Is Nesquik Powder Getting Discontinued: Are They Still Available Now?

Is Nesquik Powder Getting Discontinued? Remember that childhood and adult favorite drink mix for chocolate or strawberry-flavored milk? Well, those days are now behind us. Nestle has decided to discontinue these beloved products. The chocolate and strawberry 250gm and 500gm drinks were discontinued. They are officially discontinued on August 21, 2023.

Nesquik, a beloved brand under the Swiss company Nestlé, has a rich history dating back to 1948. It all began when Nestlé introduced a chocolate-flavored milk drink mix. It was called Nestlé Quik in the United States. This delightful concoction soon found its way to Europe in the 1950s. Later, it was rebranded as Nesquik.

Since 1999, the Nesquik name has become a household favorite worldwide. Today, Nesquik boasts a diverse range of products. Including breakfast cereals, powdered mixes for flavored milk, syrups, ready-to-drink options, candy bars, Fondue fountains, Hot chocolate mix, and more.

The journey of Nesquik started with the launch of a chocolate powdered flavoring mix in the US as Nestlé Quik in 1948. Later, in the 1950s, it expanded its presence in Europe under Nesquik. It was officially renamed Nesquik in 1999 to establish a consistent global brand. It unified its identity even in countries like the US and Canada, where it was initially known as Nestlé’s Quik.

Throughout its evolution, Nesquik has remained innovative. It introduced products like Nesquik syrup in 1981 and ready-to-drink options in 1984. This commitment to adaptation has allowed Nesquik to cater to consumers’ ever-changing tastes and preferences. To ensure its continued popularity.

However, a few products will no longer be produced in the country, including: 

  • Nestlé Nesquik strawberry 500g
  • Nestlé Nesquik strawberry 250g
  • Nestlé Nesquik chocolate 500g
  • Nestlé Nesquik chocolate 250g

Still, Nestlé SA assures that they will continue to supply other products, including Milo, Hot Chocolate, and cocoa drinks. To offer some solace to loyal customers.

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Why Did Nesquik Powder Get Discontinued?

A sad announcement has saddened South African consumers as Nestlé reveals the discontinuation of its beloved flavored milk powder drink. The decision to remove Nesquick Chocolate and Strawberry flavors (250g and 500g) was made on August 21, 2023. Nestlé discontinued Nesquik due to a drop in sales and declining demand. 

A spokesperson from Nestlé explained. Declining sales and available retail space influence the decision to discontinue products. They emphasized that Nestlé tailors its product offerings to local preferences, shopping trends, and retail conditions in each market. 

Nesquik Controversy

Nesquik faced controversy when the UK’s advertising watchdog determined. Their claim of providing children with a “great start to the day!” was misleading due to the product’s high sugar content. This issue arose. Because the advertisement implied health benefits without providing verifiable health claims, it went against European law. The controversy highlighted the importance of accurate and transparent advertising. Especially when promoting products aimed at children’s consumption. It serves as a reminder of the need for responsible marketing practices. It was particularly concerning food and beverages targeted at young consumers. 

Impact On Consumers

The news of Nesquick’s demise sparked emotional reactions on social media. One concerned parent took to Twitter. He pleaded with @Nesquick to reconsider, highlighting its importance to their children. 

Another lightheartedly claimed. Nestlé South Africa had “chosen death” by discontinuing the cherished milk drink. For many South African households, Milo has been a long-standing favorite—a sentiment echoed by @p33p5 on social media.

A TikToker from Western Australia, Holly, recently shared her discovery of Nesquik’s banana-flavored powder in an independent, family-owned business for $8.99. She expressed disappointment with major supermarket chains Coles and Woolworths for discontinuing the banana-flavored Nesquik. She mentioned that the product is an import from the UK. She also explained the higher price compared to the previously available $3.99.

Commenters on the video echoed her sentiments. The absence of the product in significant supermarkets saddened them. However, as reported by the Daily Mail, Nesquik clarified that the banana-flavored powder was discontinued in Australia in 2018. It is still available in independent stores that import it from the UK.

Was Nesquik Recalled?

In 2012, Nestle USA recalled some of its Nesquik chocolate powder. It was because of a potential salmonella risk. The affected Nesquik products were found in 10.9, 21.8, and 40.7-ounce canisters. These were produced in early October and distributed nationwide.

The recall was initiated after Nestlé’s ingredient supplier, Omaya Inc., recalled some calcium carbonate used in the product due to possible salmonella contamination. Thankfully, no illnesses were reported in connection with the product.

