious nod, suggesting a foggy future for Novavax. They’re waiting for the next 12 months to provide a clearer picture. The revenue dance in 2021 was a mixed tune: $1.1 billion in total, but $949 million from grants and a mere $198 million from royalties and such. The 2022 revenue dream of $4-$5 billion is raising skeptical eyebrows.

Negative Outlook is sounding the alarm bells. Their prediction paints a potential dip to $6.007 for Novavax stock in 2025. Buckle up, as this isn’t the rosiest of pictures.

What are analysts saying about Novavax stock in 2025?

Considering the insights dug up from your search, the analysts’ opinions about Novavax stock in 2025 are as diverse as a bag of jellybeans:

Positive Outlook

CoinPriceForecast is waving its positivity flag high. They’re chanting that Novavax’s stock could stretch from $10.48 to a dazzling $20.10, performing a magical 92% growth dance from 2025 to 2029. The future looks sunny according to this forecast.

Negative Outlook

Seeking Alpha is rocking the skeptical boat. They’re keeping their fingers crossed for a clearer view over the next year. Despite Novavax’s 2021 revenue of $1.1 billion, the grants contributed $949 million, leaving just $198 million for royalties and the like. With hopes set at $4-$5 billion in revenue for 2022, some are raising an eyebrow or two.

Negative Outlook isn’t sugarcoating anything. Their prediction sounds a bit like a stock market storm warning, anticipating a drop to $6.007 for Novavax stock in 2025. Hold onto your hats!

Neutral Outlook is striking a balance in its forecast. They’re predicting a weighted average target price of $10.60 for each Novavax share by January 2025. A moderate stance in the midst of all this forecast frenzy.

It’s a real mixed bag of predictions out there. Whether you’re drawn to the sunny side, staying cautiously neutral, or wary of the storm clouds, remember that investing is like walking on shifting sands. Do your research, chat up the money mavens, and brace yourself for the twists and turns of the market rollercoaster.

What is the outlook for Novavax stock in 2025?

Positive Signs

CoinPriceForecast is painting a bright picture. They’re chanting that Novavax’s stock could transform from $10.48 to a dazzling $20.10, a remarkable 92% growth dance slated for 2025-2029. This forecast is riding high on optimism.

Analysts Bet

Analysts are raising their flags, too, touting a target price of $20.6 for Novavax stock. While they’re not giving out specifics for 2025, they’re clearly on the hopeful side.

Stormy Seas

There have been some rocky waves. Novavax’s stock took a tumble of 42% from its 2021 high. If volatility isn’t your cup of tea, this might give you pause.

Uncertain Territory

Seeking Alpha is cautiously raising an eyebrow. The company’s future seems wrapped in a misty fog, and the next 12 months hold the promise of clarity. Their revenue mix in 2021, with grants overshadowing other sources, is adding to the uncertainty.

Warning Signs is sounding the alarm. They’re predicting a potential plunge to $6.007 for Novavax stock in 2025. This forecast is waving a red flag for potential investors.

Balancing Act is playing the neutral card, settling on a weighted average target price of $10.60 for each Novavax share in January 2025. It’s a safe bet, steering clear of the extremes.

What factors will impact Novavax stock in 2025?

 So, when we’re talking about Novavax’s stock in 2025, a bunch of stuff can shake things up. First off, how Novavax brings in money matters – if they’re getting more from grants or royalties, it affects how folks see the company. 

Then there’s the cash they’re dropping on research and development – if it’s hefty, it might make investors a bit nervous.

Plus, think about how much love they’re getting from governments. Grants and deals for their COVID-19 vaccine and other projects? That’s some real money talk. 

But, hold up, approvals and rules from the regulators also dance the stock market. And let’s not forget, they’re in a brawl with other cool biotech companies, so their success or slip-ups can sway investor vibes.

Talking about vibes, the whole COVID-19 vaccine demand rollercoaster? Yeah, that’s in the mix too. And remember, the big picture matters – how the entire stock market and economy are doing and how peeps feel about the biotech world, all join the party. 

Just remember, these are like pieces of a puzzle, and the final picture might look different. Before making money moves, dig deep, ask around, and chat with a money whiz. 

What are the potential risks and rewards of Novavax stock in 2025?

Let’s talk about the risks and rewards of investing in Novavax in 2025. First off, there are some possible speed bumps. 

Those pesky regulators – if they take their time giving the nod to Novavax’s stuff, it could slow down the money train. And the biotech battleground is fierce, with other players gunning for the top spot. Plus, you know how rollercoaster-y stocks can be, right? Novavax isn’t immune to the market’s wild twists.

