MULN stock forecast 2025

MULN stock forecast 2025: Is Mullen a good stock to buy?

Curious about where MULN stock might head in 2025? The stock market is always buzzing with predictions, hopes, and surprises. MULN, or Mullen Automotive, has been on investors’ radars for a while. Let’s explore what experts and trends suggest. Buckle up, and let’s dive into the intriguing world of stock forecasts!

Mullen Automotive Inc Stock (MULN) is expected to have an average price of $80,772.57 in 2025. Analysts suggest a high prediction of $123,549.64 and a low estimate of $37,995.49. This shows a potential rise of +265607.48% from the last known price of $14.29.

Here you can check the monthly predictions for 2025:

  • January: $114,218.93 (+799192.71%)
  • February: $113,195.98 (+792034.19%)
  • March: $103,369.54 (+723269.74%)
  • April: $94,764.08 (+663049.63%)
  • May: $85,969.63 (+601506.93%)
  • June: $81,282.19 (+568704.69%)
  • July: $75,579.24 (+528795.99%)
  • August: $69,273.29 (+484667.57%)
  • September: $60,898.63 (+426062.59%)
  • October: $54,231.96 (+379409.88%)
  • November: $46,974.80 (+328624.98%)
  • December: $37,969.60 (+265607.48%)

These predictions offer an idea of possible future price movements. Remember, actual stock prices can change due to various factors, and these forecasts should be considered as estimates, not guarantees.

About Mullen Automotive Inc. (MULN)

Mullen Automotive, Inc., headquartered in Brea, California, is an American automotive and electric vehicle manufacturer established in 2014 by David Michery, serving as both its chairman and CEO. The company specializes in passenger electric vehicles and commercial vehicles, often rebranding Chinese imports like the Mullen Campus, Mullen One, Mullen Three, Mullen Go, and Mullen GT lines. While developing their unique Mullen Five EV, the company faced hurdles in finalizing the engineering of the Dragonfly K50 luxury sports car, now known as the Mullen GT and GTRS.

A pivotal moment occurred on June 15, 2020, when Mullen Technologies merged with Net Element, Inc., transforming into Mullen Automotive, Inc., after the completion of the reverse merger in November 2021. Initially planning a factory in Memphis, Tennessee, for the Mullen FIVE crossover SUV, the company later opted for a facility in Robinsonville, Mississippi, in November 2021. In September 2022, Mullen acquired a controlling stake in Bollinger Motors for $148.2 million, valuing pre-revenue Bollinger Motors at $247 million.

Despite expansion efforts, Mullen Automotive faced controversies. In February 2022, Fuzzy Panda Research criticized the acquisition of Electric Last Mile Solutions, accusing Mullen of misleading practices. In April 2022, Hindenburg Research labelled Mullen as one of the “worst electric vehicle hustles” in recent history.

In summary, Mullen Automotive, Inc. has navigated challenges and controversies in its journey as an American automotive and electric vehicle manufacturer, combining rebranding initiatives with the development of proprietary electric vehicles.

What Is The MULN Stock Forecast For 2024?

For Mullen Automotive Inc Stock (MULN), the expected average price in 2024 is $112,171.60. Analysts suggest a high forecast of $180,267.94 and a low forecast of $44,075.26. Compared to the current price of $14.29, this represents a potential increase of +877157.74%.

Here you can check the monthly predictions for 2024:

  • February: $121,166.36 (+847810.13%)
  • March: $146,774.40 (+1027012.70%)
  • April: $177,870.96 (+1244623.33%)
  • May: $121,255.01 (+848430.52%)
  • June: $147,763.06 (+1033931.21%)
  • July: $150,271.12 (+1051482.36%)
  • August: $135,068.67 (+945097.11%)
  • September: $131,416.23 (+919537.69%)
  • October: $129,713.77 (+907624.10%)
  • November: $127,158.57 (+889743.04%)
  • December: $125,360.13 (+877157.74%)

These predictions provide an idea of potential price movements, but various factors can influence actual stock prices. Investors should consider these forecasts as estimates, and the market may behave differently than predicted.

What Is The MULN Stock Forecast For 2026?

Experts predict that in the year 2026, Mullen Automotive Inc. stock (MULN) could have an average price of $190,626.83. The expected range goes from a high of $379,435.88 to a low of $1,817.79. This shows a huge increase of +2255195.57% compared to the previous price of $14.29.

