Mighty Bliss Heating Pad Recall

Mighty Bliss Heating Pad Recall 2023 – What replacement this electric pad?

Is Mighty Bliss Heating Pad Recall in 2023? The firm voluntarily recalled more than 500,000 Mighty Bliss electric heating pads sold by Whele LLC (formerly known as Perch). It was done following the discovery of many safety issues with the product.

The company received 286 complaints between July 2021 and September 2022 regarding the product overheating, sparking, burning, or exhibiting other electrical difficulties. This was according to Whele’s notice posted on the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) website on Monday, October 24. In 31 of these complaints, victims described minor injuries such as mild shocks, burns, rashes, or discomfort.

The FDA issued a warning on October 25 to inform customers, carers, and medical professionals not to use the recalled Mighty Bliss electric heating pads.

The FDA warns customers not to use Mighty Bliss heating pads due to the risk of damage, including skin burns, rashes, and electric shocks. Whele LLC, which is doing business as Perch, distributes these heating pads. They are available on the Amazon and Walmart websites.

On October 24, 2022, Whele LLC announced the recall of more than 500,000 Mighty Bliss electric heating pads. The FDA claimed the heating pads were supplied from July 2021 to July 2022.

The FDA says it is not aware of any deaths resulting from using the recalled heating pads, but it has received reports of injuries. Let’s learn more about these recalled Mighty Bliss heating pads.

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Understanding the Recall

The recall of Mighty Bliss electric heating pads sparked severe concerns about consumer safety. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has classified this as a Class I recall. It highlights the possible dangers connected with the continued use of these heating pads. With nearly 500,000 units recalled in the United States alone, it’s critical to understand the complex nature of this situation and the steps needed to limit any potential risk.

The recall applies to three specific Mighty Bliss electric heating pad model numbers. They are as follows:

  • Blue Electric Heating Pad: Large (12” x 24”) MB-001 (NH-H1121B)
  • Blue Electric Heating Pad: Extra-Large (20” x 24”) MB-002 (NA-H21C)
  • Grey Electric Heating Pad: Large (12” x 24”), PE-MtyBls-HeatPad-12×24-Gry-V2 (NA-H1121B)

These heating pads are designed to provide short-term relief from pain or aches. However, they have been linked to serious health concerns, including burns and electric shocks, due to various electrical issues such as overheating, sparking, or burning.

Consumer Safety Concerns

Whele LLC is the manufacturer of the Mighty Bliss heating pads. It initiated the recall following 286 customer complaints received between July 2021 and September 2022. These complaints highlighted a range of issues. They range from irritation and rashes to more severe injuries like burns and electric shocks. Alarmingly, 31 reported incidents involved injuries directly linked to these heating pads.

A recall notice has been issued for the heating mentioned above pads. People have been warned not to use Mighty Bliss heating pads.

Impact and Response

The recall affects mainly the customers who have purchased and used the heating pads, as well as health care providers, caregivers, and patients who may have encountered these products. Recognizing the depth of the situation, the FDA has classified this recall as Class I. It signifies the potential for serious health consequences or even fatalities.

Urgent Actions Required

In response to the recall, immediate action is advised for all individuals who possess the affected Mighty Bliss electric heating pads:

  1. Cease Usage: Stop using the heating pads immediately. This is to prevent further injury.
  2. Disconnect Power: Unplug the heating pads from the electrical outlets. This is to eliminate any potential electrical hazards.
  3. Safely Disable: Safely cut off the cord from the heating pads. This is to render them unusable.
  4. Documentation: Take a clear photograph of the heating pad with the cut-off cord.
  5. Reporting: Upload the image to Mighty Bliss’s website. This is to ensure proper documentation of the recalled product.

Mighty Bliss heating pad recall 2022-2023

Mighty Bliss heating pads were created and distributed by Whele LLC, doing business as Perch. These items were available for purchase on websites such as Amazon and Walmart. Consumers, healthcare providers, and long-term carers all use it. The FDA issued a recall notice for Whele the day before the safety notification due to “product safety concerns.”