Salmonella causes symptoms such as fever, abdominal cramps, and diarrhea. These can be particularly serious for infants, the elderly, and pregnant women. People with weakened immune systems have an adverse effect of Salmonella.

The affected products had a “Best if sold by” date of October 2014 and included specific unit production codes listed on the canister’s bottom. Other varieties of Nesquik powder were not part of the recall.

Consumers who purchased the affected Nesquik products were advised not to use them. Or they can either return them for a refund.

In the food sector, Salmonella recalls are not uncommon. This incident served as a reminder of the importance of food safety measures. To protect consumers from potential health risks.

Is Nesquik Powder Still Available Now?

However, Nesquik Powder has been discontinued. But don’t fret too much because there is some good news. Nesquik still graces South African store shelves for the time being. However, the discontinuation has led to some sellers charging excessively high prices for the product. On the Takealot marketplace, a seller has listed Nesquik products. But they are listed at nearly three times the prices of most retailers.

Interestingly, this isn’t Nesquik’s first disappearance from South African stores. 2008, a colorant issue with Strawberry Nesquick led to its withdrawal from the market. Nestlé ceased production and destroyed large quantities of the product. But she later brought it back.

Since the announcement of Nesquik’s discontinuation, demand for the product has surged. Checkers supermarkets, owned by the Shoprite group, reported a significant increase in Nesquik sales. While most physical stores still have ample stock. Takealot offers the product through a marketplace reseller at prices nearly three times higher than in-store.

For example, the 500-gram chocolate Nesquik is being sold on Takealot for R173—the strawberry flavor for R185. Consumers need to be aware of these price variations. Or explore their options when seeking Nesquik.

In short, Milo, Nestlé Hot Chocolate, and Nestlé Cocoa will still be available on the shelves for your enjoyment. So, while we say goodbye to Nesquik, we can still savor these delightful Nestlé treats.

Where To Buy Nesquik Powder?

Nesquik offers a delectable array of flavors, satisfying diverse tastes from the classic Nesquik chocolate milk that many adore to the delightful options. Including Nesquik strawberry, vanilla, and banana, there’s a flavor to suit every preference. Whether you’re craving the rich and creamy chocolate indulgence. Or the fruity sweetness of strawberry, Nesquik ensures a delightful treat for all. Enjoy a flavorful journey with Nesquik’s range of delicious choices. Finding this lovely powder is quite convenient, with multiple purchasing options available.

Firstly, you can explore Amazon. It may offer Nesquik Powder in chocolate flavors at various prices, catering to different locations.

Alternatively, your local grocery store will likely stock Nesquik Powder, typically found in either the beverage or baking aisle.

For those who prefer online shopping. The official Nesquik website provides a product locator. It will help you find your desired Nesquik product at a local or online retailer. This variety of options ensures that enjoying Nesquik Powder is just a step away.

Recommended Alternatives To Nesquik

Nestlé’s decision to discontinue Nesquik in South Africa disappointed some consumers. However, the company reassured the public that other chocolate milk options are still available. Nestlé aims to focus on several brands. Due to their strong performance and loyal customer base, as reported by News24.

While significant retailers often have their private-label brands. Savvy independent producers are seizing opportunities in the market. For instance, when Cadbury’s Sweetie Pie disappeared, local producer Beyers launched its version. Now found in major retailers. Similarly, NOMU introduced MAYU mayonnaise. It has filled the gap left by Hellmann’s discontinuation of its popular mayonnaise.

NOMU has also introduced CHOCMILK. It is a high-quality chocolate milk powder with 45% less sugar than Nesquik. It is sweetened with stevia. This innovative product caters to changing consumer preferences. It aims to provide a delicious alternative for chocolate milk lovers in South Africa.

The Wrap

The discontinuation of Nesquik Powder marks the end of an era for many loyal consumers. We’ve recapped how this beloved childhood favorite is bidding farewell. Due to declining demand, this led to an adjustment in Nestlé’s product lineup. In comparison, it’s undoubtedly a bittersweet moment for Nesquik enthusiasts.

We encourage embracing the evolving landscape of chocolate milk options. Milo, Hot Chocolate, and cocoa drinks remain on the shelves, offering continued enjoyment as we bid farewell to the past. Let’s savor the new possibilities, reminding us that change although it is challenging. But it led to the discovery of fresh and delightful experiences.