Is Nordic consulting Layoffs in 2024?

Nordic is an award-winning consulting firm specializing in health and technology. It collaborates with global health experts to develop healthier systems, organizations, and people. Their global team has over 3,300 experts. These experts combine decades of experience in strategic advising, digital and cloud initiatives, implementation and support, ERP services, and managed services. Is Nordic consulting Layoffs in 2024? According to sources, no recent layoffs occurred in Nordic.

Nordic and its wholly-owned family of companies help over 700 clients use the power of technology on a global basis. It has years of expertise with the healthcare industry’s main EHR and ERP systems. It includes Epic, Cerner, Meditech, and Infor.

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History of Nordic

Nordic Consulting Group (NCG) began with three consulting firms from Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. They intended to team up as individual consultants in the infrastructure business. The companies quickly evolved into subcontracted staff and expanded into partner companies.

Nordic Consulting Group AS was founded in Oslo, Norway, in 1985. It began as a private consulting firm with limited liability. Now, it has over 17 partners.

Nordic Consulting Group AS, based in Copenhagen, Denmark, was founded in 1989. It is now known as NCG Denmark. NCG Denmark has over 15 partners now.

Nordic Consulting Group AB was founded in Stockholm in 1992. It is now referred to as NCG Sweden. Currently, NCG Sweden has about nine partners.

NCG Zambia was founded in 1994 in Lusaka, Zambia. It was the first of 13 overseas NCG companies throughout Africa, Asia, the Americas, and Europe.

In 2010, this network of 16 distinct NCG companies was known as the Nordic Consulting Group. Thus, it extended from the Nordic countries to China and South Africa.

How does it work?

Nordic offers a unique technique for attracting top consultants. These consultants will assist healthcare firms in implementing EHR systems. They have a unique strategy, such as:

  • Create a meaningful relationship by learning about each consultant’s particular skill set, personal needs, project or travel preferences, and long-term goals.
  • Maintain transparency regarding Nordic bills and consultant pay.
  • Concentrate on hiring the most experienced consultants.
  • Teach customers the value of mentoring for post-engagement success.

The combination of transparency and genuine connections proved to be quite appealing in the talent market. Nordic’s home office team won awards, and its consultants flourished. It’s because they give their full attention to their clients and witness the tangible results of their hard work.

Nordic lays off 72 employees

Nordic, an EHR consulting business for systems, stated on September 1, 2020, that it would lay off 72 of its over 1,000 employees in the United States. It was done in response to the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The layoffs are the result of economic disruptions experienced by Nordic’s healthcare group clients. It has led many people to halt projects, slash budgets, lay off staff, and decrease or remove functions.

According to the press release, 

“The layoffs are part of Nordic’s “early steps to keep itself financially stable and well-positioned.” The company will continue serving its more than 250 clients across North America in the midst of economic challenges.

Nordic said it decided to lay off workers after pursuing various cost-cutting initiatives during the last six months. The company is providing displaced employees with separation pay based on tenure, well-being help, and career transition services.

Nordic CEO Jim Costanzo stated in a press release:

“A staff reduction is never something you want to do. Yet, we are dedicated to helping our affected employees during the transition period. Moving forward, the redirection of resources will allow us to meet the evolving needs of our clients better. It will also better position Nordic for expansion over the months and years to come.”

Recent updates

Nordic Consulting developed a collaboration with Clinical Healthcare Analytics (CHA) in May 2024. It is an organization that uses real-time data to improve clinical care and case management. Nordic will provide, consult on, and deploy CHA’s enterprise portfolio of fully integrated diagnostics. It will also offer treatment analytic tools for certain EHR systems.

Physicians design the cloud-based CHA solution for physicians. It allows healthcare providers to conduct real-time analysis at the point of service. Automated insights are built into everyday workflows to detect preventative steps based on evidence-based best practices.

The drastically improved simple user experience was created with physician feedback and real-time point-of-care analysis. It can save clinicians up to eight hours per week on technology.


Jerry Baker is the president of Clinical Healthcare Analytics. He said, “Nordic’s experts bring broad technical expertise and healthcare operations knowledge. These are required to integrate CHA into the existing workflows and processes of world-class health systems.” “We’re happy to partner with an industry veteran to scale our mission. Thus, it will improve clinical care and optimize case management via timely analytics.”

As of now, no layoffs have been reported by the Nordic Consulting Group.

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