 Mighty Bliss Heating Pad Recall 2023

The recall affected 544,212 Mighty Bliss units sold between January 8, 2021, and July 21, 2022. Whele received complaints about these products between July 2021 and September 2022, which led to the recall. According to these complaints, the heating pads would overheat, spark, burn, or break down. This causes consumers to be shocked, burned, and develop rashes or irritation. 11% of the complaints included findings of shocks, burns, or other injuries.

The FDA has advised that all impacted devices be recalled. Carers should use an electric heating pad for no more than 20 minutes to avoid burning. Furthermore, the agency recommends inspecting these devices for frayed wires, holes, tears, or sparking.

Whale also advised customers to stop using the recalled devices immediately. They also told customers to make sure the device was turned off and to unplug the power cord. Furthermore, the recall notice instructed consumers on how to file reimbursement claims with the company.

Mighty Bliss heating pad warranty

Users should inspect the Mighty Bliss Electric Heating Pad, per the FDA’s safety communication. They should examine the product model and lot numbers on the heating pad itself. This is to determine if it belongs to the class of recalled goods. If a heating pad is recalled, users should stop using it immediately.

The following are the model numbers produced between January 8, 2021, and January 3, 2022. These products were sold on Amazon.com and Walmart.com between July 29, 2021, and July 21, 2022, and are subject to this recall:

  • MB-001 (NA-H1121B): Large (12″ x 24″) Blue Electric Heating Pad
  • MB-002 (NA-H21C): Extra-Large (20″ x 24″) Blue Electric Heating Pad
  • PE-MtyBls-HeatPad-12×24-Grey-V2(NA-H1121B): Large (12″ x 24″) Grey Electric Heating Pad

Customers should avoid using online stores to purchase the recalled Mighty Bliss electric heating pads. Customers who bought the recalled goods ought to:

  • Be sure to unplug the device.
  • Safely detach the device’s cord.
  • Take a picture to prove that a device can no longer be used.
  • Even if they no longer have the product on hand, they can confirm they have received this warning by uploading a picture of the device with the cable severed to (link

The company informed merchants Amazon.com and Walmart of the recall on October 24, 2022. These online merchants were instructed to use their customer information to warn product users of the recall. Additionally, Whele LLC will have a website that the general public can access with recall instructions and customer support.

The FDA will maintain contact with Whele LLC and update the public if any essential new information comes to light.

Why is Mighty Bliss’ heating pad blinking?

If the throw is disconnected or the internal heating wires are damaged, the controller will throw a red light (open circuit). If the heating pad’s controller is flashing, it may have been used long enough for the Auto Off feature to engage. We can reset the heating pad by unplugging it for 30 seconds.


A flexible device with electrical heating elements makes up a conventional electric heating pad. It might have a cloth cover, a timer for automatic shut-off, and heat-retaining components like gel, fluid, or plant matter to help the heating pad’s surface retain heat.

Serious adverse effects could result from using the recalled Mighty Bliss electric heating pads, including skin burns, electric shocks, and other device malfunctions. The FDA is not currently aware of any deaths linked to the use of this product. The use of Mighty Bliss electric heating pads has been linked to reports of injuries and potential risks, which the FDA is aware of.

These heating pads were distributed widely, and sales of these products occur on popular online platforms such as Amazon.com and Walmart.com. Therefore, the recall extends to a large number of customers who may have purchased the product during the specified timeframe.

The recall of the Mighty Bliss electric heating pads stresses the importance of product safety and customer well-being. Individuals can mitigate the risks associated with these potentially hazardous products by adhering to the guidelines provided by the FDA and the manufacturer.

Moving forward, manufacturers and regulatory bodies must prioritize quality control measures. Thus, they can prevent similar incidents in the future and uphold customers’ trust and safety.

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