Is Moen Flo Discontinued? – Can You Still Buy It?

Curious about Moen Flo’s status? Amidst uncertainty, Moen has recalled its Flo Smart Water Monitor Battery Backup Devices. While discontinuation remains unclear, caution is advised.

We’re unsure if Moen Flo is not being sold anymore, but Moen says they won’t give new Flo Smart Water Monitor Battery Backup Devices (Model 920-001). It is because stores discontinued selling it. If you want something else, you can talk to Moen Smart Water Support to get your money back for what you bought.

Moen has recalled a battery backup device for its Flo Smart Water Monitor. This device is called the Flo Smart Water Monitor Battery Backup (Model 920-001). It had a problem where it got too hot and could catch fire. But don’t worry, if you have the Flo Smart Water Monitor and Shutoff, that part still works fine.

The battery backup device was something you could buy separately to keep your Flo Smart Water Monitor working during a power outage. It helps you control your home’s water even when the power is out.

Moen has recalled about 10,000 of these battery backup devices. It is because there have been a few reports of them overheating and catching fire. Thankfully, nobody got hurt, and no significant damage happened. But Moen wanted to be extra careful, so they told people with this device to stop using it immediately. If you have one, you should contact Moen to find out how to safely get rid of it, following the rules for throwing away batteries.

Moen won’t give out new battery backup devices, and stores won’t sell them anymore. Now, let’s find out what exactly Flo by Moen is!

What Is Flo By Moen?

Moen Flo is an intelligent system for your home to keep it safe from water problems. It has different tools to help. One is an intelligent water monitor and shutoff. It can find even tiny leaks anywhere in your home, like one drop per minute. If it sees a big problem, it can turn off the water to stop the issue. The system also monitors how hot or cold your water is and how much water you use.

How Does Flo Work?

The Flo is like an intelligent guard for water in your house. It’s installed where water comes into your home. If it notices something weird, it shuts off the water flow. But it needs power to work. Inside, there’s a Wi-Fi thing and a motor.

Once set up, it learns how much water your home typically uses. Like, flushing a toilet uses some gallons fast, then stops. Washing hands might be used for a few minutes, then stop. Taking a shower uses more gallons but stops after a while, too. Doing laundry also uses water for a bit.

The Flo remembers these patterns. So, if something unusual happens, like water keeps flowing for a long time, it knows. If my apartment had a Flo when it flooded, it would’ve sent an alert to my phone. I could’ve turned off the water from my phone, even at work. If I didn’t, Flo would’ve turned it off for me.

Flo also checks for small leaks. Every night, it turns off water and checks if the pressure drops. If it does, it might mean there’s a leak somewhere. It can’t say where, but at least it warns you.

About Moen: Faucets, Innovations, and Awards

Moen is a company in America that makes faucets and bathroom stuff. Alfred M. Moen started it and is now part of Fortune Brands Innovations. The main office is in North Olmsted, Ohio, and before, it was with a company called Ravenna Metal Products in Seattle, Washington.

A long time ago, in 1956, Moen joined another company called Stanadyne. Later, in 1988, Stanadyne was bought by Forstmann-Little & Company. Then, Fortune Brands got it. In 2011, Fortune Brands started a new company called Fortune Brands Home & Security, and Moen became part of that.

Moen makes faucets for the kitchen, bathroom, and bathtub/shower. Most have one handle and use a particular part called the Moen 1225 to control water. Some newer ones use the 1255 Duralast part with ceramic disc technology.

In the 1970s, Moen made a unique bath and shower valve called Moentrol. It keeps the water temperature right, even if someone flushes a toilet. In 1985, they made the Posi-Temp valve, which is similar but cheaper. In 2017, they introduced the U by Moen Smart Shower system. It is like a fancy shower you can control with your phone or voice.

In 2020, Moen developed the M-CORE shower valve to make installation easier. They also introduced the U by Moen Smart Faucet for the kitchen, which you can control with your hand, phone, or voice.

