Nike Janoski discontinued

Nike Janoski discontinued 2023: Will Nike bring back Janoski?

Is Nike Janoski discontinued? Through its clothes, footwear, and athletes, Nike SB has had a difficult time displaying the rich skateboarding culture and lifestyle. The company has released numerous re-releases and new colorways. They have done it to support the brand’s essence over the past year due to the rebirth of skate culture.

The Nike SB Janoski is unquestionably one of the most iconic of these shoes. After a decade-long run, the brand has decided to release the follow-up to its legendary shoe. Thus, they introduced the Air Max Janoski 2.

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Does Nike still have Janoski?

Nike Janoski discontinued 2023

The multi-hyphenate visionary dominates the industry of streetwear and shoes. Virgil Abloh is the best-known example, who has transitioned from architecture to DJing, footwear design, fashion design, product design, and much more. Another instance is Tom Sachs, who is a versatile modern artist. His Nike collaborations, such as the Mars Yard Shoe and Mars Yard Overshoe, feel more robust than simple shoes.

Like Sachs, skateboarder Stefan Janoski’s iconic Nike SB sneakers represent a very small portion of his overall brand image. When he’s not skating, Janoski keeps himself busy by authoring books, making sculptures, paintings, swimming floats, and recording music. After much work, Janoski and designer James Arizumi created the “Nike SB Zoom Janoski” in 2009. Now the Air Max Janoski 2 is the result of his unshakable goal.

The first Stefan Janoski-designed Nike model wasn’t expected to be available. However, ten years after its debut, the shoe is still strong as a skate shoe and is acknowledged as one of the most distinctive skate shapes of all time.

The shoe was unlike anything else released by a Nike athlete in the past. In 2009, Nike Kobe, LeBron, and other high-end performance shoe types with air bubbles and flashy designs dominated the athlete shoe market. The absolute opposite of this was the Nike Janoski.

In the Nike lineup, Stefan Janoski is different from our normal athlete. Janoski is quite laid-back in character. But he has a highly independent style and way of thinking. It’s because he stands there with a colorful sweater and loose pants with visible wear and tear from skating. When Janoski met with Nike for the early design sessions, he knew what he desired in a professional model.

“I had designed shoes for a couple of other businesses, but Nike was the one that genuinely paid attention and stayed true to my vision,” claims Janoski. When the model first appeared, he thought it was cool, but he never imagined that everyone else would agree.

Earlier, Nike SB had only released the Paul Rodriguez sneaker. It had a much more athletic design and a bulkier, larger profile. The traditional, hefty skate shoe differed from what Janoski was looking for. In contrast to his far more carb-heavy predecessors in the iconic skate shoes, Janoski chose a basic, everyday shoe. He intended to “make his feet bleed” during skating. He was determined to quit wearing “baked potatoes” on his feet.+

At Janoksi’s request, Nike hesitantly agreed to take the shoe off completely. Initially, according to Janoski, it was difficult to convince them of the merits of his proposals: “Everyone was terrified and anxious about the design.” Not a single Nike shoe was in sight. It was made of flexible materials, was too simple, and used no technology. But after numerous conference calls during which he refused to compromise on his vision, they eventually settled on a design, according to Janoski.

The Nike Janoski is one of their most popular signatures silhouettes ever. Also, doing something unconventional was the perfect move. Due to the model’s adaptability, it was accepted by everyone, from casual skaters to office employees. Over the past ten years, it has been worn by virtually every subculture worldwide.

Will Nike bring back Janoski?

The new sneaker features a similar design to that of its predecessor. It draws inspiration from Stefan Janoski’s legendary career as a professional skateboarder. The new plan, however, has a knit upper, a brand-new IP foam midsole, and a visible Air Max unit that enhances the functioning of the sneaker.

But Nike didn’t stop there. It also released a more expensive model of the new shoe. This new one has a knit lining that resembles a sock and offers greater safety and comfort. The new sneakers are available in three different colorways: “Black” and “White” versions on the normal pairs and a camouflage variation on the premium pair. Future iterations of the recently introduced Air Max Janoski 2 should come in various additional colorways.

Later, the Nike SB Zoom Stefan Janoski was created in 2022 as a part of the Nike Doernbecher Freestyle XVII Collections by Catalina Vazquez. Vazquez, one of the seven OHSU patients chosen to work on the most recent Nike x Doernbecher Collection, has Von Hippel-Lindau disease. She also underwent several surgeries. But after emerging like a butterfly, she was eager to bring attention to her illness.

This Nike SB Zoom Stefan Janoski “Doernbecher” edition features a white, Copa, black, and crimson joy colorway. Faraway places inspired this model. It is made with a full canvas construction with a teal and white color scheme. It has a colorful butterfly embroidered on the toe, DNA helix graphics all around, and the slogan “The remedy is in our genes.” 

They are prominently displayed on the sides of the white rubberized bottoms. Each pair includes a unique hang tag and special packaging.


The annual sneaker release calendars are only complete with throwbacks and comebacks. We could say that they are the “bread and butter” of the business. They entrap fans for decades with the power of nostalgia.

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