Here you can check the monthly predictions for 2026:

  • January 2026: $30,724.55 (+214907.33%)
  • February 2026: $23,511.34 (+164430.05%)
  • March 2026: $14,478.57 (+101219.62%)
  • April 2026: $7,239.85 (+50563.76%)
  • May 2026: $228,121.50 (+1596271.59%)
  • June 2026: $309,016.62 (+2162367.59%)
  • July 2026: $333,007.71 (+2330254.89%)
  • August 2026: $375,427.83 (+2627106.67%)
  • September 2026: $373,417.93 (+2613041.56%)
  • October 2026: $309,560.02 (+2166170.28%)
  • November 2026: $328,805.14 (+2300845.71%)
  • December 2026: $322,281.74 (+2255195.57%)

What Is The MULN Stock Forecast For 2027?

In 2027, experts guess that Mullen Automotive Inc Stock (MULN) might have an average price of $229,424.12. They say it could go as high as $305,300.26 or as low as $153,547.98. That’s a huge change from the last price of $14.29, showing an increase of +1073689.19%.

Here you can check the monthly predictions for 2027:

  • January 2027: $299,837.33 (+2098131.86%)
  • February 2027: $288,728.43 (+2020392.85%)
  • March 2027: $278,188.05 (+1946632.31%)
  • April 2027: $268,390.89 (+1878072.79%)
  • May 2027: $257,540.01 (+1802139.41%)
  • June 2027: $239,156.86 (+1673495.92%)
  • July 2027: $230,891.95 (+1615658.93%)
  • August 2027: $212,013.07 (+1483546.40%)
  • September 2027: $196,165.67 (+1372647.84%)
  • October 2027: $180,129.26 (+1260426.67%)
  • November 2027: $166,389.38 (+1164276.35%)
  • December 2027: $153,444.48 (+1073689.19%)

What Is The MULN Stock Forecast For 2028?

In 2028, experts think Mullen Automotive Inc. stock (MULN) might have an average price of $267,383.30. They say it could go as high as $531,124.07 or as low as $3,642.52. That’s a really big change from the last price of $14.29, showing an increase of +3812699.66%.

Here you can check the monthly predictions for 2028:

  • January 2028: $136,482.59 (+954991.63%)
  • February 2028: $122,469.48 (+856929.25%)
  • March 2028: $108,560.85 (+759598.07%)
  • April 2028: $94,061.74 (+658134.71%)
  • May 2028: $76,004.10 (+531769.13%)
  • June 2028: $61,517.09 (+430390.51%)
  • July 2028: $43,455.71 (+303998.76%)
  • August 2028: $28,976.73 (+202676.26%)
  • September 2028: $14,496.05 (+101341.94%)
  • October 2028: $486,825.79 (+3406658.47%)
  • November 2028: $528,099.93 (+3695490.82%)
  • December 2028: $544,849.07 (+3812699.66%)

What Is The MULN Stock Forecast For 2029?

In 2029, Mullen Automotive Inc. stock (MULN) might cost around $461,095.02 on average. Some say it could be as high as $578,603.82, while others think it might be as low as $343,586.21. That’s a huge jump from the starting price of $14.29, showing an increase of +2402518.71%.

Here you can check the monthly predictions for 2029:

  • January 2029: $578,216.75 (+4046203.36%)
  • February 2029: $568,964.89 (+3981459.78%)
  • March 2029: $497,865.04 (+3483910.04%)
  • April 2029: $508,057.71 (+3555237.39%)
  • May 2029: $494,292.36 (+3458908.79%)
  • June 2029: $464,606.00 (+3251166.61%)
  • July 2029: $442,848.68 (+3098911.04%)
  • August 2029: $426,662.32 (+2985640.52%)
  • September 2029: $409,623.21 (+2866402.54%)
  • October 2029: $389,719.89 (+2727121.08%)
  • November 2029: $364,094.78 (+2547799.12%)
  • December 2029: $343,334.21 (+2402518.71%)

What Is The MULN Stock Forecast For 2030?

Mullen Automotive Inc Stock (MULN) is expected to cost around $200,961.15 on average in the year 2030. Some people think it might go as high as $336,726.00, while others believe it could go as low as $65,196.30. This is a big jump from the starting price of $14.29, showing an increase of +456133.86%.

Here you can check the monthly predictions for 2030:

  • January 2030: $320,656.61 (+2243823.06%)
  • February 2030: $297,567.25 (+2082246.04%)
  • March 2030: $274,288.89 (+1919346.41%)
  • April 2030: $251,496.57 (+1759848.00%)
  • May 2030: $231,309.71 (+1618582.38%)
  • June 2030: $210,519.86 (+1473097.03%)
  • July 2030: $184,040.32 (+1287795.90%)
  • August 2030: $162,889.75 (+1139786.26%)
  • September 2030: $135,712.54 (+949602.83%)
  • October 2030: $114,038.60 (+797930.78%)
  • November 2030: $92,309.64 (+645873.69%)
  • December 2030: $65,195.82 (+456133.86%)

Mullen’s Financial Struggles Raise Concerns for Investors

One big reason is they were at risk of going out of business. Many companies that make electric cars have had money problems lately. Mullen was spending a lot more money than it was making. In one year, they lost more than $740 million, while the year before, they only lost $44 million.