Moen also makes other bathroom things, like towel bars and toilet paper holders. They even make garbage disposals under different names, like Waste King and Whirlaway. They also have a brand called Cleveland Faucet Group (CFG) for multi-family buildings. They recently got an award for their Smart Faucet at the Consumer Electronic Show.

What Are Moen Flo’s Issues?

There are a few reported issues with Moen Flo:

Recall of Battery Backup Devices:

Moen recalled about 10,000 Flo Smart Water Monitor Battery Backup Devices due to reports of overheating and fire. No injuries or significant property damage have been reported.

Flow Sensor Issues: 

The flow rate in Flo by Moen may stop working due to buildup on the turbine or issues with the internal flow sensor/electronics. Cleaning the turbine or getting a replacement can help fix these problems.

Is Flo By Moen Worth It?

Yes, it’s a good idea. If you worry even a little about avoiding a flood or leak inside your home that can lead to mold or other problems, it’s worth getting. It can also find high water pressure and freezing temperatures. It helps stop pipes from bursting in the cold.

In places like Florida, where people move for the winter, having a Flo is essential if you can’t turn off the water at the home you’re not in. And if you travel a lot, being able to check water use from anywhere is a big plus. 

Yes, Flo costs a bit, and it can’t tell you exactly where the water problem is, just that there’s one in your home.

Can Flo By Moen Be Installed Outside?

Flo by Moen is a device that helps protect homes from water damage. Here are the steps to install it:

  • Download the Flo by Moen app.
  • Create a new user account.
  • Add your installation address and complete your location profile.
  • Connect your Flo Smart Water Monitor and Shutoff to the app and home Wi-Fi.
  • Install Flo on the main water supply line after the existing shutoff and pressure-reducing valve.

Make sure to install Flo before the plumbing system branches off into different fixtures in the home. Please don’t install it on fire sprinkler systems or hot water distribution lines.

Flo By Moen Alternatives

Are you looking for an intelligent water monitor but unsure about the Flo by Moen? No worries! Here, we have five excellent alternatives to Floe by Moen for you to consider.

Blue bot Smart Water Meter:

  • What it does: Monitors water use and detects leaks in real-time.
  • Why it’s cool: Easy to install, accurate data, and no need for battery changes.
  • Cost: $539.00, and they offer a free demo program for businesses.

Phyn Plus Smart Water Assistant:

  • What it does: It teaches about water use and helps manage consumption.
  • Why it’s cool: Automatic shutoff valve, remote shutoff via the app, and durable construction.
  • Cost: $579.00, but you might need additional adaptors.

Flume Smart Home Water Monitor:

  • What it does: Monitors water usage, offers leak detection, and helps with water conservation.
  • Why it’s cool: Easy to install, works with most homes, and costs $249.00.

PowerX Smart Water Meter:

  • What it does: Tracks water usage in real-time with ultrasonic waves and AI technology.
  • Why it’s cool: Easy to install, AI learns household patterns, and you can track up to ten sensors.
  • Cost: $239.00 for the meter and hub.

Streamlabs Water Monitor:

  • What it does: Offers 24/7 real-time water monitoring, leak detection, and temperature sensing.
  • Why it’s cool: Easy five-minute installation, integrates with smart home devices, and costs $389.00.

Choosing a Smart Water Monitor:

Tips: Think about what you want, compare features, and know the differences between each meter.

Decision Time: If you’re ready to choose, buy the Bluebot intelligent water meter and save on water bills!

Final Words

It’s uncertain if Moen Flo is discontinued, but there’s a recall on the Battery Backup Devices due to overheating concerns. Moen won’t replace these devices, and retailers have stopped selling them. If you own one, contact Moen for a refund. Additionally, consider alternatives and explore their features to protect your home from water damage. While Flo has benefits, being cautious about potential issues, like the recent recall, is essential in making an informed decision for your intelligent water security system. 

Stay updated with Moen’s announcements for the latest information on Flo and related products.