Milk Duds Discontinued 2023 – Is there a shortage of Milk Duds?

Why there is Milk Duds discontinued or there is a shortage only? Hershey still produces and manufactures Milk Duds at its facility in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Milk Duds were manufactured earlier with cocoa butter. It had contributed to the confection’s creamy, rich flavor, but that’s not the case anymore. Later, it claims that in 2008, Hershey altered the recipe for Milk Duds and several other chocolate candies.

This sweet is basic. The process begins with a tiny caramel ball. The chocolate covering is then applied to the caramel ball. The only ingredients in chocolate are cocoa and vegetable oil. A chewy ball of delight is produced when we combine chocolate and caramel.

In 1928, Milk Duds came into being. They are nearly at their 100-year milestone, and we believe they will attain it. Some unfavorable rumors are floating around that Milk Duds have been discontinued. However, as of the writing of this article, that is absolutely false.

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Have milk duds been discontinued?

Milk Duds Discontinued 2023

Contrary to rumors, Milk Duds have yet to be discontinued and have been around since 1928. The not-so-oval chocolate caramel sweets are still made by the Hershey Company in bright orange-yellow boxes.

Hoffman & Company, based in the Chicago area, produced this candy. Despite their beginnings here, they didn’t stay with the CompanyCompany for long. Hoffman and Company Company was acquired by M.J. Holloway & Company in 1928. At that time, the manufacture of Milk Duds was transferred to them.

M.J. Holloway and Company continued distribution for many years while Hoffman & Co. continued manufacturing. Hoffman & Company Company was sold to Beatrice Foods in 1960, marking the change in ownership of Milk Duds at that time.

Milk Duds were sold again in 1986. Milk Duds brand was acquired by Leaf, which carried on with production. The candy had been made in Chicago, where it had started, up until that time. But in 1992, Leaf shifted production from Robinson, Illinois, to a new facility.

Leaf was acquired by Hershey Foods Corporation in 1996, just a few years later. They purchased several candies, including Milk Duds. Hershey still produces and manufactures Milk Duds at its facility in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

You can see that ownership of Milk Duds has changed numerous times over the years. But they have yet to stop being made and remain a popular candy. They can be found everywhere, including confectionery shops and movie theaters.

How were milk duds invented?

The Hershey Company chose to alter the ingredients to reduce the price of Milk Duds. In 2008, the recipe had its only known alteration. They switched from using cocoa butter to more economical oil replacements. This modification allowed them to maintain a low price for this delicious confectionery.

Hershey had to alter the product labeling and packaging to comply with FDA regulations. According to FDA regulations, candies must be covered in cocoa butter to be labeled as having milk chocolate coating. Due to the altered ingredients, the terms “chocolate candy” or “chocolate coating” should be used on the labels.

The perfect size to pop in our mouth is provided by each Milk Dud. It’s entirely up to us whether to chew them or savor them. In the end, the “dud” component came about since these were initially intended to be precisely rounded every time.

The Milk Dud candy was created due to that idea’s failure. They now accept that each candy is different and not exactly round. In fact, for some of us, that makes sweets more enjoyable.

Is there a shortage of Milk Duds?

Milk Duds Discontinued 2023

The discontinuation of Milk Duds has been mentioned in some sources. This is a false statement, though. Milk Duds are still widely available and straightforward to locate.

Online candy shops, physical candy shops, Amazon, and several chain retailers all sell Milk Duds, and the sweets are incredibly cheap. They are also available at a variety of gas stations. And last, if you go to the movies, you’ll also find Milk Duds as a sweet alternative.

Despite having a long history, Milk Duds are still widely accessible to eat and enjoy.

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Millions of Milk Duds are made!

Even if you don’t like Milk Duds, the candy undoubtedly has a devoted following. After all, the Company has been in business for almost 100 years; if that doesn’t indicate success, what does? Take a peek at how many Milk Duds are manufactured each week if you need any more proof that the candy is still prevalent.

About 100 metric tonnes of corn syrup, 44 metric tonnes of chocolate coating, 50 metric tonnes of powdered sugar, and 38 metric tonnes of sweet condensed Milk were consumed each week at the Milk Duds plant. According to the Chicago Tribune from 1986, this is the case. It produces 2 million boxes of Milk Duds or 32.5 million individual candies.

Even though Milk Duds have been a staple of the candy world for many years, the Company has undergone adjustments since its initial launch. The candy has been sold in at least 40 different types of packaging over the years. Again, fashions, logos, and marketing materials have evolved since Milk Duds were first introduced. The recipe has to be used throughout its nearly 100-year history.


When something was created in 1928, it stands to reason that the recipe will undoubtedly vary with time. After all, preferences may change along with ingredients availability and quality. Some may even become outdated.

Hershey altered the recipe for Milk Duds and several other chocolate candies. Hershey intentionally dropped the cocoa butter because it became too expensive. As a result, Hershey began producing Milk Duds using vegetable oils rather than cocoa butter. Thus, the modification was modest enough to not affect the consistency of the candy.

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