Their recent money report shows more problems. In just three months, they didn’t earn any money and spent $67.5 million. Also, they made things tougher for people who owned their stock by making more shares, which made each share worth less. All these financial troubles are making people who invest in Mullen worried about the company’s future.

Can Mullen Automotive Stock Make a Comeback?

People are wondering if Mullen Automotive’s stock will bounce back since it’s lost a lot of its value. Based on what we see, it might reach around $1 by 2025 or 2026.

But the stock market is unpredictable. Sometimes, big changes can happen really fast, making predictions tricky. If a lot of people decide to invest in Mullen Automotive, the stock price could go up more quickly than we think.

What Has Happened With MULN?

Fintel, a company that looks at stocks, thinks MULN stock might be worth about $23.46 in a year. But right now, the stock is only worth 13 cents. So, for it to reach that $23 mark, it needs to grow a LOT, like 15,655%. That’s a big jump, especially for a company like Mullen, which has had a lot of problems.

Even the best companies don’t usually grow that much in such a short time. The people who made these predictions on Fintel didn’t say why they think the stock will be worth that much. But there are good reasons to doubt it.

Even with this big prediction, MULN stock isn’t doing well right now. Today, its price went down by 9%. This drop happened even after Mullen said some good news about delivering a van. But, because Mullen has missed promises before, people might not trust this news.

Mullen might also get removed from the stock exchange called Nasdaq because its stock price is too low. Thomas Yeung, someone who looks at stocks, thinks Mullen’s money situation isn’t as good as it seems. He believes that Mullen will face more tough times soon. He said, “Companies can’t keep doing tricks to make it look like they’re doing well. Sooner or later, people will notice and stop believing.

Is MULN Overvalued?

In a normal situation, one MULN stock is worth 0.001 USD. Suppose we check this against the current market price of 14.29 USD. In that case, it seems like Mullen Automotive Inc. might be perceived as more valuable than it truly is—approximately 100% more useful, to be precise.

Is Mullen Automotive Stock Going Up or Down?

Mullen Automotive joined the Nasdaq stock market in November 2021, but since then, its stock value has been going down. Even though fuel prices went up, making people think more about electric cars like Mullen’s, the stock price still dropped a lot.

At the end of December, Mullen Automotive’s stock was about 95% lower than it was at the start of the year, going from $5.8 to $0.28. When Mullen first started on the stock market in 2021, it was priced at $12.99, so it’s way below that now.

Comparing this to other things in the stock market, like the Russell 2000 index (a group of smaller companies’ stocks) falling by 21.39%, Mullen’s drop is much bigger. Even Tesla, a big electric car company, saw its stock go down by 68.16% at the same time.

Mullen Automotive has some good things going on, though. They have $99 million in cash and positive working capital, which means they have enough money to run things smoothly. They’ve also managed to reduce their debt by paying off $13 million recently, putting them in a good position for growth in the next few years.

Why Did MULN Stock Price Drop So Much?

Mullen Automotive’s stock price dropped a lot because of a few things. First, they joined the stock market in a way that made their stock price drop, just like many other companies did. This way is called merging, and it can sometimes make stock prices go down.

Second, some people who bet against stocks said bad things about Mullen. They claimed Mullen is not being honest and is selling cars from China with their name on them. This made people worried about buying Mullen’s stock.

Lastly, the whole electric car industry, where Mullen works, is having a tough time. Big companies like Tesla are also seeing their stock prices drop because fewer people want electric cars now.

In short, Mullen’s stock price went down because of how they joined the stock market, some negative news, and challenges in the electric car industry.

Why Not Invest In Mullen Automotive (MULN) Stock?

Well, there are a few reasons:

Firstly, Mullen hasn’t shown that its technology works well yet. So, if you invest in Mullen, it’s like making a bet on whether they will do well in the future.

Secondly, Mullen is spending a lot of money every month, which is not a good sign. If a company uses up too much money, it might have money problems and could even go out of business soon.

Thirdly, Mullen keeps changing its plans. At first, they wanted to make an electric car, then they tried to sell a Chinese car in the US, and now they’re focusing on delivery trucks. All these changes can make it hard to know if Mullen will do well in the long run.

