Is Milky Way Midnight Discontinued – Did they stop making it?

Is Milky Way Midnight discontinued? As we know, the saying goes, there are two things guaranteed in life one is inevitable death, and the other one is tax. If nothing is forever, then how can we expect the candies we love will stay for us forever? Please give it a thought; everything has a definite end. Similarly, this Milky Way Midnight is also going away.

Milky Way Midnight is a chocolate brand produced and marketed by Mars Incorporated. It is a chocolate-covered confectionery bar, available in two types: Mars bar and 3 Musketeers.

Let’s have a look at the ingredients that make this bar more unique and everyone’s favorite:

This chocolate-covered bar contains Lactose, Salt, Egg Whites, Corn Syrup, Natural Flavor, Skimmed Milk, Palm Oil, Sugar, 15 percent Milkfat, Flour, Vegetable Wax, Natural Flavor, <1 percent Milkfat lactose, Soy, Malt, and Egg. Its ingredients make this bar more special.

But no longer now, So sad to announce that you might not be able to get Milky Way Midnight chocolate inside of the stores now as the company has stopped its production. 

If you are still looking for it at your local store, you are uselessly putting in your efforts but need help finding it at your local stores as they are out of stock.

Let’s get into this blog to learn about one of your favorite chocolates, Milky Way Midnight, its discontinuation, its reason, availability, where to buy, and many more.

Is Milky Way Midnight Discontinued?

Yes, Milky Way was discontinued and stopped production in 1984. It was the end day of the Milky Way, and fans were upset when they learned to know about it. People were fuming in anger when the item was discontinued. Later, the company provided an opportunity to try various flavored chocolate bars. 

What exactly happened before Milky Way Midnight Discontinuation?

In 1932, Milky Way Chocolate was available in two-piece candy bars. After its good sales, In 1936, different flavored candy bars were unavailable. That were two flavors one was chocolate, and the other was vanilla flavored, but they disappeared. 

Replacing those two flavors, a milky way bar comes with a covering of dark chocolate, and the name was also changed at the time it became “Forever Yours.” 

Forever Your Candy got less fame than the previous version of it and was removed from the Market in 1979.

Why Did The Company Stop Making Milky Way Midnight?

The Company Mars Incorporation stopped making Milky Way Midnight because of its poor sales. The product was not able to meet the company’s target. 

Another reason behind its discontinuation was that product could have been a better chocolate candy. That’s why Mars discontinued this product.

When Did Milky Way Midnight Was Manufactured?

Initially, Milky Way Dark Chocolate was manufactured in 1992 in the United States. 

This one of the most demanded chocolates, Milky Way Midnight, was produced in Europe and was only available at stores in Europe and nowhere else. Later, It gained popularity, came out from Europe to all over the states, and then spread worldwide.

Its rich, creamy texture and flavor come from its higher cocoa concentration. It contains a higher amount of cocoa content than any other milk chocolate.

Is Milky Way Midnight Still Available In The Market?

Yes, Milky Way Midnight bars are still available in the Market. No worries, if you are looking to have this bar, then go and purchase it from grocery stores. It will be readily available now.

How Does It Taste?

Initially, people were confused about Milky Way Midnight and Milky Way Dark and considered them the same product. 

While some thought that Milky Way Dark was way better than Milky Way Midnight because of its dark creamy, intense chocolate flavors.

On the contrary, some said both are not differentiated able, and people have their own choice and taste; according to their preferences, they can rate both candies.

Let’s distinguish between them to differentiate between right and wrong.

Although Milky Way Midnight Bar contains many ingredients that give it a dark and caramel-rich taste, it has a thick covering of vanilla nougat and finally provides a taste of light caramel. 

If you are searching for a sweet and creamy bar, it might be a good choice over the Milky Way bar.

On the other hand, the Milky Way consists of an apple nougat and is covered with milk-flavored chocolate, finished with caramel. 

If you want a bar with a bar of light chocolate and a little bit of caramel flavor, grab it!

Why Do People Love Milky Way Midnight Dark Chocolate?

People are the craziest fan of this milky way midnight dark chocolate, which gives a rich and decent flavor because of its high cocoa content. It contains a lot of ingredients that make it creamier. 

It is a caramel chocolate candy bar. You must go for it with little thought if you are a caramel lover. This chocolate candy bar is the best and ideal treat for dark chocolate lovers.

Where To Buy Milky Way Midnight?

Yes, You can still have this dark chocolate from your local stores and online. If you are still looking for your favorite product, then you can find it online. Several websites sell Milky Way Midnight, such as Amazon, Flipkart, Jio Mart, and many more.


If you are a fan looking to have dark chocolate and cannot choose one from a wide variety of options available in the Market, then you must opt for Milky Way Midnight. 

It can be a good choice worth your time. Its rich, creamy taste makes it best for anytime snack.

Its caramel flavor and rich dark chocolate make it tastier, known as Milky Way Chocolate and Vanilla. In 2000, the name was replaced by Milky Way Midnight Bar, and is known by this name globally.

If you cannot find it on local store shelves, then you must purchase 3 Musketeers that have a similar flavor, and you will not regret it.