Is Nauzene discontinued

Nauzene discontinued 2023 – What happened to Nauzene? 

Is Nauzene discontinued? What happened to Nauzene? Nauzene is a stomach relief medicine used to come down with any acute stomach ache that a person might face. This includes all kinds of stomach upset aches, such as pain from eating or drinking the wrong type of food or consuming any food article that has triggered something in your stomach. 

These medicines are chewable and can also be used for nausea. A doctor recommends this medicine to cure stomach aches fastly and without going to the hospital. This is made for domestic purposes. If you feel like you’re having severe medical issues related to your stomach or body, you must directly visit a doctor rather than consume this medicine.

Is nauzene discontinued?

Is Nauzene discontinued

People have been looking for Nauzene in their nearby medical stores and supermarkets for a very long period. This has made a lot of people concerned that the manufacturers have discontinued the medicine. A lot of people in mass groups have emailed the manufacturers, and they have found out that the company is facing supply chain disruptions. Like other food companies and pharmaceutical products, Nauzene faces supply chain interruptions.

 It has been facing problems like these for over the years, which has led to the ultimate discontinuation of this medicine. as the FDA does not approve this medicine because they do not find all the ingredients used in this medicine trustworthy, a lot of people thought that this medicine had been banned. But as of yet, the medicine has not been banned by the government and still carries permission to be manufactured. 

It’s just that the manufacturers cannot bring back the medicine stock like before.

Chances are high that the medicine will be back by the end of the year. Nauzene was the ultimate short-term solution for many people’s health-related concerns. Upon its unavailability, people are looking for substitutes. We hope that medicine comes back on the market soon so people can solve their health-related concerns with one single tablet in four minutes.


Often, we go on holidays or parties where we end up having more food than our stomachs can handle. This leads to the oversecretion of acids and disturbs the pH level of our gut. Nauzene helps overcome this problem by explicitly buffering formulas for pain relief. It takes 4 minutes for this medicine to start doing its work. In four minutes, it can neutralize 99.9% of the acid produced in your stomach. This medicine has been manufactured in a way that it acts as a base to neutralize the amplified acid levels in your stomach. This medicine is also very effective in stopping vomiting. 

About 70% of the customers who have used this medicine found that their vomiting stops after consuming it. This means that taking this medicine might benefit you if you’re feeling like puking. It also contains sugar which is why it is so effective and doing what it claims to do. This medicine is the best in the market when you compare it with all the available alternatives. Many confuse it with other medicines like Tum, but it is nothing like those. Its effectiveness is way more than theirs.

How to use Nauzene

Is Nauzene discontinued 2022

It is essential to note the right way of using this medicine. Otherwise, it may backfire on you. First, you must check with your doctor if you want to make a kid, an older adult, or a person with health problems consume this medicine. This is because they may develop unlikely reactions and side effects to the treatment.

 Kids are highly sensitive, and people suffering from health issues might get triggered because of this medicine. Also, it is essential to remember that this medicine is only a temporary solution. If you are facing permanent stomach pain that is not resolved even after continuous medication, it is advisable to consult a doctor. Avoid consuming this medicine for more than ten days on a stretch. 

This may do you more bad than good. Daily, you can chew 2 to 4 tablets to cure stomach aches. Avoid consuming any more pills than that. Also, do not drink anything just after consuming this medicine. The medicine might react with whatever you have consumed, and the consequences will be faced by your body only.

 This is why it is advised to consume this medicine after a reasonable amount of time has passed since you had your last meal. This medicine is also available in wild cherry flavor. The brand introduced this flavor so that children could have this medicine easily. In some cases, doctors may advise you not to consume more than 24 tablets. Twenty-four tablets a day is a considerable overdose so consume this amount only when your doctor has recommended the same.

Customer review of the medicine

So far, customers have liked this medicine a lot. This is also available in drop variant for children. It is a liquid tonic-like medicine functional in the flavor of the grapes. The most appreciable part about this brand is that they put so much effort into improving the treatment taste. 

Conventionally medicines are really bad in taste which is why children are so repulsive towards them. But on the contrary, this medicine is perfect in taste which is why parents trust this medicine so much. It is a proper concoction of flavor along with effectiveness. The medicine is also not too intense for kids.

 Many people have found that this medicine is even effective for other problems related to their health. For example, many women use this medicine to cure their ears or nurse and headaches. Scientifically this medicine has been proven effective in solving many meager health-related issues. But again, do not use this medicine for acute medical concerns and only consult a doctor for the same.

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