Also, some people aren’t sure if electric cars will become really popular in the US. They think regular cars with gas engines might still be the favourites, and that could be a problem for companies like Mullen.

Lastly, making electric cars needs a lot of money, like billions of dollars. This can be risky because there might be unexpected problems or costs, adding even more risk for companies like Mullen.

Is Mullen Automotive’s Big Electric Van Deal a Game-Changer?

Even with good news like successful tests on Mullen’s special battery and being added to Russell indices, the Mullen Automotive stock hasn’t gone up.

Even though a law that could help electric car companies passed in August, it didn’t make people feel better about Mullen Automotive stock. The law gives perks that can be good for EV companies like Mullen. For example, it offers a $10 billion credit to build clean-tech facilities for making things like electric cars, wind turbines, and solar panels. It also gives up to $20 billion in loans to build new clean vehicle factories.

In recent news about Mullen Automotive, the company chose Randy Marion Automotive Group (RMA) as its first dealer group partner for its commercial electric vehicles (EVs). These include different types of vans and chassis for trucks, set to come out in 2023.

After this partnership, Mullen got an order for 6,000 electric vans from Randy Marion Isuzu, LLC, a part of RMA. The order is worth about $200 million, and they plan to deliver the first vans in early 2023.

This deal is bigger than the last one Mullen made in July with DelPack Logistics, a company that delivers for Amazon. They ordered up to 600 Mullen electric vans in the next year and a half.

Recent Moves and Deals by Mullen (MULN)

Recently, Mullen (MULN) got an extra $110 million by selling some special types of stocks and notes. This new money will help the company have more financial support.

They also just delivered their first Class 1 EV Cargo Van on time. This shows they can keep their promises. To make their business stronger, Mullen hired some important people. Jerry Hu is now the president of commercial vehicles, and Raj Pai is the chief engineer of commercial vehicles. Mullen is happy about getting talented people from different companies to join them.

In May 2024, Mullen did something called a reverse stock split. This means they combined 25 shares into one share, making each share cost more. But the total value of the company didn’t change.

Also, Mullen made a deal with Newgate Motor Group in November. Newgate will help Mullen with marketing, sales, and service in Ireland and the UK, making Mullen more popular in those places.

Will MULN Reach $100?

Mullen Automotive, Inc. stock would have to increase by almost 600% to reach $100. However, our forecast suggests that the store won’t go up to $100. Our algorithm predicts the highest expected price of $22.93 by October 19, 2024.

Will MULN Reach $500?

Mullen Automotive, Inc. stock would have to go up by a huge 3,398.95% to reach $500. But based on our forecast, it’s unlikely to get that high. Our algorithm predicts the highest expected price of $22.93 by October 19, 2024.

Who Is Invested In MULN Stock?

Here are some big companies and how many shares they own of a company called Mullen. This list shows who has the most shares:

  • Vanguard Group Inc: They have 119,521 shares, which is like owning a small part of the company.
  • Blackrock Inc.: They own 82,975 shares.
  • Geode Capital Management, LLC: They have 47,208 shares.
  • Charles Schwab Investment Management, Inc.: They own 27,075 shares.
  • State Street Corporation: They have 17,346 shares.
  • Northern Trust Corporation: They own 9,310 shares.
  • Man Group PLC: They have 6,530 shares.
  • Susquehanna International Group, LLP: They own 5,093 shares.
  • Virtu Financial LLC: They have 4,810 shares.
  • Bank Of New York Mellon Corporation: They own the smallest amount on this list with 2,638 shares.

All these shares were counted on September 29, 2023. This tells us who is investing in Mullen and believes in its future.

Final Words

In wrapping up the MULN Stock Forecast for 2025, it’s clear that Mullen Automotive faces its share of challenges. The road ahead seems uncertain, with the stock price struggling and financial concerns looming. While there are glimpses of positivity, like potential technology improvements and strategic shifts, investors need to approach with caution.

Looking forward, success for Mullen depends on addressing financial issues, proving their technology’s worth, and making strategic decisions to navigate the market. It’s a bit like driving a car – careful planning, staying alert, and adjusting course when needed. Potential investors should buckle up, do their research, and keep a keen eye on how Mullen maneuvers through the coming years.

The stock market journey can be unpredictable, filled with twists and turns. While the 2025 forecast may not paint the rosiest picture now, the future is unwritten, and Mullen Automotive has the steering wheel in hand. Keep an eye on the developments, stay informed, and remember that investing is a journey, not just a destination.

Thanks for reading this long content!