Mockingbird stroller recall

Mockingbird stroller recall 2023 – Is it safe to use now?

Is there a Mockingbird stroller recall? Mockingbird is a brand from the United States of America that manufactures strollers for babies, infants, and children of early ages. You can get a stroller for babies of all sizes and weights from this brand. The brand has been recalled due to some quality-related concerns. It was found out that the lower part of the stroller could break, which can cause the following of the baby from the stroller. 

As a result, the products were recalled from the market to look after the material-related concerns of the product. The product that has been recalled is called Mockingbird Single-to-Double Strollers. The batch numbers that have been called year 20091 to 22,692. The seat of this product is black, and the skin office or available in different colors such as pink, green and blue. 

If you have a product with this serial number from Mockingbird, you need to return to the store to get your product exchanged. All the products falling between the serial numbers need to fit the quality standards. Chances are high that your kid might have to face an accident because of the weak support. No other product from this brand has been recalled. So if you have other products from the brand, you shouldn’t worry about safety-related concerns.

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What to do in this situation after Mockingbird Recalled

If you have just recently bought a Mockingbird Single to -double stroller(reference), you must stop using it immediately. Ensure your baby is not seated in that stroller, as it might cause an accident. You can go to the store where you bought the stroller, and you will probably get your product exchanged or your money back.

Mockingbird stroller recall

The brand has received around 138 complaints of cracking in these trawlers. This means that the issue is severe, and people have suffered accidents. The bones of a baby are pretty fragile, so you cannot risk your baby’s well-being. All those children who suffered casualties got bruises, scratches, and scars from falling from the strollers. Falling may have even more dangerous consequences if your child is much younger.

Mockingbird strollers are generally sold at Target, where you will find these strollers in abundance. Avoid buying it from Target or even from their official website. The problem will take some time to be solved. This is why you must give this brand some time to compensate for their mistake.

Mockingbird strollers Quality

Yes, Mockingbird strollers had been recalled due to quality-related concerns. The lower side of the strollers is likely to break because of some quality-related issues. It has been reported that the brand has used inappropriate material for building strollers. As a result, The strollers cannot bear the weight of the babies and end up breaking down. 

This may cause accidents as the babies might fall from the stroller. Until now, around 138 cases have been reported in which children had to face injuries due to breaking the stroller. This is why the product has been recalled from the market, and you will not find it in stores. 

Still, you can find strollers in some stores around the United States of America. Avoid buying that at any cost as they are not fit for use. Currently, the government has also banned their exports, which means they will not be allowed to go to other countries. CPSC has coordinated this issue and urged all parents to stop the stroller’s use urgently.

 The product was widespread among parents and enjoyed a good season from 2020 to 2022. The problem of bad material has recently been spotted. 

Where are Mockingbird strollers manufactured?

Mockingbird stroller recall

Mockingbird strollers are manufactured in China and not in the United States of America. Many people believe that as the brand is from the USA, the manufacturing also takes place in the USA itself. But the truth is that manufacturing takes place in China.

Experts have said that the brand is going through the current crisis due to manufacturing in China. They had been pointed out for their bad quality of strollers recently as they have been breaking off rampantly. Chinese products are known to be inexpensive and have bad quality. As a result, all of the things produced in China, even if they were originally from other countries, are also bad in quality.

Is the Mockingbird stroller a good product?

Yes, the mockingbird stroller is an excellent product for babies. Despite the ongoing controversy, the product is fantastic and durable. It is also affordable and has a market value of US $ 550. This price is ideal for the qualities That this product has. It has extra space underneath the seating area for the essentials of babies. Here you can keep everything from the baby diapers, eatables, and extra pair of clothes for your baby. 

It is quite spacious and will accommodate everything. It also has an upper covering that will cover the seating area in case you want to protect your baby from the outer sun, rain, or wind. The body is waterproof, which means that your baby will not feel even a thing sitting inside. The stroller is foldable; upon folding, you can transport it from one place to another. It does occupy some space, but at the same time, it’s multi-functional as well. 

This means you will not have to carry other extra products for different purposes. This serves everything that you may need from a baby stroller. Also, the product is entirely customizable, so you can add and subtract many things. There are a variety of colors that you can choose from. The best part about the stroller is that it can be used from when your child is newly born to their infancy. You will not have to purchase new strollers with the passing years. This will easily accommodate your kid as it grows over the years.


Mockingbirds roller is an excellent product generally. But due to some quality-related concerns, the brand had to be recalled. Currently, the brand is looking into the issue and trying to solve the problems associated with the quality.

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