It’s not all gloom and doom if Novavax hits the jackpot with their products, especially that COVID-19 vaccine, cha-ching! That could pump up their revenues and send their stock rocketing. 

And guess what? The never-ending need for COVID-19 vaccines could keep the cash flowing. If Novavax jumps into new markets or buddies up with other cool companies, that’s growth potential right there. 

Plus, if regulators play nice and the market’s in a good mood, the stock could get a sunny boost. So, keep these moves in your investing playbook, my friend! 

How might market trends affect Novavax stock in 2025?

  • CoinPriceForecast is thinking the stock might go from $10.51 to $20.14 between 2025-2029, which is a whopping 92% increase.
  • LeoProphet is saying analysts are eyeing a target of $20.6 for Novavax stock.
  •, though, is a bit of a party pooper, predicting a drop to $6.007 in 2025.
  • According to The Motley Fool, Novavax’s stock needs to skyrocket to $1,300 per share to match Moderna’s market cap.
  • Now, is playing it cool with an average target price of $10.60 per share in January 2025.
  • AI Pickup went all futuristic but didn’t spill the beans about 2025. The last six months averaged $23.75, but that’s a -67.63 % dive from the earlier predictions.

What are the growth prospects for Novavax stock in 2025?

Novavax’s stock has diverse views: CoinPriceForecast sees a 92% rise to $20.14 by 2029, analysts target $20.6. Seeking Alpha is uncertain due to grant-based revenue, warns of $6.007 in 2025, while suggests $10.60. The Motley Fool notes Novavax’s climb to match Moderna’s cap.

Are there any expected stock price fluctuations for Novavax in 2025?

Novavax’s stock predictions are all over the place! CoinPriceForecast says it could jump 92% to $20.10 by 2029. LeoProphet’s analysts aim for $20.6. predicts $7.99 in Sep 2025, while AI Pickup’s recent average is $23.75, a -67.63% drop. 30 Rates suggests $12.74 in Jan 2025. But’s a downer, warning of $6.007 in 2025. Crazy, right?

How does Novavax stock compare to its competitors in 2025?

The crystal ball for Novavax’s stock in 2025 is cloudy compared to its rivals. CoinPriceForecast expects a 92% hike to $20.14 by 2029. 

LeoProphet’s analysts are eyeing $20.6. The Motley Fool raises eyebrows, saying Novavax needs $1,300 per share to match Moderna. But is cautious, predicting a possible drop to $6.007. AI Pickup’s recent $23.75 average shows a -67.63% dive. 

How might Novavax’s vaccine development impact its stock in 2025?

Positive vibes:

  • If their COVID-19 vaccine gets the green light and rocks the market, cha-ching! Revenue up, stock up!
  • Being good at vaccine delivery could snag them a bigger slice of the pie, boosting their stock.

Downer moments:

  • Regulatory roadblocks? Bummer. Slow approvals could rain on their revenue parade and drag the stock.
  • If their vaccine hopefuls crash and burn in trials or flunk the rules, brace for stock turbulence.
  • Even if the vaccine tanks, big bucks for execs? Investors might frown at that.
  • Money talks: Strong financials and vaccine sales? Investors cheer, the stock gets wings.

Are there any upcoming events that could influence Novavax stock in 2025?

Regulatory Hurdles: Navigating approvals for their COVID-19 vaccine and goodies affects both cash flow and stock vibes.

Financial Rollercoaster: Money talk matters – how much they make, spend, and lose jives with stock moves.

R&D Pulse: Progress with their COVID-19 vaccine and other projects sway stock sway.

Battle of Biotechs: They’re duking it out with rivals, so competition’s punches could impact their stock game.

Market Mood: Biotech trends and the global economy’s tides ride alongside Novavax’s stock journey.

How is Novavax’s financial health positioned for its 2025 stock performance?

Novavax’s financial health for 2025 is like a puzzle with mixed pieces:


  • CoinPriceForecast sees a bright side, expecting a 92% jump to $20.14 by 2029.
  • LeoProphet’s analysts aim at $20.6, painting a rosy picture.


  • Seeking Alpha’s cautious, future’s hazy, and grants, not sales, fueled 2021’s revenue.
  •’s not cheering, predicting a drop to $6.007 in 2025.
  •  Forbes notes a steep fall from $290 to $7.23 since 2021’s peak.

But remember, these predictions are puzzle pieces, not the whole picture. A financial advisor’s wisdom and thorough research are golden before diving in.