is nestle splash water discontinued

Is Nestle Splash Water Discontinued in 2023? – Where to Buy

Is Nestle Splash Water Discontinued? As we all know, drinking water in enough quantity helps people to remain hydrated, enhances their quality of life, and supports good health. So, Nestle launched a pure and natural quality water solution for their consumers that help them lead healthier lives.

Do you want to know what happened to Nestle Splash Water? If yes, then Look no further! Read this blog post to learn more about Nestle Splash Water.

Yes, Nestle water is discontinued, but no official statement exists. So, we can only speculate by noticing their availability at stores or online platforms that marked this item as “Currently Unavailable” or “Temporary Out Of Stock”. 

And for now, you cannot buy flavoured water provided by Nestle because the company recently discontinued this product.

It indicates that the company is struggling with some issues and discontinued Splash Water for now! We can’t say when it will be back and put on the store’s shelves again.

People want these fruit-flavoured splash water bottles back and prefer them over any other frizzy drink to quench their thirst.

Although several other iconic international brands sell their unique natural mineral water globally, it can be found anywhere. 

These brands include Perrier, Acqua Panna, S. Pellegrino, and several other leading brands. Some European brands, such as Buxton, Vittel, Erikli, etc. All these brands have a major goal: they all care for biodiversity and the environment. 

Apart from these, Nestle Pure Life is the brand that offers high-quality mineral purified water, and its splash water offers the ultimate fruit flavour. It provides water that is safe and clean.

All these brands vary, but they aim to provide sustainable hydration with the highest quality mineral water worldwide.

According to report outlets, it has been noted that Nestle Water North America now operates under a new corporate brand because the company Nestle partnered with Metropoulos & Co. and has now given a new name – BlueTrition Splash Blast.

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Does Nestle Still Make Splash Water?

is nestle splash water discontinued

Yes, Nestle Water still exists, and it has more than 30,000 employees. It is a leading brand under which several other brands operate, such as Perrier, Vittel, and many more.

There is no clear-cut answer on the discontinuation of Nestle Splash Water because we’ve not received any official statement from the company. So, we are just anticipating whether it is discontinued or not. 

If we look at its availability, Nestle may stop making splash water because this item is unavailable or out of stock.

Although, we have to wait to discover what exactly is happening and its consequences.

What Happened To Nestle And Why Did It Change Its Packaging?

The bottled water company Nestle has been given a new name. As the Switzerland-based Nestle company has been sold to One Rock Capital Partners LLC in partnership with Metropoulos & Co., Nestle Splash Water is known by the name of BlueTriton Splash Blast!!

Now, the new name of Nestle Splash Water is BlueTriton’s Splash Blast. It is available in 7 bold and refreshing flavours, including Lemon, Pineapple, Mango, Watermelon, Acai Grape, Mandarin Orange, Raspberry, and Wildberry.

These fruit-flavoured bottled beverages also contain no sugar or calories. BlueTriton’s Splash Blast comes with added electrolytes. This can also be a smart alternative to sugary drinks.

BlueTriton is given because blue represents water, and Triton means god of the sea according to Greek mythology. The company aimed to name BlueTriton to reflect the brand’s goal.

Metropoulos & Co. is well known for operating and investing in food and beverage brands for over 40 years. The company has partnered with Nestle and is committed to being at the forefront of sustainable water with the highest quality. 

The visual blueprint of the packaging and containers of Nestle Splash Water has been changed. This is done to attract more consumers. It now has new packaging with its corporate logo. Also, the brand has changed its social media accounts and website.

Where To Buy Nestle Splash Water?

Yes, Nestle Splash Water is available online, but this time, you may face difficulty while buying this particular item by Nestle. 

Because they marked it “Currently unavailable.” As its availability varies from store to store or market to market, you may buy Nestle Splash Water at your nearest store or buy it at Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. 

Why Do People Demand Nestle Splash Water?

People Demand Nestle Splash Water because of its natural flavour and little sweetness. Nestle offers a wide variety of products, and its splash water is one of them. It is available in four fun ways that keep you hydrated by keeping dehydration at bay. Nestle Splash Variety Pack includes Lemon, Orange, Wild Berry, and Grape flavours. 

It has a light sweetness and gives a natural flavour to the fruit. It is also a great blend of purified water. Whenever you feel thirsty, this Nestle Splash bottled beverage can always be a smart option that you can opt for! 


  • 4 packs contain 8 plastic bottles to bring to work or for lunch.
  • A total of 4 packs contain 32 bottles, you can take away the pack with lots of flavours, so your family or friends can open the bottles.
  • Its natural fruit flavours with light sweetness enhance the fun and keep you hydrated.
  • Additionally, these bottled beverage contains zero-calorie sweeteners. It doubles up your enjoyment and also supports your health.
  • If you are looking for a sugared beverage, we recommend Nestle Splash Water, which can be a smart alternative.

Wrapping Up

You must prefer this thirst-quenching bottled beverage over any other soda pop or sugary drink with zero calories and zero sugar. Look no further! Head to Nestle Splash Water; it will add a great fruit flavour to your family’s daily hydration schedule.

Nestle Splash Water is an ultimate source of unique water, which helps to protect natural aquifers globally. Nestle brand promises to create natural mineral water with the highest quality that positively impacts water worldwide.